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BBB Better Business Bureau Accredited Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Services
Golden Financial Services has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating and Offering Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Programs Since 2004


Choosing an A+ Rated BBB Debt Settlement Company Vs. Accredited Debt Consolidation Programs

Highly rated Better Business Bureau (BBB) debt settlement companies can offer you a reliable route to becoming debt-free. If debt reduction is your goal, partner with an A+ rated BBB debt settlement company to help you achieve that goal. Reputable debt relief services will also educate you on the pros and cons of the program before signing you up. Without this education consumers are not prepared to make it through the program successfully.

Why choose an A+ Rated BBB Debt Settlement Company? The BBB requires settlement companies to pass certain criteria before awarding settlement companies with an A+ rating. For example, companies must have a track record of promptly responding and resolving complaints, and companies must be in business for a sufficient period of time.

BBB Accredited Debt Consolidation Lenders

Likewise, BBB accredited debt consolidation lenders must comply with strict BBB rules in order to maintain their accreditation. A+BBB rated debt settlement companies and BBB accredited debt consolidation programs can both be smart choices, depending on your goals and needs. See, a common misconception that people have is they believe these two choices (consolidation and settlement) to be the same, but that’s far from the truth. In short, consolidation is a loan, while debt settlement is a way to reduce balances. came out with the Top 10 Debt Relief Companies (click here to review the top 10 debt relief companies). You will see Golden Financial Services #1 Rated. also released the Top 10 Accredited Debt Consolidation Companies, which you can check out by clicking here. Golden Financial Services did not make this list because we don’t offer loans.

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A+BBB Debt Settlement Companies

It is not easy for a debt settlement company to earn an A+ rating, they need to have a long history of success and be FTC compliant, amongst many other factors that will be explained below. An A+ rated company in any industry can easily pay to become accredited, but they can not pay for an “A” rating. Therefore, when researching what debt negotiation company to use, make sure in the end to choose one that has an A+ rating.

Here at Golden Financial Services, we are A+BBB rated and IAPDA certified, going back since 2004. Here’s a screenshot of Golden Financial’s BBB profile:

debt relief and settlement bbb A+ rated - not accredited for debt settlement

You probably landed on this website after searching for a “BBB A+ rated debt settlement/consolidation company”, right? Well, the good news is, we are A+BBB rated and you can sign up for a debt settlement program through our company, but you’ll also have the opportunity to choose from multiple plans, not just debt settlement. Other programs are also available, including debt consolidation, consumer credit counseling, and validation. Let’s talk about debt settlement (AKA negotiation) first.

How does debt settlement work?

You get a single payment every month. That single payment accounts for all of your unsecured debts. Your creditors won’t get paid monthly, but rather in a lump sum payment. You end up paying about half of each debt enrolled in the program. With fees included, clients pay about 70% of their total debt in the end. That 70% consists of all late and settlement costs, interest and principle.

Since you would only be paying around 70% of what you owe, void of all interest charges, monthly payments get significantly reduced. Try this debt settlement calculator tool to get an idea of what your monthly payment can be after getting approved for debt settlement.


Are you interested in one of the other programs illustrated by the debt calculator? Contact one of our IAPDA certified counselors at (866) 376-9846. We can check eligibility for you in a matter of minutes and help you get approved at the lowest possible payment. And the call is FREE! 


If creditors don’t get paid with debt settlement, where do the funds go?

Every month your payment goes directly into an FDIC trust account. The funds accumulate there month after month. As the funds accumulate, a debt negotiator is working on reducing each of your debts (one by one). When it’s time to pay off a debt, you’ll receive a “good news” phone call. You’ll get the news and must approve the offer. After you accept the offer, the funds get paid directly to your creditor and the debt is cleared away. One by one, your debts get cleared away until you become debt-free. A portion of each of your debts will get forgiven.

Do keep in mind, the IRS expects a person to pay taxes on the savings (the debt forgiveness) as if it was extra income. For that reason, make sure that if you receive a tax bill about a settlement to let your accountant know right away. Request that they file Tax Form #984 to illustrate insolvency so that you don’t have to pay the taxes. They will know what to do, but Golden Financial Services is not a licensed tax professional, so legally we cannot give you any more advice on that subject.


What about getting harassed by creditors?

If you sign up for a settlement program through a debt negotiation law firm, creditors will not be allowed to contact you. All of your creditors will get notified after you get approved for the program. Your creditors will all get told to contact your attorney if they choose to communicate with you. From that point on, it’s now illegal for any creditors to call you.

Call 866-376-9846 to see how much you can save with debt settlement today. If approved, you’ll get to meet with the law firm in your state before signing any agreements! All firms recommended through Golden Financial Services are A+ rated and accredited debt settlement law firms.


What about my credit score?

A+BBB rated and accredited debt negotiation companies, and law firms are also known for being transparent with clients. No matter what debt settlement company you sign up with, credit scores will get adversely affected all the same. If you are already behind on monthly payments, you may not notice much of a decline in your credit score after joining.

Here’s how it works:

Since creditors don’t get paid every month, a person’s credit score can get negatively affected. As each debt gets cleared away one by one, debt-to-income ratios do start to improve, and over time so could credit scores. After finishing the program, all accounts will show a zero dollar balance, and at that point, credit scores can begin to rise at a faster pace. Some clients will keep one or two credit cards out of the program and will use and pay the balance on these cards in full every month. By using these credit cards outside the program every month, you establish a positive payment history while enrolled in the program. Positive payment history is the fastest way to increase a person’s credit score.

Will you have good credit while enrolled in a debt settlement program? No, probably not because late fees and collection accounts will get reported. However, by establishing positive payment history while enrolled in the program, you can raise your credit score faster over the long term. Rather than being reactive and waiting until you finish the program to work on establishing a positive payment history, the smartest consumers will be proactive and work on building positive payment history from day one of getting enrolled on a debt settlement program.


Pros VS. Cons of Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Programs

A+BBB Accredited Debt Settlement


Do you qualify for debt relief? Talk to an IAPDA Certified and Accredited Debt Counselor for a FREE CONSULTATION at (866) 376-9846.

During your consultation, the debt counselor will go over each of your options. You have multiple options to choose from to quickly get out of debt. Options include consumer credit counseling, debt validation, and debt negotiation. Golden Financial Services is Accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (click to verify), A+ Better Business Bureau Rated (click to verify A+) & the Top Rated Debt Relief Company in 2017 by Trusted Company Reviews (click to verify #1 Ranking).

  • Plans include a money-back guarantee and credit repair
  • Save around 40% on average
  • Cut Payments and Balances 
  • Choose from multiple options

Also keep in mind, debt relief programs vary from state to state. Debt relief programs in Tennessee are different from the programs in Alabama. To learn about programs in your state simply go to and choose your state.

Recent Online Reviews About Golden Financial Services

Accredited Debt Relief and Settlement Companies vs. Non-Accredited Better Business Bureau Rated Company:

When a debt consolidation company is BBB Accredited, they have high standards that must be maintained. Firstly, during the initial accreditation approval phase, the BBB checks everything from the company’s client agreements–to their web pages; ensuring there are no misleading sales tactics in place and that the company’s program is compliant with laws.

The BBB takes their time during this phase; it can often take more than two months for them to finish reviewing a debt relief company’s history, material, websites, and much more. So once the BBB gives a company the green light to get their accreditation, a company needs to maintain the best possible business practices and a small number of complaints. A BBB accreditation membership can be revoked just as easy as it can be approved if the company is not doing business the right way. 

The BBB is not biased, and they operate fairly.

The BBB does NOT require a company to purchase its accreditation membership to get an A+ rating, as many consumers believe how it works.

Is Golden Financial Services A+ and Accredited by BBB?

Golden Financial Services is not BBB Accreditated but does have an A+ rating. We do this to illustrate to the public that you don’t need to buy the BBB accreditation to get an A+ rating, that is not how it works. A company must earn an A+ rating.

Debt consolidation companies are often BBB accredited and don’t have an A+ rating.

To get an A+ BBB rating, a debt relief company must fulfill a long list of requirements, making an A+ rating something that doesn’t come easy. 

Here is the list of factors used by the BBB to determine a company’s letter grade (A+ being the best and F the worst)

For debt settlement and debt consolidation companies -- BBB Accredited, Verse, A+ rated, what's the difference?

Is Golden Financial Services a BBB Accredited Debt Relief, Settlement, and Consolidation Company?

At Golden Financial Services as of 09/13/2018, WE are A+ rated by the San Diego BBB (with ZERO debt relief, settlement & consolidation program customer complaints).

We are not a BBB accredited company, but we do maintain an A+ rating. We don’t believe that by paying for the BBB membership, it’s going to make us appear more reputable, but we do work extremely hard to maintain that A+ rating.

When a person is deep in debt, that’s a sensitive subject. Just because someone has debt doesn’t mean they did anything wrong. Unexpected expenses are just that, unexpected!


And our job is to address debt when it becomes unmanageable for a person. We’re able to personalize a plan that’s feasible and allows people to get out of debt with ease.


We don’t offer just one plan and try to squeeze everyone into that one plan like most of the debt settlement companies are doing, we offer multiple options. That is how we’re able to keep such happy clients; we put them in the right program and get them out of debt!

Call (866)376-9846 to Learn About Our Programs and What Sets us Apart.

Debt consolidation and debt settlement companies and debt relief law firms need to work hard to maintain an A+ rating and their accreditation status.

A company’s rating will go down if a company has unresponded complaints, and if they don’t operate with honest and ethical business practices. 

What is the best debt consolidation company or most reputable debt settlement company to use?

Besides checking a company’s letter rating and accreditation status at the Better Business Bureau website, you can also use the following factors to determine if a company is reputable or not. 


A. How long has the company been in business and offering debt relief services?  If they have more than ten years in business, like here at Golden Financial Services, this usually equals experience!

B. Do they have any unresolved BBB complaints? If a company has unresolved BBB complaints, this means that they did not respond to a BBB complaint satisfactorily, according to the BBB.

C. Does a debt relief company charge up-front fees? Debt settlement companies are not allowed to charge up-front fees according to federal laws. Reputable debt settlement companies will charge a performance fee after your account gets settled and paid off.

D. Is there an assurance of performance or guarantee included with the debt relief program? There is nothing worse than a debt relief company that doesn’t perform and still charges the consumer a fee. 

E. Does the company have positive online reviews? It is effortless to look for debt relief companies online that have positive reviews. If a company has lots of positive reviews and testimonials at sites like Yelp, Google Plus, Ekomi, well, this is a positive sign. If they have negative reviews all over the internet, this would be an indication illustrating that you may want to search for another company.  Just be careful and always look at the source of the review. If the reviews are on that company’s website, well, these are controlled studies that may be fake.

F. Did they disclose the negatives and positives to you? Debt relief programs offer excellent benefits, including saving money, getting out of debt quickly, and having only one low monthly payment.  However, negative consequences could also occur after joining a debt relief service. A trustworthy debt settlement company will disclose the negatives and positives to you, ensuring that you fully understand the program before joining.  If a company offers you a program to help you with your unsecured bills, and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. 


Pay for Your “A”?

Did you ever hear someone say that you can “pay for your “A” with the BBB”?

Let us tell you the truth, that’s a lie! 

To reiterate and summarize what we talked about above, paying the BBB for an A+ rating is just a myth. The BBB does not offer this deal!

BBB accredited consumer credit counseling, credit card modification, debt settlement, and consolidation companies do all pay to be accredited, but not for an “A” rating. BBB does require companies to maintain a certain rating to be eligible for BBB accreditation, but not the other way around. 


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