Debt Settlement — West Virginia 

In West Virginia, debt settlement programs have been rescuing consumers for close to two decades now. There are other programs available but debt settlement is the oldest program that still effectively resolves a person’s unsecured debts. 

West Virginia debt settlement plans are for those folks who are drowning in debt.

At Golden Financial Services — our negotiators have experience dealing with debt collection companies and debt collection law firms. The debt collectors will try to use a person’s emotions, to scare them — ultimately getting debtors to pay their last dollar out of fear. Sometimes even jeopardizing their family’s ability to buy food. 

Using a debt settlement program takes your emotions out of the picture — and eliminates the risk of you slipping and saying the wrong thing that could cost you money. 

Debt collectors are trained to ask you certain questions — where your answers can be used against you!

Here are a few examples of trick questions debt collectors may use to get you to say the wrong thing;

Do you have a bank account? They ask if you have a bank account so that they can go after it. 

Do you have a job? They ask if you have a job so that they can validate that you have income — possibly threaten to alert your boss of your debt — and try to garnish your wages. Some of what they do is legal, while often illegal. 

Do you own your house? They ask if you own your home so that they can scare you into paying — by threatening to take your home — or in some way insinuate that your home is at risk if you don’t pay. Sometimes debt collectors can be tricky, playing the fine line between — legal — and illegal behavior. 

West Virginia debt settlement programs — allow you to settle a debt for less than the full balance owed. You don’t have to deal with debt collector tricks or games; we can handle all of the communication for you! 

By reducing a debt — a person with an extreme financial hardship can then afford to pay it off. 

By just ignoring a debt it can lead to your credit taking a harder hit and possibly even — you getting sued. Eventually, your income will improve, so you want to be proactive now, and resolve your debt issues immediately. This will give you one less problem to worry about once your income picks up so that you can truly move forward in a positive direction in life. 

Most consumers in West Virginia who need a debt settlement service have already taken a hit on their credit — and their primary goal is to become debt free. Sound like you?

Call 1(866) 376-9846 if you would like to apply for debt settlement, debt validation or debt consolidation. West Virginia consumers are entitled to a — FREE CONSULTATION. 

Are creditors ruining your credit by reporting inaccurate marks?

If you believe debt collectors are reporting information inaccurately on your credit report, or if they are using manipulative, misleading and abusive behavior, we can help you to deal with them in a professional manner. 

We can help you to take advantage of your consumer rights, and use your consumer rights to fight the debt collection companies.

Is Golden Financial Services a West Virginia Debt Settlement Law Firm?

Golden Financial Services is not a law firm, but we specialize in debt relief. West Virginia consumers can ask any questions they may have during the consultation, and again, it’s free. We study federal laws and consumer rights about debt collection.

Debt lawyers will often charge an hourly rate for their legal advice, but at Golden Financial Services you can count on getting a FREE consultation and learn about all of your debt relief options without having to pay a dime.

Debt Consolidation – West Virginia 

Debt consolidation, unlike debt settlement, allows you to stay current on your payments.

Debt consolidation is — getting a loan to pay off all of your other high-interest credit card accounts and debts. On the consolidated loan, the interest rate should be lower than what the rate is on your other debts that you plan to pay off with the loan — and this makes debt consolidation an excellent option.

The problem; is that most consumers who are experiencing a financial hardship, cannot qualify for a low-interest debt consolidation loan. Either their debt is too high or credit score low. 

You do need to have a high credit score and appear creditworthy to obtain a debt consolidation loan that has a low-interest rate.

And beware of the loan sharks and rip off loan companies in West Virginia. Some of these financial companies will charge you in excess of 30% interest, plus fees. 

What can be included with Debt Consolidation? West Virginia consumers can add any debt when using debt consolidation. Student loan debt, credit card debt and all types of debt can be paid off with a debt consolidation loan. 


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BBB “A+” Rated — We provide debt relief, settlement and consolidation programs — West Virginia debt relief programs have been helping the folks in this state for more than 13-years now. GIVE US A CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION — NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED — CALL 1(866) 376-9846 RIGHT NOW TO SPEAK ABOUT YOUR DEBT.

About Golden Financial Services — a West Virginia Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement Company

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