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If you’re struggling with mountains of debt, paying high interest rates or getting harassing phone calls from collection agencies, it is time to consider your debt relief options.

At Golden Financial Services, we understand that paying off your debt can be an overwhelming process and can sometimes feel like you’re not making any progress. That is why we want to provide you with all the resources and information necessary to make the best decisions regarding your financial future.

During your consultation you will find out what debt relief program you qualify for.

Debt Relief Programs

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What type of debt can be included in a debt relief program?

If you have unsecured debt you can benefit from Golden Financial Services’ debt relief programs. Unsecured debt is a loan that is not backed by an underlying asset.

The most common types of unsecured debt that qualify for Debt Relief Programs at Golden Financial Services.

  • Credit card bills
  • Store and gas card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Utility bills
  • Unsecured personal loans

Secured debt, such as mortgages and car loans, cannot be settled
in a debt relief program.

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Golden Financial Services Debt Relief Program Benefits:

When you enroll in a debt relief program, you avoid bankruptcy by resolving your debt through consolidation, negotiation, and settlement. Bankruptcy should only be considered as a last resort option.

  • Golden Financial Services will handle all communication with creditors so you will avoid having to deal with them on your own. This also helps you avoid unfair collection practices.
  • Your bills will be merged into one monthly payment with consumer credit counseling and this simplifies the bill paying process and reduces the risk of delinquencies.
  • With a debt settlement program, your debt will be settled at a significantly reduced amount than the principle.
  • If you require a debt management program, Golden Financial Services can refer you to a non-profit debt management company that is “A” Plus BBB rated. With debt management consumers will benefit from lower interest rates, reduced monthly payments, and elimination of excessive fees.

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with Golden Financial Services to learn about your financial options and determine the best debt relief program to meet your needs.

Using a Debt Relief Program to Eliminate Credit Card Debts

Eliminating Credit Cards and Unsecured Debt can be a challenging task, or some would say a nightmare, and especially when a person has a hardship. Wouldn’t you think that the credit card company’s would be willing to reduce their customer’s monthly payment during these hard times? Well unfortunately credit card company’s are not always on the side of the consumer, and sometimes we question if making money is where their focus is.

Credit card company’s and debt collectors will at times abuse their customers with harassing phone calls and charge them unfair rates, fees and interest. Fortunately, over the years there were federal laws passed. These laws are aimed at protecting consumer’s rights and ensuring the banks treat their customers honest and fair. If you believe that your creditors are illegally attempting to collect on an alleged debt that isn’t accurate, or if you believe your consumer rights were violated, or even if you are unsure of all these circumstances and would like an expert debt specialist to review your case, simply call Golden Financial Services at 866-376-9846 and find out if debt validation could be the right debt relief solution to eliminate your credit card debt.

Click on the picture below this sentence to learn more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which is a popular federal law that debt collectors often violate.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt with Debt Validation Services - A Credit Card Debt Relief Program

A highly-skilled enrollment specialist will review your case and depending on your financial situation and the amount of debt that you owe, will recommend the best debt relief programs for you.To learn more about our services and to find out what debt relief options you qualify for, including consumer credit counseling, debt validation,debt settlement solutions and debt settlement negotiation, call Golden Financial Services at 1-866-376-9846.

At Golden Financial Services, we will never pressure you into a debt relief program that does not match your financial situation. Our mission is to provide you with all of the information necessary for you to fully understand the benefits and risks associated with each debt relief option. We strongly believe that an educated consumer is far less likely to find themselves back in debt and that is why we offer free consultations, videos, and other educational materials to instill the basic fundamentals of finance.

“I joined the program and was very scared at first… Golden Financial Services showed me their BBB rating and that made me feel at ease…… $38,500.00 of credit card debt….. paid off within 36 months by paying only $690 per month…

Rose Metling — Irvine, California

Debt Relief Services
We help clients with Debt Relief and strive to save them the most money and time.
Debt Settlement Program
Written by: Terry Adson – Saved $3,200
Date Published: 06/25/2013
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Credit Card Debt Relief Program Disclosures & Possible Negative Consequences:

During your free consultation the differences in each debt relief program will be explained in detail. It is important for consumers to understand these differences. With debt settlement services your creditors will not get paid on a monthly basis, but rather in lump sum payments at the time when settlements occur. Late fees and interest could occur, increasing your balances while enrolled on a debt negotiation or settlement program. However at the time of settlements the interest and late fees are included in the final negotiated settlement, leaving you with a zero-dollar balance once the settlement is funded. Your credit score will most likely be negatively impacted while enrolled on a debt settlement program. Debt relief programs do include fees. When settlements occur, the savings could be reported as income while enrolled on a debt settlement/negotiation program. If this occurs, past client’s would fill out the #982 IRS form to show that they are insolvent. Golden Financial Services will match you with an attorney in your state after getting approved on the debt settlement program who will provide you with lawsuit defense if your creditors decide to sue. With consumer credit counseling your creditors will get paid on a monthly basis. A consumer credit counseling program could reduce your interest rates and this allows you to get debt relief in as fast as 4-5 years.

Not all programs are offered through Golden Financial Services. Consumers may be introduced to one of our partner company’s or law firm’s if they are better fit for one of their programs. Not all states will qualify for debt relief at Golden Financial Services.

Restricted States:

Excluded (restricted state/locations that Golden Financial Services does not operate in:

  • Colorado, United States (state)
  • Connecticut, United States (state)
  • Georgia, United States (state)
  • New Hampshire, United States (state)
  • Vermont, United States (state)
  • Wisconsin, United States (state)
  • West Virginia, United States (state)

Ask about state restrictions when calling 1-866-376-9846.

Find Out What Program You Are Eligible For & How Much Money You Can Save on the Program (Not all applicants will qualify for a program)

Then also somewhere obvious Avik and Manash, please make these bullet points stand out so people see what we can do for them:

These programs may:
  • Reduce your overall monthly payment
  • Put you on a plan to become debt-free in 3 years or less (on average)
  • Set you up to have only one payment each month
  • Come with Guaranteed Results, meaning if results are not achieved you pay nothing!


Most companies in the United States offer either debt settlement or consumer credit counseling, but at Golden Financial Services we offer a full array of debt relief programs. This ensures that consumers are placed in the right program based on their individual and unique circumstances. This is one of the main reasons why Golden Financial Services was just voted #1 Debt Relief Company in America by Financial Product Reviews and Examiner.com. This is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your debt relief needs. Our goal is to help you!

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