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Mississippi debt relief programs are amongst some of the best in the nation.  In Mississippi, debt relief programs include debt settlement, debt consolidation, consumer credit counseling and debt validation. Bankruptcy is also an option for debt relief. Mississippi residents should be aware that bankruptcy can be devastating on a person’s credit score. Golden Financial Services believes that a person should avoid bankruptcy at all costs.

Debt Consolidation – Mississippi

What is debt consolidation? Mississippi consumers with a high credit score can use this option to pay off all of their existing accounts and get a new low-interest loan to pay back. Debt consolidation loans can be a viable option to resolve high-interest debts, but to get a low-interest loan a person must have; A. a low debt to income ratio  B. a low credit utilization ratio

Debt Settlement – Mississippi

What is debt settlement? Mississippi residents that have overwhelming debt and who are contemplating bankruptcy may want to consider debt settlement. Picking the right debt settlement company is important. In the past, debt settlement companies have taken advantage of consumers, charged upfront fees and didn’t perform. Debt settlement can be a risky option if not executed correctly. Creditors can sue, lawsuits can be issued, and not all creditors will settle. Debt settlement can allow a person to become debt free and pay only about half of their balances, not counting fees. Client’s become debt-free in around 24-48 months on average. Read about debt settlement online.

Debt Validation – Mississippi

What is debt validation? Mississippi consumers have been reaping the benefits of a debt validation program for many years now. Debt validation allows a person to challenge the legal authority of a third-party debt collection company. If the debt collection company can’t validate the debt, the debt becomes legally uncollectible. Also, once a debt is proven invalid, the negative marks can no longer be reported on a person’s credit report. Learn more about a debt validation program by calling 866-376-9846 or read about debt validation online.

Consumer Credit Counseling Debt Relief – Mississippi

What is consumer credit counseling? Mississippi consumers are advised to visit the Department of Justice and select a non-profit consumer credit counseling company in Mississippi or visit the Better Business Bureau to find a highly rated company. With consumer credit counseling a person’s payment will be about the same as what it is when paying minimum payments on credit cards. When using a consumer credit counseling program, your interest rates will usually get reduced, and this allows a person to get out of debt in around five years. Getting your interest rates reduced on credit card debts is what makes consumer credit counseling an attractive option. The consumer credit counseling company will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the interest rates. Once the creditors agree to reduce your interest rates, you then make one payment each month. The consumer credit counseling company will then distribute the multiple monthly payments to each of your creditors, with the new reduced interest rate, making it easy for a person to manage their debts.

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