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Credit card debt relief programs can;

–Lower a person’s overall monthly payment so that it’s affordable

–Pay off and resolve a credit card balance(s)

–Allow a person to rebuild their financial health (pay off bad credit card debt — then start rebuilding credit)

Do credit card debt relief programs work?

Absolutely YES, these programs do work. Depending on what type of debt a person owes, their financial situation, their location and if they have a financial hardship — will determine what program is best for their situation. Debt relief programs don’t work if you are put in the wrong program. For example; client’s need to be able to afford their monthly payment. Or with Discover; they are likely to sue a person so we wouldn’t put a client into a program that didn’t take that into consideration. 

Make sure to use a reputable company!

What are the best credit card debt relief programs and how do they work?

Credit card debt consolidation program – getting a low-interest loan to pay off your existing credit card debt. This type of loan can only be obtained if a person has a high credit score. Sometimes, bad credit debt consolidation loans are issued by third party lenders, but the fees and interest rates that come along with these loans are astronomically high and often a ripoff. 

Credit card debt settlement program – if you are behind on monthly payments and your accounts are on the urge of being written off and sold to a debt collection company, or if your accounts were already sold to debt collection companies — debt settlement may be your best option to reduce the balances and get the debts paid off.

Consumer credit counseling program – a negotiated interest rate is worked out with each of your creditors. A person is then responsible for making one monthly payment to the credit counseling company, and the company deals with paying their client’s creditors. The time it takes a person to become debt free can be shortened with a consumer credit counseling program, and payments may be slightly lowered. Also, if a person recently fell behind on their credit card payments, their accounts can be re-aged to show they are current.

Debt dismissal and validation programs – these programs challenge or dispute your debts; if a violation of a federal law has occurred, or if your account was sold to a third-party debt collection company. Often; at the time a debt goes from the original creditor and is transferred to a third-party debt collection company documents go missing, information becomes inaccurate and records can even be flawed, so if disputed and a debt collector cannot prove the validity of a debt with accurate information and complete records, at that point they must stop collection on the debt.

What is credit card debt forgiveness?

Credit card debt forgiveness is a viable option for 2017. However, don’t be deceived by its name; credit card debt forgiveness is a credit card debt settlement program. Settling a credit card debt for less than the full balance owed is what credit card debt forgiveness is referring to, which is the same as debt settlement.

Do federal credit card relief programs exist?

The bad news is that if you have credit card debt, there are no government programs available to assist you.

The good news is; debt consolidation for student loan debt is available through the government programs. Visit this page next to — see the (PROS and CONS) of each debt relief program available for 2017. 

Our professionals can simplify the debt relief process to be easy for you. No credit card debt is too big for us to help you deal with.

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