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2016- Best Student Loan Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Programs

2016- Best Student Loan Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Programs

Student Loan Relief Options include debt validation, debt settlement, debt assumption and federal student loan debt consolidation. Can you imagine that, there are actually options available to resolve these devastating student loan debts!  Student loan debt is literally taking our students down to the ground across this country! High student loan debt, towering above the 1-trillion dollar mark, mixed in with the highest rate of unemployment and jobless Americans, is a recipe designed for destruction.Until the White House and congress either pass new laws to motivate business owners to hire which will increase jobs, or increase regulations for the student loan servicing companies and provide relief to students, in the meantime here are programs offered at Golden Financial Services to ease your student loan debt burden.

Debt assumption - a representative will assume your debt, and work towards renegotiating payment terms, and if a violation occurs your debt may get dismissed. This is an amazing student loan relief option for students to utilize in order to escape the choke hold that student loan debt just won't let go of! Learn more about debt assumption with an A+ BBB rated company. Many debt relief industry leading professionals call this the best debt relief program on the market today for students with private student loans.

Debt validation - have private student loan debt collection accounts? Let a debt validation program challenge the validity of these debts. If the debt collection company can't prove that they are abiding by all of the federal laws and produce all of the legal required documents necessary under federal laws, and if they can't provide accurate information ranging from statements to details on an account, well guess what, the debt collection company has no legal right to be collecting on the alleged debt, and the debt becomes what's called "legally uncollectible", now the debt collection company must remove any inaccurate derogatory information reflecting a persons credit report pertaining to the uncollectible debt.  See if a debt validation program is right for you and if it can help you to find a resolution to your debt issues.

Debt consolidation - can consolidate all of your federal student loans into one simple consolidated loan, where your payment could be close to zero dollars per month, and after only a certain number of payments you may then be eligible for loan forgiveness. If you work in Public Service the deal is even sweeter, learn more about this type of debt consolidation for federal student loans by visiting Golden Financial Services. 

Lastly, debt settlement - can be used to get rid of private student loans, and to get rid of these loans for good! Learn more about Debt Settlement to Get Rid of Private Student Loans and Credit Card Debt!



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