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Debt-Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Business – Best Marketing & Lead Acquisition Practices for 2013-2015

  1. This definitely sounds like a LOT of work. But as always “hard work pays off.”

  2. I never realized how much this would benefit a company but it all makes sense now. Buying leads from different vendors, not knowing where the leads have requested the info, can sometimes be very risky. Especially if you are just cold calling leads. It can lead to many complaints and other things. This type of marketing lets you know that consumers applied directly with you and not a 3rd party. It gives you the chance to put your actual product out on the internet so when consumers search for certain terms, they will find whats relevant to their search and that will most of the time lead to you.

    • A few more tips to keep in mind Melissa.

      When you buy leads from a third party internet marketing company:

      1. The leads are sold 90% of the time, more than one time.
      This creates a feeling of skepticism for the consumer. This makes it harder to assist a person because they are more skeptical.

      2. Internet marketing companies will focus on less relevant and competitive keywords as a way of getting more leads. This allows them to sell more leads and make more money. However the quality diminishes.

      What does this mean for you? You are getting low quality leads that equal out to having a lower conversion ratio.

      Example: A lead company may have leads coming in from an ad that talks about getting a loan. The lead company will then sell that lead to a debt relief company. A debt relief company will not have a successful return on their investment when they are buying leads that want exactly the opposite of what they have to offer, a loan.

      Producing your own organic traffic based on keywords that are relevant to your business, will produce the best type of lead. On top of that you are providing consumers with exactly what they are looking for. Your ads and web pages have your information on them, which eliminates the skepticism that consumers feel when they are contacted by companies, that are not even related to where they applied.

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