What is the best way to consolidate my credit card debt?

What is Credit Card Consolidation?

Credit card consolidation is when you combine multiple credit card bills into one single monthly payment. This makes the bill paying process much more manageable.

You can eliminate high-interest credit cards, lower your monthly payment and get out of debt faster by using credit card consolidation services.

This page explains all of the different ways to consolidate credit card debt, to help you determine what route is best for your situation.

Golden Financial Services has been assisting consumers with revolving credit card debt since 2004 and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have multiple credit card debt solutions available, that have been tested and proven to work!

Where can I consolidate my credit cards?

You can either use the bank or a debt relief company like Golden Financial Services to consolidate your credit cards. Today we will review all of your credit card debt consolidation options so that you can make an informed plan on how to get out of credit card debt in the most efficient manner.

Keep in mind, debt relief options offered by your bank won’t save you as much as if you were to use a debt relief company.

Banks want you to pay as much as they can get out of you in order to maximize their profit.

Debt relief companies are in business to help you save money on your bills and to help you get out of debt in the quickest possible time-frame. In fact, at Golden Financial Services we only get paid after we save you money on a debt and get it paid off.

Is your credit card debt becoming unmanageable?

Are you struggling with paying multiple credit card bills?

Are debt collectors calling and harassing you, or sending you threatening letters?

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How to consolidate credit cards into one payment?

Credit card consolidation programs can range from; consumer credit counseling — to debt settlement services —  to paying off your debt with a debt consolidation loan then having only one loan to pay back but at a lower interest rate.

All of these options essentially take your multiple credit card debts and combine them into one affordable payment. However; from there each program works differently.

Debt settlement services can save you the most money and get you out of debt in the fastest possible time-frame (debt-free in under 3-years) but will have the worst effect on your credit. Debt consolidation loans can be the most expensive route to consolidate your credit cards because you will pay back the entire loan and interest, but there is no negative effect on your credit through this path. Consumer credit counseling can be a safe way to lower interest rates and become debt free in under 5-years, but your payment will be around the same as what it would be when paying minimum payments on your own (minimal reduction in the monthly payment).

The question is, what program is right for you?

Credit Card Consolidation Services

Credit card consolidation programs are available through Golden Financial Services.

What is the best way to consolidate my credit card debt?

You can get a free consultation at Golden Financial Services from an IAPDA Certified Debt Relief Specialist. Golden Financial Services will go over all of your options during your consultation.

Before providing you a Solution, we need to know;

What type of credit cards you have?

What are the balances on each account?

What is your payment history looking like? Are you current or past due on your credit card payments?

Has your income been negatively affected? Any type of financial hardship such as job loss, medical condition, divorce, unexpected expenses?

Has your credit score recently gone down?

If your credit score just went down, getting a debt consolidation loan to pay off credit card debt would be a bad idea. Why? Because your interest rate would be astronomically high on a loan and would defeat the purpose of getting a debt consolidation loan.

So what are my options?

Let us ask you; — We know you want to consolidate your credit cards, but why? What is your main goal?

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Advantages of Using a Consumer Credit Counseling Program to Consolidate Credit Cards;

1. lower interest rates & become debt free in 5-years on average 

2. one single monthly payment

3. creditors may reduce or remove late fees and other charges

4. no creditor harassment 

Here’s how it works… You pay the consumer credit counseling company every month. Out of your monthly payment, they disperse the funds to each of your credit card companies but at a reduced interest rate.

Disclosure: Consolidation with consumer credit counseling is only for credit cards, no other debts will qualify.

Advantages of Using Debt Negotiation (Settlement) to Consolidate Credit Cards;

1. pay less than the full balance owed on each credit card and become debt free in 3-years on average

2. on single monthly payment

3. credit cards and almost any type of unsecured debt can be included

4. the portion of your debt that doesn’t get paid — is completely forgiven (wiped away and never has to get paid)

Here’s how it works. Golden Financial Services sets you up with one affordable monthly payment. The fund’s you pay each month go directly into an FDIC insured trust account that’s in your name and you have total control of. As money accumulates in this account, we start negotiating with your creditors to reduce the balances on each of your debts. One by one your debts will get reduced and paid off in one lump-sum payment.

You could have a $2,500 credit card debt — reduced to $1,200. This $1,200 would need to be paid all at once, but then your balance would be reported satisfied in full.

As soon as your creditor agrees to reduce the balance we call you and go over the details, and you now must accept the offer before the funds get paid.

To learn more about how your credit score can be affected by debt relief programs and how each program works –>> visit this page next.

Are your credit card payments “Past Due” and you’re getting harassed by debt collection companies?

Debt validation is another program that can be extremely effective if your payments are past due to the point where your debt was sold to a debt collection company. 

With all of the financial fraud in the United States as of 2017, debt validation is emerging as a necessity program when it comes to debt relief. You can’t intelligently settle a debt unless it’s first proven to be legally collectible.

Debt validation forces the debt collection companies to prove they’re abiding by laws, maintaining accurate paperwork and accounting, holding onto legally required documentation and abiding by all of the laws. Often inaccurate information is found, records are missing and unauthorized fees were charged — leading to your debt becoming “legally uncollectible” — meaning, you may not have to pay it and it comes off your credit in many cases.

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How to consolidate credit card debt without hurting your credit?

The only way to consolidate your credit cards without lowering your credit score is to pay your balances “in full” with a debt consolidation loan. You would then pay the debt consolidation loan back.

The problem for many consumers is that they can’t get approved for a low-interest consolidation loan due to credit issues or they can’t afford to pay the loan back due to loss of income.

So the second best option would be to use a debt relief program and follow that up with a credit repair program where they teach you how to build good credit.

At Golden Financial Services we can teach you about debt relief programs that come with credit repair.

Advantages of Using a Debt Consolidation Loan to Consolidate Credit Cards;

1. all of your debt is paid “in full” right from the get-go and doesn’t hurt your credit score

2. no creditor harassment

3. one single monthly payment

Disclosure: There are lots of ripoff debt consolidation companies in the nation, that overcharge consumers in fees and interest. Carefully read the debt consolidation loan agreement and closely examine all rates, fees, and interest included. 

Our San Diego debt relief program page does an excellent job of highlighting the “Negatives VERSUS Positives” of each debt relief program.


How To Find The Best Credit Card Consolidation Companies

We don’t want to toot our own horn here, but this question is often asked. We will answer it in the most unbiased way that we possibly can.

Golden Financial Services only works with the best companies in the nation, that are all “A+” rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We have over 30 law firms that we retain on a regular basis to assist clients with certain situations that need an attorney to be involved and all of these law firms are A+ rated at the BBB. We use only non-profit consumer credit counseling companies to consolidate our clients’ credit card debts, and all of these companies are A+ rated at the BBB. Even when it comes to document preparation services that we use for debt validation and to fight bad credit card debt — we will only work with A+ BBB rated document preparation providers.

Every company we work with is top notch. We don’t attempt to handle all of these tasks and programs in-house because that would be inefficient. We outsource different tasks and aspects of the programs to the best suppliers in the nation, ensuring our clients’ get the best possible debt relief results.

Paul J Paquin, the CEO at Golden Financial Services, stated in a recent interview that… “Our clients deserve top of the line treatment. Credit card debt needs to be dealt with through an aggressive and laser-focused approach. Our clients trust us, so we need to protect their financial well-being with everything we have and get them out of debt successfully.”

After calling Golden Financial Services — You get to learn about all of your state’s legal debt relief solutions (PROS and CONS of each option) — and not just one program because it’s all we offer like how most debt relief companies operate.

There’s a reason why Golden Financial Services has ZERO BBB complaints — it’s because we make sure to help every consumer that contacts us, even if that means just giving them honest and free advice.

There are several debt relief companies in the nation with an A+ BBB rating, but very few of these companies have ZERO-BBB customer complaints like at Golden Financial Services. We know that one angry or dissatisfied customer can ruin that beautiful credential, so you can count on us doing everything possible to make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing, and we know if we can help you get out of debt — that’s an amazing experience right?

No other debt relief company offers programs that include a money back guarantee and credit repair!

Contact Golden Financial Services at (866) 376-9846 to determine the best credit card debt service for you.

How To Consolidate Credit Card Debt On Your Own?

You have many options, but here are your best options if you are looking to consolidate credit cards on your own.

A. Go to a credit union bank and apply for a debt consolidation loan to pay off your credit cards. Add up the balances on each debt, and then make sure to apply for a high enough loan to cover paying off all of your current credit card debts. Just make sure the interest rate on the loan is lower than your average interest rate on your current credit card bills.

B. An even smarter option is to take out a home equity line of credit and use that to pay off your credit cards. A home equity line of credit offers the lowest interest rate compared to any other type of loan.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get out of credit card debt on your own, using the famous Dave Ramsey Approach.


Credit Card Consolidation Calculator: (four debt relief options included)

Here you can try our credit card debt relief program calculator:

Debt Calculator

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Enter your total debt
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* Put the average interest rate that you are paying or that you were paying on your accounts. This will be used to calculate how much you would end up paying when staying current on your accounts. The interest rate that you put in here, will not effect the figures that are calculated for the consumer credit counseling and debt settlement programs.
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How to Schedule a Free Consultation at Golden Financial Services to Learn Your Best Debt Relief Options?

To schedule an appointment — SIMPLY EMAIL — (INFO@GOLDEN FS DOT ORG) Note: Replace “DOT” with “.” and remove the extra spaces. We have to illustrate the email address in this way to avoid website spam.

When you schedule a free consultation with a Golden Financial Services debt counselor, we can help you choose the best debt relief program for your needs.

A debt relief counselor will review and analyze your financial situation and educate you on the various debt relief solutions. With Golden Financial Services, we give you honest and truthful information that is tailored to your specific case. We will never pressure you into a debt relief program that isn’t right for you.

You can also call-in for immediate assistance between Monday –>> Friday (8 AM –> 8 PM)

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Consolidate credit card debt with bad credit

If you have bad credit you won’t be able to get a low-interest loan, no way and no how! Don’t fall for any bad credit debt consolidation loan scams!

And if you are looking for government credit card relief?

Nope sorry, does not exist either!

Your best credit card debt relief options with bad credit are to either settle your debt for less than the full amount owed through debt settlement help or use a debt validation program to challenge each debt collection company.

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As a last option to eliminating credit card debt, you may want to talk with a bankruptcy attorney, but with bankruptcy it becomes very difficult in the future to use your credit even for simple purchases including renting a home or buying a new car due to the damaging long-term effects that bankruptcy has on your credit report.

Bankruptcy is not a good option for resolving your credit card debt, but it may be a viable option for someone who has a mixture of secured and unsecured debt that they are delinquent on, or if you have several lawsuits from creditors that sued you.

Bankruptcy at times may even be used as a debt relief option to save your home from foreclosure. Basically, only file for bankruptcy if it is your last resort, and you cannot qualify for debt settlement or credit card consolidation services.