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Bad Credit Small Business Loans - Golden Financial Services

Get a Small Business Loan Today! Borrow up to $300,000. Have the money in your bank account within 72 hours. Fast Application Process and Fast Approval. Apply Now by Calling 866-376-9846

Small Business Loans

For a business to increase its annual revenue and profit, a business needs to invest in key areas such as hiring employees, buying or leasing new equipment and paying for marketing. Many businesses around the country don’t have the capital to invest in their small business and can’t get approved for a bank loan because of less than perfect credit.

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Programs

You have a few options available.

You can apply for a small business loan with bad credit. You could get approved but will get stuck to high monthly payments. Can you afford high payments right now? When you have bad credit, loans come with the highest interest rates. So, on top of high monthly payments, your loan will be very expensive.

Your best option would be to apply for a debt relief program. This is assuming you have over $10,000 in credit card debt, which is the minimum requirement.

A debt relief program could cut your unsecured debt by around half. Now you only need to pay back around half of what you owe. This is like a loan because your saving 50% of your money. If you want to continue applying for a small business loan then continue reading. If you want to first explore debt relief programs then visit here:

Do you want to make your business dreams a reality and money is the only object holding you back from expanding?

Get a Small Business Loan at Golden Financial Services.

Get approved within 48 hours.

Funding within 3 days.

Loans ranging from $5,000-$300,000.

Fixed Interest Rates.

Daily Payments, not Monthly.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans are Available!

At Golden Financial Services we see business owners that could be very successful if they just had the necessary capital to expand.  There are many small businesses that have one or two employees and would like to have more, but the cost of hiring holds them back.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

On top of getting capital to invest in your business, you will also be given a second chance with us.

We can give you up to $150,000.00, by as fast as tomorrow!  We will report your payment history to the credit reporting agencies and you will build good credit with us, as you are paying your loan back.

Even if you don’t qualify for the full amount that you are hoping for today, maybe we can offer you a smaller loan.  Within 6-12 months of good payment history with us, you can obtain a second loan and borrow the rest of the money that you need.

We even loan money to past clients who graduated on our debt settlement program where their credit score is less than 600. We have clients that own a business, where they needed to sign up for our debt settlement program to eliminate their unsecured debt, but now they suffer from bad credit.

Small Business Loans are available for business owners that have a credit score as low as 500.

Approval Requirements for a Small Business Loan

Must have an average bank balance of $10,000 or higher.  We look at the last 3 months of bank statements.

Minimum FICO SCORE of 500.

Are you ready to apply for a small business loan today?

To Apply, Simply Call 866-376-9846.

If you are not ready and would like to keep reading then we recommend you visit our small business loans website here.  We also published a detailed guide on obtaining a small business loan for marketing.

Disclosure: Golden Financial Services is a referral services organization and not a direct lender. To learn about debt relief programs visit this page next. 

From the lenders that Golden Financial Services is affiliated with, here are the rate terms:

Average rate for term loans:

  • 25.3% simple interest
  • 48.7% AIR.
  • Weighted averages are based on loans originated in the quarter ending June 30, 2018.

Short-Term Small Business Loan Rates: As low as 9% Simple Interest. What is Simple Interest? Simple Interest calculates the total amount of interest you pay as a percentage of your loan amount. This rate excludes any fees. For shorter terms (12 months or less), Simple Interest lets you quickly see the total payback amount of your loan. Total Interest Percentage is also referred to as Fixed Simple Interest and is not an annualized rate. Example: On a 6 month, $10,000 loan with 9% Simple Interest and weekly payments, your interest cost is $900, for a total payback amount of $10,900. Long-Term Rates: As low as 9.99% Annual Interest Rate. What is the Annual Interest Rate? Annual Interest Rate calculates the yearly interest percentage you pay based on your average loan balance. This rate excludes any fees. While you should always consider the total cost of a loan, for longer terms (more than 12 months), you can use the Annual Interest Rate to compare loans of similar duration. Example: On a 24 month, $100,000 loan with 9.99% Annual Interest Rate and weekly payments, your interest cost is $10,418.15, for a total loan payback amount of $110,418.15.

Golden Financial Services works with a variety of lenders to ensure applicants can have the best possible chance of getting approved for a loan. After filling out the short online business loan application above, GFS will do the legwork to find the right lender to fund your business. Golden Financial Services makes the business loan process quick and easy. Applicants can expect an answer within 24-48 hours. Bad credit applicants are OK. For Credit Card Relief Visit Here. GFS has its main office located at 600 Palm Ave #221, Imperial Beach, CA 91932; Telephone Number 866-376-9846

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