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What is a student loan consolidation program?

A student loan consolidation program simplifies the process of;

A. consolidating high-interest student loans

B. maintaining a low and affordable student loan payment each year

C. eventually getting student loan forgiveness

The entire process involved with getting student loan relief can be like putting a big puzzle together, one wrong move puts you in the wrong payment plan or could even disqualify your payments as “qualified payments that count towards your loan forgiveness eligibility”.

A student loan consolidation program at Golden Financial Services lets you go on with your everyday life, while we do the leg-work of consolidating your student loans and making sure to keep you in the right plan. Here at Golden Financial Services we

Here at Golden Financial Services, we aren’t affiliated with your student loan servicers or the Department of Education. We work directly for you. We become the liaison between you and your student loans.

You tell us what your needs and goals are, and we will then take action on your behalf to achieve your desired results.

Are you sick of dealing with student loan debt on your own?

Tired of trying to put the pieces together?

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Why Not Consolidate Student Loans on Your Own?

Student loan consolidation is when you get a government approved loan to pay off your existing student loans, but it doesn’t end there. You must also determine what repayment plan you are eligible for and is best for your situation. Each year, you must recertify your repayment plan, or you can get kicked out and your payment goes back up.

Understanding; the different laws that enable you to consolidate student loans such as the William D Ford Act, the complicated mathematical algorithms involved in calculating your payments on each plan, and what your legal options are — can all be very confusing. Now on top of that, you have student loan creditors and servicers that are violating people’s rights, misleading students into the wrong programs and wrongfully advising our young students. Who can you trust?

The rules and laws are constantly changing on a year-to-year basis. Student loan servicers are getting sued all across the nation.

Federal Parent PLUS loans are not eligible for income-based repayment. They are, however, eligible for income-contingent repayment if they are included in a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan and the borrower entered repayment on or after July 1, 2006. Private student loans are also not eligible for income-contingent repayment, income-based repayment or pay-as-you-earn repayment. Federal student loans, such as Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Grad PLUS loan, are eligible for income-based repayment (IBR) and pay-as-you-earn repayment (PAYER).

Are you confused yet?

And statistically, we wonder why our country is plagued with over 1.3 trillion dollars of student loan debt and 11% of borrowers are behind on their payments. Take it from Golden Financial Services; You are not alone, and your student loan debt is not a problem caused by you!

Student Loan Consolidation Programs Can be Your Solution

Student loan consolidation programs can ease the burden of you having to deal with creditors and figuring out how to consolidate your student loans and maintain your appropriate repayment plan over the next 20-years (on average). Consolidating student loan debt requires more than just going to a website and filling out a form. There are eight repayment plans available.

A student loan consolidation program allows you to pick from these repayment plans

When Does Golden Financial Services Process my Consolidation?

We begin processing your student loan consolidation once the enrollment fee is deposited (clears) into your trust account (AKA: a Special Purpose Savings Account).

Golden Financial Services does not earn this fee, or any fee, until your consolidation or repayment plan is “approved” and we get you results. Without results; you pay nothing, and everything in your trust account is refunded directly to you (you have total control of these funds until the fee is “earned”).

How much is the “enrollment fee” to consolidate my federal student loans & what does this fee cover?


A Certified Student Loan Relief Professional will evaluate your entire financial situation and credit report.

student loan consolidation programs at Golden Financial Services - certified and accredited with the IAPDA and AFSLR.
Golden Financial Services is accredited and certified by the Association for Student Loan Relief and International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.


–Retrieve your federal student loans from the Federal Student Aid (FSA) and review their status and history, separating the federal and private student loans, and examining the types of loans.

–Determining your eligibility for consolidation based on your type of loans, history, income, loan status, and goals.

–Figure out all of the different student loan repayment plans that you may be eligible for including; the Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR), Income Contingent Repayment Plan (ICR), Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Public Service Loan Forgiveness Plans (PSLF), Military and Graduated and Standard Plan. (These are a few of your potential options but see the image above for a complete list)

–Educate you on all of your student loan options.

–Find the plan that will give you the lowest monthly payment and the highest amount of loan forgiveness.

–Process your consolidation and following through to ensure all of your existing loans are “paid in full”.

–Hande all of the communication between you and the Department of Education, and your current and new loan servicer, making sure that you are not mislead into the wrong options. If there is a mistake, it is our job to catch it and fix it.

–Get you accepted for the appropriate repayment plan that fits your budget (OUR GOAL: To get you approved on the lowest possible payment plan)

A client enrolled on the Golden Financial Services student loan consolidation program was approved for the zero dollar monthly payment plan.
(Success Case – This is an Approved Student Loan Consolidation – The Client’s Payment is Zero Dollars Per Month)

–Assist you with dealing with your defaulted loans (by either consolidating them promptly or using loan rehabilitation options)

The enrollment fee is a “flat fee” that will NEVER exceed $700, but in most cases, it is less than this amount. $700 is the maximum that the enrollment fee will ever be.

The “enrollment fee” is only “earned” at the time a clients’ consolidation is “approved,” and their loans are “paid in full.” There are absolutely NO upfront fees, or any fees charged to the client by Golden Financial Services until “results are achieved”.

After Golden Financial Services starts processing my student loan consolidation, how fast can I expect to see results?

Once your student loan consolidation starts, it takes 45-90 days (on average) for your consolidation and repayment plan to be complete. Within this time-frame, your existing loans will be completely “paid in full.”


Firstly; you will receive a letter from your loan servicer. The student loan servicers include FedLoan Servicing, Great Lakes, Navient, and Nelnet. Your loan servicer will provide you a summary of your existing loans before they get “paid in full”, for you to review, to be sure nothing is missing. We go over this summary of your loans with you, therefore, remember to send this document over to Golden Financial Services along with any other documents you may receive by mail or email.

Secondly; you will receive an approval letter showing your consolidation is approved and that the creditors are scheduled to get “paid in full” on such and such date.

Thirdly; you will get a letter indicating your repayment plan has been “approved,” and what your new reduced payment will be. At this time, if you even have a payment, you would log into your loan servicers’ website and set up your recurring monthly payment.

Fourthly; every year we will need to get your repayment plan recertified which requires you to send in your updated income proof simply. (your annual recertification)

Fifthly; within 17.5 years (on average), you will be eligible for loan forgiveness. At that point, whatever your remaining balance is will be forgiven–YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY IT. If you are on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program you will be eligible for loan forgiveness after ten years (if you have a public service or non-profit job), if not you will qualify for loan forgiveness in around 20-25 years.

Are you ready to put this nightmare behind you?

Student Loan Consolidation Programs can transform your life, shape your future in a positive manner and ease the stress associated with student loan debt. Student loan consolidation is made easy at Golden Financial Services. Just give us a call, and one of our Certified and friendly professionals can assist you.



  • Golden Financial Services is a private company and is NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION or any other academic or governmental entity.
  • You can apply for student loan consolidation, without paid assistance through the Department of Education(DOE)
  • Golden Financial Services assists you with preparing and processing your application for student loan consolidation and repayment programs offered by the DOE.

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