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Best Marketing Internship Jobs in New York, at Debt Relief Company

Become an Intern at Golden Financial–Just Rated One Of The Most Successful Companies for 2019 by 5000

Do you have the desire and determination that it takes to work in a quickly growing, mission-driven debt relief company that creates a huge positive impact on this country’s economic health?

Golden Financial Services is an IAPDA Certified and Better Business Bureau “A+” rated debt relief company that’s been offering debt relief services in New York for over fifteen years now. Golden Financial Services provides a variety of debt relief services including debt negotiation, debt validation, debt management and debt consolidation. Our NY debt relief services focus on helping Americans with resolving their unsecured debt problems.

As a paid intern at Golden Financial Services, your primary job will be to first research and then compellingly delivery financial education, through SEO and social media sharing, to consumers who are struggling to get out of debt. SEO in 2018, is more than just content and keywords, your work needs to stand out from the competition. What makes Golden Financial Services so special, is that we offer more than what our competitors offer. On our blog, we strive to provide new debt relief strategies, statistics and add clarity and transparency to dark subjects. With our credit card relief program guides, we include infographics and videos. With our debt relief programs, we include a money-back guarantee and free credit repair, which no other debt relief company offers. As a paid intern, you’ll get to express your creative side, and try to find new and innovative ways to bring more to the table than just content. By unleashing this mentality, you’ll be an extremely valuable asset to any company in the future.

Through social media sharing and relationship building, you’ll be able to spread your creations across the internet, simultaneously building your name as an authority figure in the debt relief industry. Even though Golden Financial Services is a debt relief company, the CEO at Golden Financial Services is also a renowned marketing guru. Paul Paquin, Golden Financial’s CEO, published an article on SemRush’s blog just this year (one of the most prominent marketing blogs/companies in the world). Paul’s piece ended up getting featured and received the top 3 most social media shares out of any article submitted on in 2018. The blog post was called “7 Killer Steps on How to Win at Local SEO” (click to see the article on This is who mentors the marketing interns at Golden Financial Services. If you become an intern, you’ll be working with Paul on a regular basis.

About the internship: 

  • the internship job at Golden Financial Services is a paid marketing internship, starting at $14 per hour – hands-on experience, with a professional debt relief company
  • you will manage online marketing projects; getting to express your opinion and make key marketing decisions
  • get exposed to one of the most booming industries in the country–the debt relief industry
  • part of the job is for interns to read and learn about financial debt solutions and ways to improve finances–these lessons are valuable and interns can use these lessons to improve their own finances and not just their audiences that they will be writing for
  • develop employability skillsets and learn proprietary marketing strategies at Golden Financial Services that can be used on any company that interns work for in the future
  • get to apply what they’ve learned in school, to a professional work environment
  • learn how to integrate quantitative and qualitative data, to provide analytical reports that drive marketing decisions
  • learn how to work in a team environment, interacting through the best technology and CRM’s on the market

How long does the paid internship last?

  • Roughly 30-40 hours per week, for a minimum of 20 weeks, but with the option to continue employment after the internship is over

Why choose the Golden Financial Services debt relief internship?

  • it’s a paid internship, and you can have a flexible schedule
  • work with a top-rated debt relief company that’s been in business for more than fifteen years
  • you’ll be consuming financial education daily, which you can use for the rest of your life
  • interns that are successful at the job, get the opportunity to work with Golden Financial Services for the long-term, guaranteeing employment upon graduation
  • interns get to interact with the financial specialists at Golden Financial Services, enhancing their verbal and communication skills
  • marketing interns get to showcase their talented writing skills in front of massive online communities and audiences
  • learn trade secrets that carried Golden Financial Services into being one of the top New York debt relief companies
  • you’ll get to network with financial bloggers and some of the most authoritative figures in the financial services industry
  •  interns get to take advantage of Golden Financial’s mentoring program, going one-on-one with Paul Paquin–Golden Financial’s CEO

Marketing Intern Responsibilities & Duties

This isn’t like your typical marketing job. You’ll be researching and learning about how to improve your finances and get debt relief, and sharing that knowledge with others by using online marketing! 

  • Do you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    • Interns can publish content through WordPress and use on-page SEO best practices
    • Are you experienced at creating videos and images? If so, you can focus on these areas.
    • Use industry-leading marketing tools, like SemRush’s pro account, to do competitive research and keyword research–and monitor results
    • Use outreach strategies to obtain backlinks and participate on other business websites
  • Interacting on Social Media
    • Assist with content production, posting on social media, and maintaining social media accounts
    • You’ll learn how to use marketing tools, like SemRush and Google Analytics
    • Identify opportunities for additional engagement and messaging for the Golden Financial Services brand;
  • Content Marketing
    • Participate in outreach campaigns and solidifying new partnerships, where interns get to publish content on industry-leading blogs (i.e., just this year, featured Golden Financial Services on its blog)
    • Assist in reviewing and managing multiple blogs and website content submitted
    • Analyze content performance and identify areas of opportunity
  • Email & SMS Marketing
    • Build email and SMS templates for routine and scheduled communications to student and university audiences
    • Deploy emails and SMS messages in accordance with the editorial calendar
    • Assist with marketing automation campaigns
    • Perform routine data collection and platform optimization
  • Work with the CEO and marketing team manager to review digital marketing analytics and get the chance to give your marketing recommendations

Internship Job–Qualifications:

  • Interns must be pursuing some “marketing related,” business or social psychology degree (associates, bachelors, masters, doctoral all OK)
  • Interns can be part-time or full-time in college
  • Have you taken any of the following classes? Basic Management concepts; Business Strategy; Consumer Behavior; Corporation Finance; International Business and Society; Marketing Research; Marketing Strategy; Principles of Marketing; Supply Chain Management; Applied Marketing Management and Leadership; Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy; Competitive Marketing Strategy; Consumer Behavior; Services Marketing Strategy; introduction to marketing and digital marketing; statistics for marketers; – Let us know if you’ve taken any of these marketing related classes, as this will be considered a huge plus!

How to apply for the New York Internship Job?

  • To apply, email us at
  • We want to know more about your current education and the classes that you’ve already taken and plan to take in the future.
  • Tell us about how this job will translate into your college education.
  • Do you have any marketing ideas that you’d like to bring to Golden Financial Services upon getting hired?
  • Do you have any unique talents, like the ability to create images, or have you published any well-known pieces on the internet? Please don’t be shy; we want to hear about your past accomplishments and get to know all about you and your future goals.
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