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California debt relief programs can eliminate your credit card debts — for GOOD!

Golden Financial Services is located in San Diego County and is a Better Business Bureau “A+” rated company that specializes in California Debt Relief.  Golden Financial Services provides insight to consumers in California about debt relief and scams to be careful of.

Legitimate California Debt Relief, Settlement, and Consolidation Programs

Debt Relief, Settlement, and Consolidation California Programs are designed to get consumers out of debt in the fastest timeframe while saving them the most money.

— California debt relief programs come with a money back guarantee

— California debt relief programs include credit repair

— California debt relief programs let you get out of debt in 3-years or less (average)


Compliant California debt settlement companies will only charge a settlement fee at the time that each debt is settled.

Debt Consolidation California Programs, also known as Consumer Credit Counseling Programs are designed to lower a person’s interest rates, and then consolidating all of their monthly payments into one monthly payment, making it easier to manage all of their accounts.

California consolidation programs help people with becoming debt free in around 5 years.   This type of program requires a person to pay back all of what they owe on each account.

A person’s monthly payment on this type of program is usually around the same as what it would be when they are current on accounts, and paying only minimum payments.  Learn more about credit card consolidation here. 

California Debt Relief Bankruptcy Options have the worst negative effect on credit.  With chapter 7 bankruptcy consumers can walk away from all of their debt, including secured debt, where they end up paying nothing aside from attorney fees. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy consumers end up paying back their debt, but over about 5 years on average, and their payment is based on what the judge determines they can afford.    Bankruptcy should always be considered a person’s last option.  Read more about debt settlement vs. bankruptcy.

California Debt Relief Scams

California Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement Scams.

California Debt Relief and Collection Scams

“California has accused Chase Bank of running a “massive debt collection mill” that used robo-signed documents and other illegal shortcuts to shake down 100,000 credit card holders over three years. “


If you received a credit card lawsuit from Chase we can help.  Learn about what to do if you receive a credit card lawsuit from Chase here.

Download a free summary of your consumer rights in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act here. (This summary will empower you with the necessary knowledge so you can recognize when a debt collector is violating your rights.  You can then report that debt collector.  Golden Financial Services created this summary tool for consumers to use, so download it now!)

California debt relief scams and scam artists do take advantage of consumers who are struggling with their finances.   Here are a few words of advice for you to consider prior to hiring a company to help you with debt relief.  California consumers can search on the Better Business Bureau website for a highly rated debt settlement company.

If you are looking to have your debts settled, contact a highly rated debt settlement company.

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