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Golden Financial Services

At Golden Financial Services, a debt settlement BBB highly rated company, success has been achieved and results have been proven over and over again.

Reputable Debt Settlement, Consolidation & Debt Relief Companies 

Unsecured Debt reliefconsolidation and debt settlement companies offer programs to assist consumers with paying off unsecured and credit card debt.  Rather than simply looking for A+ BBB rated & accredited debt relief companies, it is more important to research the following;

A. How long has the company been in business and offering debt relief services?  If they have more than ten-years in business, like here at Golden Financial Services, this usually equals experience!

B. Do they have any unresolved BBB complaints? If they have unresolved BBB complaints, this means that they did not respond to a BBB complaint in a satisfactory manner, according to the BBB.  Obviously this is not a good sign!

C. Does a debt relief company charge up-front fees? Debt settlement companies are not allowed to charge up-front fees according to federal laws. Reputable debt settlement companies will charge a performance fee after your account is settled and paid off.

D. Is there any type of assurance of performance or guarantee included with the debt relief program? 

E. Does the company have positive online reviews? It is very easy to look for debt relief companies online that have positive reviews. If a company has lots of positive reviews and testimonials at sites like Yelp, Google Plus, Ekomi, well this is a positive sign. If they have negative reviews all over the internet, this would be an indication illustrating that you may want to search for another company.  Just be careful and always look at the source of the review, and obviously if the reviews are on that company’s website, well these are controlled reviews that may be fake.

F. Did they disclose the negatives and positives to you? Debt relief programs offer excellent benefits including saving money, getting out of debt quickly and having only one comfortable monthly payment.  However negative consequences could also occur after joining on a debt relief service. This is why it is extremely important to only work with a reputable debt relief company that understands the negatives, and how to deal with each situation if it occurs. A trustworthy debt settlement company will disclose the negatives and positives to you, ensuring that you fully understand the program before joining.  If a company offers you a program to help you with your unsecured bills, and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

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Pay for Your “A”?

Did you ever hear someone say that you can “pay for your “A” with the BBB”?

Let us tell you the truth, that’s a lie!

BBB accredited debt settlement companies and BBB accredited debt consolidation companies do pay to be accredited.  You pay for accreditation, but not for an “A” with the BBB.   GFS is not accredited, so to have a good rating with the BBB, we must work real hard for it.

If you are overwhelmed with debt, how good would it feel to actually graduate the debt settlement program and become debt free?

That’s a dumb question; we all know it would feel great!

Take the safe route and contact a debt settlement BBB “A” rated company today for free information on debt relief options.  GFS can be that company!

Let us help you through our debt settlement program and get you out of debt in the fastest possible time frame. 

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