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Golden Financial Services is officially an accredited company on Trusted Company Reviews based on TCR accreditation criteria!

How Debt Relief Programs Work?

Here's how to get out of debt at Golden Financial Services with simple and flexible workflow!


Provide us basic information (i.e. creditor name, balance on each unsecured debt and best way and time to contact you for your free consultation).


After receiving your basic information one of our professionals will contact you at the time or manner that you requested to go over all debt relief options available to you.


After going over your personal needs and current circumstances, your specialist and you can then decide what the best choice is for you. Remember, you have options.


You have now created an exit strategy to help you reach the light at the end of the tunnel and to achieve your goals.


Here is a few hand picked reasons from so many, for choosing Golden Financial Services!

Leading Team Members

Here's some senior debt experts from our awesome team!

Paul J Paquin

Paul J Paquin

CEO & President

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Diego Ramirez

Diego Ramirez

Debt Relief Account Executive

Rob DeArellano

Rob DeArellano

Senior Debt Consultant Specialist

Ruth Adorno

Ruth Adorno

Quality Assurance Manager

Yok Suwatsirpon

Yok Suwatsirpon

Underwriting Financial Manager

Rick Sorrentino

Rick Sorrentino

Senior Debt Consultant Specialist

Wesley Hendrickson

Wesley Hendrickson

AFSLR & IAPDA Certified Exec Manager

Our Milestones

"YOUR LIFE WITHOUT DEBT" - At Golden Financial Services we provide our clients with the highest standards in debt elimination and management solutions for a debt-free tomorrow.

  • 2004
  • Jan


  • West Palm Beach Florida
  • 2016
  • Oct

4000+ Happy Client

  • All Around US
  • 2017
  • Jun

Saved Over $80 Million

  • Total Debt Saved

Our Goals to You

"Debt" will no longer be a problem for you. You've landed in the right spot, where satisfaction is guaranteed! Our clients don't pay a dollar -- if results aren't achieved! Now you can get on a new path towards debt freedom.


Golden Financial Services Facts

Here are some awesome facts about Golden Financial Services.


Happy Clients


Saved U.S. Consumers


Years In Business


Debt Relief Professionals

Clients Testimonials

Here’s what clients are saying about Golden Financial Services!

Mark J.

“I saved well over $18,000 on my credit cards and over $60,000 will be forgiven on my student loans, wiped clean! I couldn’t be happier. Now I can get back to growing my business! Thank you.”

Mark J. - Saved over $18,000 with Golden Financial

Marilyn C.

“Golden Financial Services I would rate them five stars, Rick took the time to explain everything on how there services work. If I would come across someone that needed help with there debt I would recommend Golden Financial Services."

Marilyn C. - Saved over $9,380 with Golden Financial

Brenna O.

“I can finally sleep at night. For months I would lay in bed each night for hours, dreading the nightmare of paying all these bills. Golden Financial gave me immediate relief and I can now comfortably sleep at night. Thank you!”

Brenna O. - Saved over $15,800 with Golden Financial

Albert B.

“I was deep in credit card and student loan debt. The Better Business Bureau recommended Golden Financial Services as the best place to consolidate debt so I gave them a try. I am 13 months into the program and 5 of 7 debts are already resolved and I keep getting letters in the mail showing negative marks are being taken off my credit. Thank you Golden Financial.”

Albert B. - Saved over $22,759 with Golden Financial

Roseanne L.

“Wes was incredibly patient and answered all my questions. I found the company at the BBB and they have an A+ rating. A Certified Specialist instructed me on exactly how to get out of debt. Awesome!”

Roseanne L. - Saved over $14,759 with Golden Financial

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