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The Alabama Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Package

The Alabama debt relief program package includes debt settlement, debt validation & consolidation services.

All of these programs essentially consolidate your debts into one payment, but not one program can take care of every type of debt, so there are different programs now available — all through Golden Financial Services.

Any type of debt can be resolved with one of the new Alabama debt relief programs offered by Golden Financial Services.

Debt collection accounts can be disputed on a debt validation program or settled for less than the full amount owed. Get a free debt validation quote by clicking here. 

Credit cards can be combined into one low monthly payment, where the consumer credit counseling company disburses funds to each of your creditors on a monthly basis but at reduced interest rates.

Call 866-376-9846 to learn more about Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation for Alabama residents. 


Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Alabama

Consumer credit counseling can;

  • Consolidate your monthly payments into one
  • Reduce your interest rates
  • Get you out of debt within 4.5 years


There are several Alabama debt relief, settlement and consolidation programs to pick from.


Firstly, take a look at the next image to see if you have a hardship. Alabama hardship programs include debt settlement, debt validation and consumer credit counseling, depending on the severity of your hardship.


If you answer “YES” to any of the questions then you DO HAVE A HARDSHIP.

Yes, it can be confusing trying to figure out what the right debt relief option is, but that is why Golden Financial Services is in business. We can ease your concerns, answer your questions and allow you to make intelligent financial choices.

Best Alabama Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Company

What’s different about Golden Financial?

  • No other Alabama debt relief company gives you a money back guarantee and free credit repair
  • Golden Financial guarantees you the lowest possible payment
  • Golden Financial programs have been tested and proven to work 
  • ZERO BBB COMPLAINTS and in business since 2004
  • Agents are IAPDA and AFSLR Certified and Accredited


A+ BBB Rated Alabama debt relief company

We can enroll you in the right program if you’re eligible and if the program will allow you to accomplish your goals.

What can debt relief programs do for Alabama residents?

  • Simplify and consolidate payments into one affordable payment.
  • Improves financial health and increases monthly cash-flow.
  • Lets you know how many months are left until you’re debt free.
  • Comes with free credit repair.
  • Reduces balances by up to 40% with fees included.
  • Alabama residents can become debt-free in under 3.5 years, versus 5+ years on their own!



If you want to continue reading and learning online about Alabama debt relief options, the following images make this page a fun way to learn.


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Need Debt to be Settled? Let’s move onto this next option.

Alabama Debt Settlement Programs

I will settle your debt!

What is debt settlement?


Debt Settlement

What is debt consolidation? Alabama consumers with decent credit scores may want to consider debt consolidation. 


What program in Alabama will reduce my interest rates and consolidate the payments?


After a debt relief program, a credit repair program can help you with rebuilding your credit. What is credit repair?


Credit repair can help Alabama consumers rebuild their credit.


Don’t just keep spinning around in circles, learn how to actually resolve your debt issues. You control your destiny by making smart decisions today.

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