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***A+ BBB Rated***15 Years in Business***100’S of positive online reviews & ZERO BBB complaints*** — Learn what sets apart from other Indiana debt relief, settlement and consolidation companies.

Indiana Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Company — Golden Financial Services

Golden Financial Services is the only Indiana Debt Relief Company that offers debt settlement, validation, consolidation, student loan relief and all unsecured debt relief programs.

What does this mean for you?

Unlike other companies that only offer one program, you get to pick from a full array of programs when dealing with Golden Financial Services.

You can get a free, no obligation debt relief consultation.

Indiana consumers have legal programs available as of 2017 to reduce and resolve unsecured debts.

Your life can be made easy again.

Your stress from too many bills can be eliminated.

You can get on a path that takes you out of debt.

Why do Indiana debt relief companies have a bad reputation?

Indiana debt settlement programs are infamous for charging up-front fees and not performing. Indiana consumers are urged to beware of companies that have:

A. Lots of BBB complaints

B. Under 3-years in business

C. Google the company’s reviews and look for complaints — stay away from companies that have poor online reviews.

When speaking with an Indiana debt relief company ask questions such as;

1. What are the fees?

2. Is there any type of guarantee or assurance of performance?

3. What are the potential downsides of the program?

4. What happens if I get sued (what is their plan of action)?

5. What is the total including fees that I am estimated to pay on the program? (cross check this with the client agreement they send you)

6. How long have you been in business? (cross check this information with their local BBB or at their Division of Corporations)

From there, consumers are smart and — you are smart. Based on a company’s answers, you can do your own research and go with your gut. Don’t just go with your gut because the sales person on the phone had a nice voice, do your research.

How do Indiana debt relief programs work?

By visiting this page next, you can learn how debt relief programs work.

What is the difference in debt consolidation and debt settlement?

Debt Consolidation Indiana Programs — a fancy name for “A Loan”. Debt consolidation is simply a loan to pay off your debt, leaving you with one low-interest loan to pay back.

Debt settlement Indiana Programs — are where you have to stop paying on your debts until your accounts are delinquent to the point where the original creditors write off the debt and sells it to a third-party debt collection company. At that point, a debt settlement company’s negotiators will go in and negotiate a settlement where you could end up paying a significant amount less that the total owed.

Golden Financial Services feels that debt settlement is an excellent option to avoid bankruptcy, but there are better options to turn to if you qualify.

How to get approved for an Indiana debt relief, settlement or consolidation program?

The first step is to call 1-866-376-9846.

At this number, Indiana debt relief, settlement and consolidation program information will be provided. An experienced debt agent will review your situation and provide you a debt relief recommendation.

How much do the services cost?

All of the programs include fees. With debt settlement, consumers may pay back 60%-70% of their balances with fees included. Debt consolidation programs require consumers to pay back all of their balance (the goal is to reduce the interest paid).

A consultation is FREE for consumers in Indiana. Debt settlement and consolidation consultations don’t require an appointment. Agents are on standby to take your call and assist you at 1-866-376-9846

If I live in Indiana, what are the steps required to start the debt relief process?

1. Your budget and credit report will be reviewed to figure out your best debt relief option.

2. Once your creditors and details are plugged into the system, a savings quote will be provided to you.

3. Your options will be presented to you at that point.

4. You will be able to ask all of the questions that you may have. The Agents at Golden Financial Services have years of extensive training under their belt and specialize in debt relief. Just getting the chance to speak with them, is an opportunity itself and a mansion filled with knowledge.

5. If you qualify for a debt relief program and decide to move forward, you will be sent a client agreement outlining disclosures, fees, costs, payments and details about the program.

6. You will be required to complete a compliance call to be sure you understand the program and it’s disclosures, and your requirements as the client will be outlined.

7. Once approved; you will receive access to your account online, a welcoming package in the mail and a welcoming phone call.

Take the next step, Indiana debt relief solutions, programs and options are available — TAKE ACTION NOW.