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The average credit card debt per borrower, in Oklahoma, is only $4,854. This is excellent, compared to other states in the nation, but not everyone in the state is fortunate enough to have low credit card debt. And, a large percentage of consumers in Oklahoma are behind on their credit card payments. The delinquency rate is 21% greater in Oklahoma than the national average of 0.57%.

The good news for Oklahomans is; debt relief programs in Oklahoma can cut interest rates and balances–and provide an affordable monthly payment. It doesn’t matter if you are current or behind on monthly payments, you can still qualify.

Use this debt reduction calculator to get a quick quote on Oklahoma debt relief programs:


Oklahoma Debt Relief Qualification Guidelines

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then you could qualify for Oklahoma Debt Relief.

  • Are you carrying balances at the end of the month on any of your credit cards?
  • Do you ever use credit cards to pay for purchases because you don’t have the cash?
  • Do you have over $7,500 in unsecured debt? (credit cards, student loans, and personal loans are all OK)
  • Have you been late on a payment in 2018?
  • Can’t afford to pay more than minimum monthly payments?
  • Have you ever been turned down for credit in the last twelve months?
  • Living paycheck to paycheck?

If you have a question or want to enroll in a debt relief, consolidation or settlement program, Oklahoma residents can talk to an IAPDA certified debt counselor:

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OK Oklahoma debt relief and statistics


credit card delinquency statistics for Oklahoma (OK)
CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE: % of people in OK that are behind on their credit card payments. Source:

Are you active military and have debt? Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

If a military-related service impedes your ability to make your monthly payments on time, the SCRA can provide you some protection.

“The SCRA includes provisions that prohibit

  • the eviction of military members and their dependents from rental or mortgaged property
  • create a cap on interest at 6% on debts incurred before an individual entering active duty military service
  • protect against the cancellation of life insurance or the non-reinstatement of health insurance policies
  • allow some professionals to suspend malpractice or liability insurance while on active duty
  • and proscribe taxation in multiple jurisdictions and forced property sales to pay overdue taxes.”

If you are a disabled military veteran with student loans

As part of the changes to the tax code made by Congress in December, borrowers whose student loans are forgiven on or after Jan. 1, 2018, due to “total and permanent disability” no longer have to pay federal income taxes on those forgiven loans.

The Department of Education said today it’s partnering with the Veteran’s Administration to launch a computer matching program that will identify disabled veterans who have outstanding federal student loans or Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grants, which are often converted into loans. Veterans who appear eligible to qualify to have their loans forgiven will be mailed an application for a total and permanent disability (TPD) discharge.

source:, 05/30/2018

Do you have delinquent credit card debt and creditors threatening to sue?

First off, for a creditor to get a default judgment, where they can then get a bank levy or wage garnishment, they must first issue you a summons. Have you received a summons lately? You would know because a police officer or court official would have served you with a summons. If not, your creditors are probably just trying to scare you. And if that’s the case, it’s illegal for them to tell you that they’re going to sue you and get a judgment, according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Call Golden Financial Services to Learn Your Options if Creditors Are Threatening to Sue You, but Didn’t FIRST Serve You With a Summons.


Oklahoma’s Seventh Judicial Circuit provides debt relief protection from judgments.

If your creditor or a debt collector tries to obtain a default judgment, Oklahoma’s Seventh Judicial Circuit demands a creditor to provide the following documentation to prove that they have the legal authority to collect on the debt, before the judgment can be issued in favor of your creditor.

  • The creditor must provide “proof of service.”
  • The creditor must provide the Servicemember’s affidavit in accordance with the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act of 2003 and Department of Defense Status Report
  • Proof of breach of last payment, including the date and amount
  • Copy of the original contract that was signed with the credit card or mortgage company, note, etc..
  • The creditor must be able to provide the amount of debt, principal and interest, and how they came up with these figures
  • And often, additional items will be requested by the judge

If you’re afraid of getting sued over a debt, whether it’s credit card debt or student loan debt, Oklahoma debt relief programs can save you from having to deal with this situation on your own. Your debt can get quickly resolved and under control with debt relief. Oklahoma residents are entitled to a free consultation with an IAPDA Certified Debt Counselor. Oklahoma residents can call for local debt relief assistance now.


Oklahoma debt relief programs can provide a solution for folks that are behind on their payments. Oklahoma debt settlement and debt consolidation programs can both address credit card debt problems. Along with debt settlement and consolidation, debt validation, credit repair, bankruptcy and consumer credit counseling may also be viable options.

The biggest challenges for Oklahoma consumers are finding the right Oklahoma debt relief company to work with and figuring out what program is right for their situation. With all of the scam debt relief companies out there, picking the best debt relief company to sign up with is a job by itself.

Are they reputable? How are their fees? Do they have lots of complaints? Do they offer more than one program? How long have they been in business? Keep in mind; there isn’t one program that addresses all unsecured debt issues. That is why here at Golden Financial Services, we have a full array of programs available. We’ve partnered with industry-leading professionals across the nation to provide the best debt relief options for Oklahoma consumers. That is why we have no complaints and great reviews. We put our client’s needs first!

About Golden Financial Services (GFS)

Golden Financial Services has been assisting consumers in Oklahoma since 2004 and has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

GFS’s physical locations are in Florida, New York and California, but its debt relief programs are available nationwide. In Fact, GFS just won the accolade “#1 Rated Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Company for 2019“.

GFS is also certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). This organization ensures that any debt settlement company in Oklahoma that’s certified, is highly trained and only offers compliant plans.

Oklahoma consumers are in desperate need of debt relief.  Oklahoma-based hardship programs are ideal for people on the urge of bankruptcy. If you have good credit,  but several accounts that you need to combine, well debt consolidation could be your best option assuming you can get approved for a low-interest loan. We can go over all of your options, don’t worry!

Debt Relief – Oklahoma Office

Here in Oklahoma, debt relief programs are available online. Golden Financial Services is one of the largest online debt relief providers in the nation. GO through these few short steps here to get a free debt relief quote ONLINE. 

What if my credit score is low and I have collection accounts on my credit? FIRSTLY, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! LOOK! 

Credit score statistics in Ok
CLICK TO ENLARGE: Credit Score Statistics for Oklahoma Consumers

To improve your credit score, Oklahoma consumers need to take these next steps:

Step one:

Pull all three credit reports from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Golden Financial Services is one of the few companies in the nation, that will offer you a free credit report and score, for no charge! Keep your wallet away! We need to see inquiries, derogatory marks, verify what’s accurate, see debts, credit limits, etc…

Step two:

Have a professional review your credit report. If you are an Oklahoma resident, Call 866-376-9846 and get this free credit + debt relief evaluation. There are programs available that come with credit restoration, FOR FREE. Debt validation can address unsecured debts and collection accounts and comes with credit repair for free. With debt validation, your creditors must prove they are abiding by all of the federal laws and maintaining accurate and appropriate records on your behalf. If they cannot prove the validity of your debts, they can no longer legally collect on the account. When calling Golden Financial Services, Oklahoma consumers can learn about all of their debt relief options. Debt relief starts with a phone call, so call 866-376-9846 today. NO PRESSURE, JUST EDUCATION! You are not obligated to sign up for any program, but you will have the option if you are eligible.

If you are looking to improve your credit score on your own, click here for the steps on how to. Many factors need to be considered including; A. Utilization of your credit limit B. Payment history C. Debt to income ratio D. Type and number of open accounts

Ultimately, if you have maxed out credit card debt or delinquent accounts, resolving your debt needs to be a priority. Once your debt is resolved, you can begin rebuilding your credit score.

Debt settlementOklahoma

Oklahoma debt settlement is the preferred program over consolidation, only because with debt settlement you could pay less than the full amount owed. With debt consolidation, Oklahoma consumers will end up paying the total amount back but less interest. Debt settlement has negative consequences included, which you can read about at “debt relief program disclosures.

Debt settlement Oklahoma programs are for consumers that are experiencing a hardship.  Instead of filing for bankruptcy, debt settlement can be a much better debt relief option. Oklahoma consumers do have the option to use debt settlement, debt validation, credit repair, consumer credit counseling, bankruptcy and debt consolidation plans.

Oklahoma Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement Company

Again, the difference with Golden Financial Services is that we will genuinely advise you on what your best option is. We don’t just offer one program and try to squeeze everyone into that one program to make a quick buck. We have programs ranging from attorney to non-attorney programs, federal to private student loan programs, debt consolidation to debt settlement options. Unlike our competitors, we have the tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

Ready to live your life without debt? Freedom from bills can be a reality. Oklahoma debt relief options are a step away. Call 918-932-1424 Now! 

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