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California (CA) Consumer Debt Relief Package

What’s this mean for you?

Do you have credit cards?

Student loans?

Debt collection accounts?

If you have unsecured debt, this new package could benefit you.

Each of your debts can each be reduced and consolidated into one low monthly payment.

You can be completely debt-free in 1, 2, 3, or 4-years — it’s your choice!

Now depending on what type of debt you have and some other circumstances will determine what program is best for you. There are 5-California debt relief programs available to choose from. 

Golden Financial Services created a complete package of the best California debt relief and credit repair programs. Debt settlement, debt consolidation, consumer credit counseling, student loan relief and debt validation are all available.

In the past, California debt relief companies would offer either debt settlement, credit repair or consumer credit counseling. No companies would offer all of these options at one place.

At Golden Financial Services, we have a complete toolbox of solutions to get Californians out of debt.

We can consolidate your federal student loans into one low monthly payment, and negotiate your credit card debt down to a much smaller amount owed through two different solutions, doubling your savings!

Obtaining debt relief in California — has never been so easy!

Golden Financial Services can help you put together a perfect plan to get out of debt in the fastest time-frame and to achieve your financial goals. (and it’s 100% FREE for your consultation) 

To start, CALL 1(866)-376-9846!

BBB A+ California Debt Relief

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California debt relief example case: (illustrating how the programs work)

As of 2017, Consumers in California can now choose the best programs to help them get rid of all their debt.


A person has federal student loans, private student loans, credit cards and a few collection accounts hurting their credit score (Total debt: $28,000),


In the past, there wouldn’t be one program to take care of every type of debt. So consumers would only get a portion of their debt taken care of and would be left in worse shape in the end. Debt settlement companies would try to cram every person into their debt settlement program, just to get a sale, even though only half the debt would get resolved in many cases (and on a good day!).

These unscrupulous companies wouldn’t offer any type of guarantee, they would charge all up-front fees and had hundreds of BBB complaints. Just search the BBB directory for “debt settlement companies”.



Comparing past California debt relief programs to current California debt consolidation options (like night and day)


A person has federal student loans, private student loans, credit cards and a few collection accounts hurting their credit score (Total debt: $28,000):

Federal Student Loan Consolidation California:

Golden Financial Services could consolidate the federal student loans into an income-based program, where the client’s new monthly payment would be close to zero dollars per month. All of the existing loans would be paid off “in full”. On top of that, Golden Financial Services would help the client to get their balance forgiven after a certain number of payments following the consolidation.

See California student loan relief & consolidation success case example -- client gets approved for a zero dollar payment after consolidating loans!

This client at Golden Financial Services qualified for a zero-dollar per month payment.

Talk to a Student Loan AFSLR Certified Expert for FREE ADVICE Toll-Free 866-376-9846

Alaska debt relief

California Credit Card Debt Settlement & Validation

For the credit card debt, Golden Financial Services could personalize a plan for the client to get them out of credit card debt in either 1, 2, 3 or 4-years, depending on their goals and budget.

Golden Financial Services would recommend the path that;

A. saves the client the most money.

B. gets them out of debt and in position to rebuild their credit in the quickest time-frame.

We would recommend using debt validation if the debt is in a debt collection status. The debt could get proven to be legally uncollectible, so the debt doesn’t have to be paid and is cleared from the credit reports.

A California debt relief client used debt validation to walk away from paying a $4,376,39 debt (SEE confirmation letter)

California Debt Relief - a debt validation example letter.

California debt settlement programs can be used as a second alternative to dealing with credit cards if the consumer is current on their payments but on the urge of falling behind.

California Debt Settlement Success Case Example: (client saves $2,740.49)

Debt Settlement California

(Client owed $4,216.14 and Golden Financial Services negotiated the debt down to where the client only had to pay back $1,475 to resolve the debt in full)

In some cases, we will recommend a person use a non-profit consumer credit counseling company and we will refer them to that company.

Consumer Credit Counseling Debt Relief California

Consumer Credit Counseling Programs are designed to lower a person’s interest rates, and then consolidating all of their monthly payments into one monthly payment, making it easier to manage all of their accounts.

With consumer credit counseling you can become debt free in 4.5 years (average). A consumer credit counseling company will often tell consumers that there won’t be any adverse effect on their credit from the program, but that is a lie. Consumer credit

Consumer credit counseling does put a consumer credit counseling third-party notation on a person’s credit report and creditors look down upon this mark.

A person’s monthly payment on this type of program is usually around the same as what it would be when they are current on accounts, and paying only minimum payments.  Learn more about credit card consolidation here.


How To Get Debt Relief in California?

Getting out of debt has never been easier. The California debt relief package platform allows you to call in and get all of the assistance you need within one short phone call.


At the very least, you can speak with a highly trained debt relief expert and get free advice on how to manage your debts on your own. Make the call!


Bankruptcy Debt Relief California:

California Debt Relief Bankruptcy Options have the worst negative effect on credit.  With chapter 7 bankruptcy consumers can walk away from all of their debt, including secured debt, where they end up paying nothing aside from attorney fees. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy consumers end up paying back their debt, but over about 5 years on average, and their payment is based on what the judge determines they can afford.

Bankruptcy should always be considered a person’s last option.  Read more about debt settlement vs. bankruptcy.

California Debt Scams

“California has accused Chase Bank of running a “massive debt collection mill” that used robo-signed documents and other illegal shortcuts to shake down 100,000 credit card holders over three years. “


If you received a credit card lawsuit from Chase we can help.  Learn about what to do if you receive a credit card lawsuit from Chase here.

Download a free summary of your consumer rights in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act here. (This summary will empower you with the necessary knowledge so you can recognize when a debt collector is violating your rights.  You can then report that debt collector.  Golden Financial Services created this summary tool for consumers to use, so download it now!)

California debt relief scams and scam artists do take advantage of consumers who are struggling with their finances.   Here are a few words of advice for you to consider prior to hiring a company to help you with debt relief.  California consumers can search on the Better Business Bureau website for a highly rated debt settlement company.

If you are looking to have your debts settled, contact a highly rated debt settlement company.

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