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Best Way to get a Restaurant Business Loan

Restaurant business loans are available in 2019. Let Golden Financial Services refer you to a lender who can help you get approved quickly!  


Regardless of what you might need your restaurant business loan for, WE CAN HELP! GET UP TO $500,000 TODAY. Some of our clients will use the loans for advertising, hiring new employees, unexpected expenses, purchasing new equipment for the kitchen, and the reasons are endless. What’s most important is that Golden Financial Services will loan to just about any business, no matter if the owner has good or bad credit, loans are a step away, apply now. 

If You Own a Restaurant, Business Loans Can Help You Do The Following:

Restaurant loans can be helpful for business owners for a host of reasons. These are just a few things you can do with a restaurant business loan:

  • Purchase a new oven
  • Buy much-needed kitchen equipment, from dishwashing equipment to the small stuff, like pots and pans and dishes for serving
  • Invest in new business-related equipment, such as a new cash register
  • Expand your business
  • Make repairs to your structure
  • Remodel your building
  • Purchase pieces of furniture, such as dining tables and chairs
  • Pay your expenses during the hard times

As you can see, loans for restaurant businesses can help you and your restaurant in many ways. In fact, the possibilities are practically endless, so no matter what your dreams might be for your business, a restaurant loan can help you achieve your goals.

Which Business Loan Will Be Best for My Restaurant Business and Provide Quick Funding?

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration participates in multiple programs, and you might qualify for one of these restaurant loan options. These restaurant business loans do have a lot of advantages, but they can be difficult to get if you don’t have enough credit or a lot of collateral.

Bank Loans

Some banks and credit unions offer loans for restaurant businesses, and some of them offer low-interest rates and other perks. However, you will have to have strong credit to qualify for one of these loans in most cases, and business owners often have to put a lot down on larger loans.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance can seem like a fantastic option if you are in need of funding for your restaurant. These advances often allow you to borrow money without worrying about your credit score, but the rates and fees that are charged are often astronomical and can make it difficult for you to get on your feet afterward. You will probably also have to change your credit card processing company to get one of these cash advances, which can be a major hassle and can be costly as well.

Golden Financial Services Business Loan Product

Restaurant loans through Golden Financial Services can be a wonderful option if you need money for your business quickly, but don’t have good credit. The fees that are charged are very reasonable, and you don’t have to worry about changing your credit card processing company. You can also work on boosting your credit score because Golden Financial Services will report positively to the major credit card bureaus if you make your payments as you are supposed to. Learn about bad credit business loans next. 

Apply for a Small Business Restaurant Loan

If you have decided that applying for a business loan through Golden Financial Services, you are making a smart decision that can help you improve your business and achieve your financial and business goals. The process is simple, and using the loan calculator will help you determine how much you can borrow. Once you have determined an amount, you can fill out a simple application and be on your way to having the cash in hand that you need to improve your restaurant.

Do you have high credit card debt? Consolidate first, and once all of your credit card balances are paid in full, then apply for a small business loan.

Small business loan rates: Eligibility for the lowest rates on a restaurant business loan are limited, available only to businesses with the highest credit scores and cash flows. The weighted average rate for term loans is 25.3% simple interest and 48.7% AIR. Make your restaurant business dreams a reality today, with a small business loan!

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