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Golden Financial Services Massachusetts debt relief programs were featured on Boston.comThese programs have been around for decades, proven to work. With an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and zero customer complaints, Massachusetts debt relief programs can be considered safe by many critics. Just do a few searches on Google for “Golden Financial Services Massachusetts debt relief programs,” and find nothing less than spectacular client reviews — people raving about how these programs changed their lives.

What do you need, a lower payment? Reduced interest? One affordable payment? Credit repair? Help with student loans? All of these debt relief options are available for residents of Massachusetts.

Golden Financial Services Massachusetts Debt Relief Specialists are IAPDA and AFSLR certified and accredited
Golden Financial Services is IAPDA and AFSLR Certified and Accredited as of 2017.

Speak To A Professional To Assist You With Debt Relief. Massachusetts Residents Can Call Golden Financial Services 866-376-9846.

Massachusetts consumers are amongst the most fiscally educated consumers in the nation.

Massachusetts residents have the highest incomes, allowing them to pay off debt easier than most of the nation. Massachusetts also holds the statistic of having the lowest amount of credit card debt per household in the United States, floating below the “$6,500 in total average credit card debt mark”.

However, some consumers in Massachusetts had a rougher time than others. Going back to 2008 when the mortgage mess occurred, causing thousands of consumers to lose their homes and file for bankruptcy. And now in 2017 — banks are charging astronomically high-interest rates, fees;– and creditors are violating consumers’ rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices and Credit Card Act more than ever before in all history.

Some Massachusetts residents are experiencing high credit card debt that they cannot afford to pay off. Credit card companies are failing to work with their clients as the laws require them to do, they are charging high interest rates and fees with no regard to their fellow Americans and financial hardships. The banks even go to the extent of hiring third-party debt collectors that violate many laws each month, to go after their clients. Sometimes the debt collectors don’t even have a license to collect on debt in their state.

Golden Financial Services Massachusetts debt relief, settlement, and debt consolidation programs do offer fresh start alternatives.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated Massachusetts Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Company.

At Golden Financial Services Massachusetts residents are eligible for a free professional consultation with a debt expert. The debt experts are all Certified with the Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and the Association for Student Loan Relief. Give Golden Financial Services a call at 866-376-9846 now; their agents are waiting to assist you. 

The call is free with no strings attached. The agents are there to provide information and debt relief options. Massachusetts residents will also have debt consolidation and debt settlement programs to use for debt relief if they need a program to resolve their debts.

What type of debts can be consolidated or settled under the Massachusetts debt relief programs?

  1. Credit cards
  2. Medical bills
  3. Financial loans
  4. Personal loans
  5. Bank loans
  6. Utility bills that are in collection
  7. Third-party collection accounts
  8. Repossessions

You can be current or behind on payments and still have options.

You can include almost any type of debt into the program. Golden Financial Services can help you figure out the situation with ease.

CALL The Free Massachusetts Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation National Hotline AT 866-376-9846.