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Best Debt Relief & Consolidation Iowa Programs

What is debt consolidation? Iowa debt consolidation programs offer you a way of combining monthly payments into a single payment and reducing the amount that you owe. Hardship plans will reduce the principle on an account, while non-hardship plans will lower interest rates.

There is a multitude of ways available to consolidate debt. Iowa residents can choose from between 2-5 options as of 2019, depending on the type of creditors that a person owes and the balances on each account. As far as where you live, that does not matter. You can be in Cedar Rapids or Des Moines, Iowa. Debt relief programs in all of these areas are the same. As long as you reside in Iowa, you are eligible for all of the following options that we are about to discuss.

Qualification Guidelines for Debt Consolidation in Iowa

The simplest way to consolidate debt in Iowa is to pay off high-interest debt with a low-interest consolidation loan. Unfortunately, you need to have an excellent credit score to go this route. Any less than a 730 FICO score won’t qualify you for a low-interest debt consolidation loan. But don’t stop reading yet, there is good news to come.

Is your credit score under 730? Don’t worry; you also have options.

Iowa debt relief programs give you the same benefit as debt consolidation, regarding consolidating all payments into one, but bad credit is OK. You can have a 500 credit score and still qualify for debt relief. Iowa residents must have over $5,000 in unsecured debt to be eligible; this is the primary qualification parameter that there is no exception on.

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Debt Settlement Iowa Programs Can Lower Credit Scores

Iowa debt relief & settlement plans are hardship programs. Meaning, you have to stop paying creditors every month. Credit scores can temporarily decline before each debt gets resolved, which is the main downside to debt relief programs.

Do any Iowa debt relief programs include credit restoration?

To help combat bad credit, qualified Iowa applicants are offered free credit restoration included with the debt validation program. Part of the credit restoration includes you being guaranteed an installment loan for the purpose of rebuilding your credit score by illustrating positive payment history.

If any debts get disputed on the validation program and proven to be legally uncollectible, by law debt collection companies can no longer report these debts on a person’s credit report. The credit restoration program will dispute these accounts, requesting they get removed from all credit reports. Here is a debt validation example letter (was a credit card debt): the collection agency agreed to remove the debt from the consumer’s credit report and stop collecting on the debt.

Best Iowa debt relief, settlement and validation programs for 2019.

What does Golden Financial Services offer Iowa Residents?

Golden Financial Services will try to help you avoid having to resort to debt settlement, which can have the worst effect on credit.

If you have debt collection accounts we will recommend using debt validation prior to settling your debt because most of the time (in our experience) collection agencies can’t prove that they are legally attempting to collect on the debt. They either have inaccurate records, can’t produce all of the legally required documentation or decide it’s easier to just agree to stop all collection efforts on the debt. As a result, legally you no longer have to pay the debt at that point. And not only that but also the collection agency can no longer legally report the debt on your credit report.

You are not at the end of the road. You have options to turn to. Golden Financial Services is here to help you find the best debt relief option based on your specific needs. We will make it easy for you to get debt relief. Iowa residents can choose from multiple plans. Let’s take a closer look:

Iowa Debt Consolidation Programs Include:

  • consolidate debt with a loan (creditors are paid in full and you stay current on monthly payments, improving credit scores in many cases)
  • reduce credit card interest rates with consumer credit counseling (late payments can get re-aged to show “current” and you stay current on monthly payments, not hurting credit scores)
  • settle almost any type of unsecured debt for less than the full amount owed with debt settlement (temporary negative effect on credit)
  • use debt validation to challenge the validity of a debt, where you may not have to pay it (temporary negative effect on credit)

Are You Drowning in Debt? Dial Us and be Rescued! IAPDA Certified and Accredited Iowa Debt Counselors are Here to Help. Call (712) 266-3747

Golden Financial Services provides you with multiple plans to choose from. You get the power to make a choice based on what suits you best, not what suits the debt relief company or your creditors best. Our mission is to: “Provide our Iowa clients with the highest standards of debt elimination and management solutions for a debt-free tomorrow“.

If you live in Iowa and need a reduction in your monthly payments, or just want to get out of debt faster, you can start by getting a free consultation.

Benefits that Iowa consumers may receive after getting approved for debt relief:

  • balances can be reduced on credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans , nd any unsecured debt
  • could pay zero dollars in interest
  • student loans can be consolidated and a portion of the balances forgiven
  • get a single and affordable monthly payment to take care of all debts
  • be debt-free in 24-48 months
  • Iowa debt relief plans even come with credit restoration (for no extra cost)
Best Iowa Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation
Debt relief is at your fingertips, call (712) 266-3747 to talk with an IAPDA Certified debt counselor now.

Iowa (IA) Debt and Financial Statistics

— Rated the 9th best state in the nation for its “Financial Health.”

— The state of Iowa owns more than it owes.

— The average credit card debt for an Iowa household is only $6,696, compared to Alaska with $13,048. Alaska is currently the state with the highest credit card debt. The average credit card debt in Alabama was $7,105 and in Illinois $7,278, these two states came up right around the middle on the list of states with the most credit card debt.

Iowa is the state with the least credit card debt in the nation. The average credit card debt per household in Iowa is close to 50% less than the rest of the nation.

—  The average student loan debt per student in Iowa is $29,732, which is actually on the higher side compared to all of the other states. What we can take from this statistic, is that consumers in Iowa are more educated — which explains why they have the least credit card debt in the nation — due to folks having better education, also resulting in better-paying jobs.

What do most Iowa consumers do for Debt Relief?

Iowa debt relief, consolidation and settlement programs are available that include credit card debt negotiation, debt relief & consolidation services.

These are the preferred debt relief options that Iowa residents turn to.

About Golden Financial Services' Iowa Debt Relief Options: Golden Financial Services is IAPDA and AFSLR certified and accredited
You can get a Free Professional Consultation from a Certified and Accredited Debt Relief Counselor at Golden Financial Services.

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Now — we will walk-you-thru each debt relief program. Iowa consumers have several outstanding options available for 2018 and beyond…

You may also try our credit card reduction calculator to get an estimate on how much you can save on each of these debt relief options.

1. Debt Settlement in Iowa

Iowa Debt negotiation, also known as debt settlement services: 

Debt settlement services can allow you to pay off your unsecured debt in anywhere from 2-3 years on average, and pay a significant amount less than the total owed on each account. This program is for the person that has a hardship and cannot stay current on their accounts any longer. Once you stop paying on your credit card accounts and join this program, we will make sure all of your creditors are immediately contacted and alerted that you are in the program. We will either set you up with a highly BBB rated debt settlement law firm in your state and near your residence or if you would prefer we can assist you on our non-attorney debt relief program.

Your creditors are paid in one lump sum payment, after enough money accumulates in your trust account, with debt settlement services. You make one payment each month into your trust account, when enough money accumulates to pay your creditor at the reduced amount, you must then authorize the payment, and each creditor gets paid off one by one.

2. Most Popular Debt Relief Program in Iowa 

Debt validation programs dispute third-party debt collection accounts; forcing third-party debt collectors to prove they’re abiding by all of the federal laws including the Credit Card Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Truth in Lending Act. The debt validation program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and credit repair. If successful, a debt validation can be the least expensive debt relief program. Iowa consumers can find out — for free — if they qualify for this type of program by calling Golden Financial Services at 1-866-376-9846.

If the debt collection company can’t prove they’re following all of the state and federal debt collection laws — they must stop collection on the debt immediately and can no longer report the information on your credit report. In some cases, debt collectors remove any late or collection marks that are hurting your credit score after the debt is invalidated. With debt validation, you get credit repair included for no extra cost. We don’t know of any other companies in the nation that offer this type of service!

If your creditors and third-party debt collectors are abiding by the federal laws, your debt can be settled. At Golden Financial Services we will connect you with the best debt validation agency in the nation, and if your debt needs to be settled, you’ll be referred to a licensed Iowa debt negotiation attorney. Our IAPDA Certified debt counselors will help you to enroll in whichever plan offers you the maximum savings. With debt settlement, you could end up paying back a significant amount less than the full balance owed on each account.

Is there a downside? Yes, debt relief programs do come with a negative side, including a potentially adverse effect on credit, creditors can pursue legal action and issue a summons, and if a debt is reduced to less than the full balance, there are potential tax consequences. During your free consultation, we will go over all of the relevant disclosures and help you to determine the safest and best option to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom in the quickest possible time-frame.

You can see at Golden Financial Services we have all angles covered, which is why we have zero customer complaints and an A+ BBB rating.

You Get One Low Monthly Payment & Could Resolve ALL of Your Unsecured Debts Within 3 Years or Less (average) with Both the Iowa Debt Settlement and Debt Validation Program. 

Iowa consumers can call 866-376-9846 and get a free debt relief program quote now.

If you’re current on your payments when joining an Iowa debt relief program — your credit score will most likely go down, but you can rebuild your credit score upon graduation from the program. Keep in mind, with debt validation you get free credit restoration included.

3. Iowa Credit Counseling 

Iowa Consumer Credit Counseling programs will cut interest rates on credit cards and combine monthly payments into a single payment. Iowa non-profit credit counseling companies are a safe bet if you’re only looking for a reduction in interest rates. Iowa credit counseling companies have pre-established relationships with almost all major credit card companies, including Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and even Discover. Most debt relief companies have a difficult time working out a deal with Discover, but Discover’s willing to work with a consumer credit counseling company because they know they’ll be paid the entire debt back. Even though credit counseling options will have a minimal effect on credit scores, this type of program will also save you a minimal amount, compared to the potential savings on a debt negotiation program.

You will pay your full debt amount back,  but less interest, after getting approved for an Iowa non-profit consumer credit counseling program.

Always make sure to ask the company what lenders are willing to reduce the interest rates, and which ones are not. Sometimes a less reputable company will fail to tell their clients what creditors didn’t agree to reduce the interest rates, so make sure to ask this detail.

Besides having to pay your entire debt back, plus interest;– another downside to Iowa debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling programs is that it shows up on your credit report as a “CC” or “CCC” — which illustrates that you needed assistance with paying off your debt. Future lenders see that you were on a consumer credit counseling program and because of that — they may not issue you credit.

4. Debt Consolidation Iowa 

Debt consolidation for credit cards is when you use a loan to pay off multiple credit card debts. You can obtain this type of debt consolidation loan at a bank, financial company and it can even be a personal loan or home equity line of credit. The point is to cut interest rates by replacing your current debts with a low-interest loan. Iowa residents prefer debt consolidation over debt settlement, due to the lesser of a negative impact on credit scores when using debt consolidation. Iowa residents who are experiencing a financial hardship will rarely qualify for a consolidation loan due to strict credit requirements from banks, which is why debt relief alternatives are so much more popular than debt consolidation help, not by choice but because consumers can’t qualify to consolidate credit cards in most cases.

The majority of Iowa residents get rejected for a debt consolidation loan, not due to a low credit score but because of a high credit utilization ratio. Your credit report could be flawless, void of any type of inaccuracies, negative marks, and perfect payment history, but because your balances are close to maxed out, no bank is willing to approve you for a debt consolidation loan. Iowa debt relief programs including settlement and validation options, don’t require a person to have a certain credit score and bad credit won’t get a person denied for approval.

What’s the Best Iowa Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Company?

Call us 866-376-9846

Our goal is to get you out of debt fast and make you feel comfortable every step of the way. We teach you about the ups and downs of the program, what to do when certain situations occur and what to watch out for ensuring that debt collectors are not violating your rights. In the welcoming package, we will provide you with educational material and information on debt collector laws, and our customer service department will also go over all of this information during the welcoming aboard phone call.

We teach you about the downside and upside of each program, what to do when certain situations occur and what to watch out for ensuring that debt collectors are not violating your FDCPA rights.

We are proactive. If a debt can’t be disputed, it will be settled. If a creditor issues you a summons, we resolve it right away. If you have student loans and credit card debt, we know how to separate the two and make sure everything gets properly addressed since it can’t all be lumped into one Iowa program. We prepare you ahead of time on how to deal with any potential issues that could arise during the program, to ensure that you are successful and ultimately become debt-free.

Do you have any of these fears holding you back from joining a debt relief program?

–  Afraid of paying high fees and not getting results? Our debt settlement program and student loan assistance fee is already included in your payment on both debt relief programs, not extra, and we only earn it when your debt is resolved.

–  Are you afraid that there is no guarantee on this type of program? Ask, and Golden Financial Services will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee on one of our debt relief programs. We have programs that include either an attorney and legal protection, or no attorney but with a 100% written guarantee.

–  Afraid to get sued?  My credit card company may sue me, right? On average less than 3% of the credit card companies will sue our clients after their programs begin. If one of your accounts is one of the 3% or less that do receive a summons, we can refer you to an attorney to resolve it. You would get credited for that account, not having to pay anything extra. We have you covered in every possible way.

–  You can be confident in our services knowing that our company is A+ rated with the BBB and has NO complaints after 15-years of providing debt relief in Iowa.

–  Afraid your credit will be negatively affected when you stop paying on your accounts. You will be fully educated on credit, and we will teach you how to rebuild your credit score. Plus, credit restoration can be included.

–  Are you afraid that a debt relief company will sell you on a program just to make money, and then giving you a biased presentation, just trying to sell you on their product?

At the Iowa Debt Relief Golden Financial Services Office –you get to pick the program of your choice out of all the debt relief programs. Iowa debt settlement, student loan relief, consumer credit counseling, and debt validation services are all available. We try to present all debt relief options for consumers, to best serve people in Iowa. Not one program is right for everyone. When contacting Golden Financial Services, an experienced and IAPDA Certified debt specialist will evaluate and review each option, helping you to determine what the best program for you will be. We have aligned ourselves with different attorneys and highly BBB rated company’s all across the United States, making sure that no matter what option you decide on, you’re in great hands.

See Iowa debt relief program disclosures by visiting this page next. 

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