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New Jersey Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Programs
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New Jersey debt relief programs are going viral, as this state is drowning in debt. People are seeking debt relief and unsure about where to turn.

New Jersey Debt Statistic:

The average credit card debt in New Jersey is $8,406.60. Ready for an even more shocking statistic? In New Jersey, 11 years is the average timeframe that it takes for a person to pay off their credit card debts when paying only minimum payments.

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Debt Relief Programs – New Jersey


New Jersey debt relief, settlement, and consolidation programs can reduce a person’s monthly payments and make it easier to manage debt. These programs allow a person see the light at the end of the tunnel and know how many payments are left to become debt free.

Debt Settlement – New Jersey

With debt settlement and debt validation programs, clients become debt free in under 42 months on average. Debt settlement is when debt is settled for less than the total balance owed. Due to this type of reduction in a person’s balance, their payment becomes affordable. Debt settlement does have potentially adverse effects on a person’s credit, but the benefits certainly outweigh the downside of a debt settlement program.

Debt Validation – New Jersey

New Jersey residents deserve to save money and not have to spend every dollar they earn on high monthly credit card debt payments. New Jersey residents can also benefit from a debt validation program. With debt validation, a person can have their debt invalidated. An invalidated debt is one that a person will not have to pay, and these debts can no longer legally be reported to the credit bureaus. A debt validation program is not challenging whether or not a person spent the money or used the credit card, but what it is challenging is if a third-party debt collection company is abiding by the laws, maintaining required documents and reporting accurate information.

For individuals who live in New Jersey, debt settlement and debt validation can be the least expensive options for dealing with unsecured debts.

Debt Consolidation and Consumer Credit Counseling – New Jersey

Debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling are also viable options for consumers in New Jersey. Debt consolidation is ideal for a person with a high credit score and low debt to income ratio. Debt consolidation loans are only a smart option if the loan has a low-interest rate, which can then be used to pay off all of the other credit card bills, replacing them all with this new low-interest loan.

Consumer credit counseling is a program that reduces a person’s interest rates, but this is not a loan like with debt consolidation. Consumer credit counseling allows a person to stay current on their payments and get reduced interest rates, which ultimately shortens the timeframe that it takes to become debt free. With consumer credit counseling, a person would make one monthly payment to the company. Out of that payment, the creditors get paid each month, but at reduced interest rates. It takes around 4.5 years to graduate this type of debt relief program.

Whether you need debt settlement, consolidation, consumer credit counseling or debt validation, it is important to understand the benefits and downsides to each program.

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