Alaska was picked as the state with the most credit card debt.


The state with the most credit card debt in the nation is Alaska. Debt Relief Programs are available to improve your life and the overall state’s economy. CALL 866-376-9846 TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION.

According to, the state with the most credit card debt in the nation is Alaska. Debt relief, settlement and consolidation programs  are available at Golden Financial Services. Golden Financial Services will explain all of your options to you today! You can either consolidate or settle your student loans and credit card debt. Regarding federal student loans, consolidation would be the best debt relief program Alaska consumers can turn to.  Alaska customers can call 1-866-376-9846 to get an entirely free quote for debt relief. Alaska consumers can feel safe knowing that there is no obligation or pressure involved with getting a free consultation.

During your consultation, you may get a free credit report and find out all of your options to obtain debt relief. The preferred debt relief program Alaska consumers are turning to is debt settlement. This type of program has the worst adverse effect on a person’s credit report but allows them to save the most money and get out of debt the quickest. You have to stop the bleeding, and then you may be left with a scar, but scars are not that bad. You can always rebuild your credit. If you have money and just want your interest rates reduced then consumer credit counseling or debt consolidation will be your best options. With debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling a person stays current on their payments.

Alaska is a beautiful state, but it’s time for Alaskans to improve their finances!!

  • Alaska consumers are eligible for a free professional consultation, with no obligation.
  • You may be entitled to one new reduced & feasible payment to become debt-free in under 3-years.
  • The company was just voted #1 debt relief company in America, by Financial Product Reviews and

Debt relief options can make your life easier, having only one payment to worry about each month.

Alaska Debt relief, settlement, and consolidation is only a phone call away, simply call 866-376-9846 now!!!!

Debt Relief-Alaska:Consolidate & Settlement Options Available!

Live in Alaska? Consolidation & Settlement Help is a Phone Call Away, Call 866-376-9846 Now!

Learn About Alaska Student Loan Consolidation for Federal Loans

Consumers may either have their private student loan debt settled where they could pay back a fraction of what they owe, which has an adverse effect on their credit at the beginning of the program, or they can consolidate and get their high-interest accounts paid off in full which has less of an adverse effect on their credit. To make it easy just give us a call and let a professional evaluate your situation for free at 866-376-9846.

Debt Relief: Alaska debt relief programs may:

  • Consolidating provides you with a low monthly payment
  • Consolidating may allow you to get a significant portion of your balances forgiven after a certain number of years
  • Consolidating will pay off all of your delinquent accounts in full
  • Consolidating gets rid of your high-interest accounts

This type of consolidation service is only for federal student loans,
however, there are other debt relief programs in Alaska available at Golden Financial Services to help consumers with all of their other unsecured debts.

Alaska consumers just need to call 866-376-9846 now, and get your debt relief quote!!
The Company has won many awards and is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

“I lived in Alaska and signed up for the program, but was very nervous in the beginning… Golden Financial Services showed me their testimonials on Google and BBB rating, and that made me feel much better…… $21,500.00 of credit card bills were killing me… Within a few months, my existing loans were reporting settled with a zero dollar balance on my credit report, and I am now debt-free.

Rose Hadley — Alaska

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