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Paul Paquin

Paul Paquin

CEO at Golden Financial Services and Renowned Author

Paul J Paquin is the CEO and President of Golden Financial Services (GFS), a Better Business Bureau A+ rated & IAPDA Accredited debt relief company. GFS can assist consumers through a variety of effective debt relief programs; with medical bills, credit card debt, repossessions, unsecured personal loans, collection accounts, finance company loans, and student loan debt. The company offers programs in over 30 states, NY, TN, PA, CA and many more.

At only 23-years-old, Paul Paquin devoted his life to helping people become debt-free. Since that time, he has become a renowned author of some of the best debt relief guides online and has grown Golden Financial Services into one of the top debt relief companies in the nation. In 2019, GFS made the 5000 Most Successful Companies in the Nation, and also was rated #1 Debt Relief Company by Trusted Company Reviews. Consumers can choose from multiple debt relief programs through GFS that include a money-back guarantee, credit repair, and remarkable client results and retention.

How did Paul Paquin start Golden Financial Services?

Before creating Golden Financial Services, Paul worked as a manager for a non-profit debt management company in Boca Raton, FL (2001-2003).

Mr. Paquin realized that consumers often would not qualify for consumer credit counseling because their payment would be too high. With a consumer credit counseling program, a person’s monthly payment is around the same amount as when paying minimum payments.

So what other options did these folks have?


Bankruptcy’s the worst debt relief option. Bankruptcy scars your credit report for seven to ten years with derogatory marks that prevent a person from re-establishing healthy credit. Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy, and have it haunt them for the next 7-10 years.

Not being able to rent an apartment or get a car loan at a reasonable interest rate, is an awful feeling.

So what was Paul’s solution to bankruptcy?

Paul created; Golden Financial Services Debt Settlement Corporation out of Florida in 2004. That was where it all started.

We were settling debt and lots of it, reducing balances by 50%-60% and settling millions of dollars in debt for our clients over our first twelve months of operations – producing spectacular results and helping consumers who were on the urge of bankruptcy, to escape their debt problems.

These early years were amazing, watching employees get presents delivered from happy clients – cookies, flowers and all types of neat gifts were coming in.

Until our next hurdle.

Shortly after a successful first year, some of the clients started getting sued by creditors. 

Paul sees it like this; For every obstacle, there is a solution. And in the end, problems only make your company have a stronger infrastructure.

In approximately 2% of the cases, creditors would issue the debtor (our client) a credit card lawsuit.

Fortunately, it only took us about 5-6 months to come up with a system to deal with these credit card summons accounts. We learned how to deal with these lawsuits, getting them easily dismissed and our customers completely debt-free as planned.

Since 2004, its been a long journey for Golden Financial Services – but we’ve solidified partnerships with the top debt relief industry leaders, hired the right attorneys who specialize in debt relief to assist with settling debt, developed a proprietary infrastructure and methodologies, and brought some of the best talents in the country onto our team. All aimed at offering the most effective debt relief programs on the market.

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