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Chicago Debt Relief Programs – offered by Golden Financial Services

Chicago Debt Relief, Validation, Settlement and Consolidation Programs can resolve just about any unsecured debt – including credit cards, third-party debt collection accounts, medical bills, bank loans, student loans and financial company loans.

There are different programs – designed to deal with different circumstances. Today we will take a look at a few examples of the various types of programs and actual client results obtained.

Chicago, Illinois – Debt Settlement Client Example (illustrating a savings of $2,740.39 on a Citibank Credit Card that was sold to a third-party debt collection company)

As seen in this example, Chicago debt settlement programs can reduce the balance on an unsecured debt. However, debt settlement does have negative consequences as well – which you can learn about by reading this page next. 

Chicago, Illinois – Debt Validation Client Example

Chicago Illinois debt relief and validation options

Chicago, Illinois – Debt Validation Example

With debt validation – a consumer has the legal right to challenge any debt – where the debt collection company must now provide verification and proof that the debt is valid and legally collectible. If the debt collection company can’t provide all of the necessary documentation and accurate information that federal laws require them to maintain – then you don’t have to pay it. On top of that – if a debt is invalidated the debt collection company cannot report it to the credit bureaus. Click here to learn more about debt validation in the state of Illinois. Chicago debt validation may be the least expensive route to deal with your debt and credit issues.

Student Loan Debt Consolidation in Chicago, Illinois 

Il student loan consolidation approved letter example

$26,713.59 of student loan debt – consolidated and paid off in full – leaving the student with a low $52 per month payment

Student loan debt consolidation is a public option. Visit this page next to learn more about student loan consolidation. 

Golden Financial Services – A Chicago, Illinois Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement Company

After 13 years in business and maintaining an A+ BBB rating – Golden Financial Services has extremely effective debt relief programs. Chicago residents can feel confident in knowing that Golden Financial Services will provide honest and accurate debt relief information. If there is a chance of providing assistance to a consumer with high unsecured debt issues – Golden Financial Services is the Chicago debt relief company to do so!