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Washington Debt Relief Since 2004

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Free Washington Debt Relief Consultations are a phone-call-away at Golden Financial Services, and if eligible–we can enroll you in a Washington Debt Relief, Consolidation, or Settlement Company (Quick & Easy).
  We will review your credit report and personalize a plan to get you out of debt for FREE.

Benefits that Washington consumers may receive after getting approved on this unsecured debt relief program include:

  • Balances on credit cards, personal loans, and student loans get reduced by up to 40%
  • A single and affordable monthly payment, no matter how many credit cards and loans you have
  • Reach the light at the end of the tunnel, debt freedom, in under three years. You choose how fast you want to get out of debt
  • On average, Seattle Washington residents get out of debt in 2-3 years when using debt relief programs at Golden Financial Services
Best WA Washington debt relief, settlement and consolidation
Washington debt relief and consolidation services are at your fingertips, call 1-866-376-9846 now.

Golden Financial Services works with the best debt relief, settlement and consolidation companies around the nation. We’ve done all the research already and now have the most effective debt relief options figured out. We help thousands’ of consumers become debt free and achieve debt relief – every single year! Our counselors are all IAPDA Certified and Accredited.

We focus on the frontend of debt relief, providing free consultations to the public, and making sure that consumers are not misled into the wrong plan. At Golden Financial Services you can count on an unbiased consultation because we can offer you any of the best debt relief programs available, our objective is to get you on the right plan so that you can see successful results – and that’s how we maintain our impeccable track-record, by treating clients right!

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Debt and Credit Statistics for Washington

  • The average American between the ages of 45 to 54 years-old, carries over $6,000 in credit card debt, in states like Washington and Arizona. Debt relief programs in Washington can help anyone who has over this amount of debt.
  • Washington’s labor force totals 2,764,080.
  • Average credit card debt in Washington is $5269, slightly higher than the US average credit card debt per borrower of $5235.
  • Washington consumers have an average credit score (FICO) of 700, which is higher than the US average credit score of 687.
  • Washington’s homeownership rate is just 64.4%, which is slightly less than the US homeownership average of 65%.
  • The state’s residents have a median household income of $62,187. This is considerably better than the US median household income of $51,017.
  • Student loan debt is relatively low in Washington. The average undergraduate student in Washington graduates with $24,997 in student loan debt, versus $28,400 (national average).

Overall, the State of Washington is in good financial health compared to the rest of the nation. But if you’re reading this page right now, you’re probably wishing you were in good financial health right about now. We will tell you some good news .. these debt relief programs have been around since 2004 and are proven to work. Consumers have been on the urge of filing for bankruptcy and some have even been sued over their debt and had their wages garnished, and then met Golden Financial Services and we were able to get rid of that debt which was ruining their lives.

Washington Debt Relief Options 

Debt settlement program – Washington 

Debt settlement services can get you out of debt in around three-four years, but you need to beware of the downside. Creditors don’t get paid each month with debt settlement. Your accounts go delinquent. Eventually, they will get sold to a debt collection company and written off by the original creditor. At that point, the debt can be settled for much less than what it’s worth. No matter how many debts you may have, with debt settlement you only have to pay one low monthly payment. Debt settlement can keep you out of bankruptcy and it can feel like a fresh start in the end. Just know, if you do debt settlement, make sure to have a plan to rebuild your credit score at some point because your credit score takes a heavy hit with debt settlement. If you can avoid falling behind on your payments, that’s the best way to restore your credit score. On the other side of the coin, if your income has been sliced in half and you can’t even afford minimum payments anymore, you will receive benefits from debt settlement and since your credit has already taken a hit, debt settlement could bring you a greater value compared to the negative side.

Debt validation program – Washington

At Golden Financial Services, in our experience, debt validation programs bring more positive value to a person if they’re dealing with third-party debt collection accounts because often debt collection companies can’t prove that they have the legal authority to be collecting on a debt. On a debt validation program, you can use federal laws including the Credit Card Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Truth in Lending Act to dispute any type of unsecured debt that was sold to a debt collection company. Because of how cheap debt collection companies can purchase a debt, creditors and debt collectors get careless, lose paperwork, charge unauthorized fees, illegally harass consumers and at times cannot prove that they are legally authorized to collect on a debt. At times they try to collect on a debt in a state that they’re not licensed in. All this can lead to you disputing a debt and at times legally walking from the debt without paying it. And getting it off your credit report entirely. Before you settle a debt, use debt validation. The worst case scenario is that your creditor will produce the necessary documentation to validate the debt and prove it’s validity, and you will then be back at square one. You can then use debt settlement to reduce and resolve the debt.

At Golden Financial Services we offer a debt validation program that:

  • disputes a debt or multiple debts and gives you a low monthly payment. In many cases, the debt collection company cannot prove the debt to be valid, where the debt becomes legally uncollectible.
  • The debt collector then agrees to stop collection on the debt, and in many cases will simultaneously agree to remove the debt from our clients’ credit reports. Free credit repair is included in the program to dispute any derogatory marks that don’t belong on your credit report.
  • The client ends up paying nothing on the debt and only needs to pay the debt validation company fees. If a debt is proven to be valid and our client ends up having to pay the debt, the client does not have to pay the fee.

However, in the last five years, we have not seen many cases where this program has failed. You can check out Golden Financial Services at the Better Business Bureau and find zero customer complaints and an A+ rating – and on Google, hundreds of positive client reviews.



Here at Golden Financial Services, Washington consumers can call 866-376-9846 and get a free debt negotiation quote!

Consumer Credit Counseling in the State of Washington

Washington Consumer Credit Counseling, also known as bad credit debt consolidation programs, can drastically cut your interest rates. Your interest rates get reduced and you then only need to pay the consumer credit counseling company one single and affordable payment each month. The consumer credit counseling company will then disperse the funds to each of your creditors, so you’re staying current on your payments with this type of Washington debt relief program. Credit scores are not negatively affected like with financial hardship programs in Washington, such as debt settlement.

You will pay your full debt back with consumer credit counseling, but less interest, after getting approved for a non-profit consumer credit counseling program in the state of Washington. Debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling programs have the least negative effect on your credit score, compared to other debt relief options. But still, most consumers prefer debt settlement and debt validation because of how much more money a person could save.

The truth is that consumer credit counseling is a much safer debt relief option, but in many cases is a much costlier program due to the fact that you will still pay consumer credit counseling company fees, interest and your entire balance back. Washington residents should first consider consumer credit counseling and only consider debt settlement if they’re behind on monthly payments and can’t even afford the minimum monthly payment each month on their credit cards.

A few downsides to Washington consumer credit counseling programs include; a third-party notation does go on your credit report and you will be locked into a program for 4-5 years, versus three years or less with a hardship program like debt settlement. Washington residents can talk to an IAPDA Certified Debt Counselor for Free at Golden Financial Services FOR FREE before deciding on a program. Debt relief programs in Washington need to be carefully evaluated and considered. Look at your short term and long term goals and figure out what plan will help you reach those goals in the quickest and least harmful manner.

My goal is to retire in three years and get rid of my debt with the limited funds I have saved

Do you have only limited funds and need to settle all of your debt with those limited funds because no other cash-flow will arise over the next three years? And your goal is to retire within the next three years? Well in this case, you could use debt validation and debt settlement services to resolve your debt in a quick time-frame and for less than the full balance owed, allowing you to accomplish your goal of getting rid of all your debt with your limited amount of funds and being debt free within the next three years, but expect your credit score to take a hit.

Not all creditors will work with a non-profit consumer credit counseling company. Not all creditors will work with a debt settlement company. And debt validation won’t always work, there are times where creditors will even issue a credit card summons to the client. So the key is to only sign up with a debt relief company that charges fees after results are obtained, and this is the law. Some companies will offer debt relief illegally in Washington and charge upfront debt relief fees. Stay away from these companies.

Who We Are

  • Golden Financial Services has been aiding consumers in Washington since 2004 with debt relief programs
  • A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • IAPDA Certified and Accredited for debt settlement

Call us for free – 866-376-9846

We strive to serve our Washington clients with nothing less than stellar services that work. Our goal is to help you become debt free fast; and even faster than what we quote you, but we also want to make you feel at ease every step of the way. We show you the benefits and downsides of each debt relief program, what to do when certain scenarios occur and help to defend you from debt collection fraud and abuse. And we give you tips on how to deal with debt collectors when they call and send you letters.

In the welcoming package that our servicing partners will send you once approved, you get an educational book on debt collector laws. You will get a welcoming aboard phone call where a case manager will go over the educational material that you received in your welcoming package.

Our debt negotiators are aggressive and proactive. They know what could go wrong and make you aware of possible side effects.  If you know what to expect you will be better prepared to deal with any potential downsides of debt relief.

Do you have any of these fears holding you back from joining a debt relief program?

–  Scared of paying fees and not getting results? Don’t worry, fees only get charged after results are obtained, and fees are already included in the debt settlement program monthly payment, not extra. Our Washington debt negotiators only earn fees after your debt is resolved.

–  Afraid of no guarantee? What’s better than a guarantee is when you only pay if results are achieved. That is the best type of guarantee that you can get. A performance-based program!

–  What if I get sued? When a creditor attempts to sue a client they will first send a credit card summons. If you ignore this summons, you can then end up getting a default judgment against you and then have a serious problem. However, Golden Financial Services offers a debt relief program where an experienced negotiator will immediately intervene to reduce and settle the summons before the court date, keeping you out of court and avoiding any judgment from coming your way. If you get a credit card summons, you can always have it settled before teh court date.

–  Afraid that your credit will be ruined? After your debt is resolved, you can establish new credit. Worst case scenario; you can get a secured credit card and start from scratch again. It will be like you’re back in high-school again! The negative marks have less of a negative effect on your credit score over time, keep that in mind too. You can focus on re-establishing new credit once you get the old debt paid in full or resolved.

–  Golden Financial Services works with the best debt relief providers in Washington and offers multiple debt relief options. Consumers credit counseling, debt settlement, and debt consolidation are all accessible through Golden Financial Services. We can refer you to a non-profit consumer credit counseling company or set you up with a program aimed at helping consumers in Washington who are experiencing a financial hardship. Give us a call and we look forward to helping you.

See Washington debt relief program disclosures by visiting this page next. 

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