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Wesley Hendrickson

Wesley Hendrickson

Golden Financial Services Manager

Wesley Hendrickson: The primary goal of Wesley’s service to clients is to bring stress relief and a sense of “wholeness” back into the lives of those who are struggling.

An expert with over 20 years in the Financial Services industry, Wes brings a background in Financial Investments, Insurance, Estate Planning & tax processes plus Debt Relief with a unique perspective and understanding of financial issues. This comprehensive experience is most helpful when seeking to understand the issues of each client and the circumstances that they find themselves needing to resolve. Due to the industry-leading programs offered by GFS, Wes is able to assist clients with credit card, personal and private student loans, Federal Student Loans, Medical debt and Credit Restoration. Always seeking to bring the highest level of integrity with full disclosure to each client seeking help, Wes will find the best program to meet your needs.

Our programs offer the cleanest, least expensive and most comprehensive options available to get you out of debt in the least amount of time and leave you with a big sigh of relief. Plans include credit card debt relief, settlement and consolidation programs.

Wesley can be contacted for a free debt relief consultation at 866-332-3083. Wesley can pull your credit report and score, at no cost for you.

Wes Hendrickson’s Role as a Manager at Golden Financial Services

As a manager at Golden Financial Services, Wes is in charge of monitoring compliance and training new employees on how to properly qualify and enroll consumers into the correct debt relief program. Wes has been a manager at Golden Financial Services for over four years now and leads a team of approximately ten IAPDA certified debt counselors and financial experts.

In Wes’s spare time at Golden Financial Services, he participates in helping run the debt relief blog, sharing his expertise and excellent writing skills.