National Debt Payoff Calculator – helps you reduce interest & payoff unsecured debt faster! A debt calculator makes it easy to accurately calculate interest so that you can make smart financial choices.

Whether you want to use the debt snowball method to get out of debt faster on your own; or consider debt relief programs — this calculator gives you everything you need.


Debt Payoff Calculator Features:

  • Debt snowball calculator
  • Debt service calculator
  • Credit card reduction calculator
  • Debt consolidation calculator
  • Consumer credit counseling calculator
  • Debt settlement calculator
  • Student loan calculator


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***Disclosure: There is no guarantee that a person will qualify for one of these debt relief options. The calculator is only providing you an estimate of what you could save on each plan. The only way to guarantee eligibility for one of the programs offered by this debt calculator tool – is to call and verify your eligibility at (866) 376-9846 by an IAPDA Certified Counselor. To qualify for a debt relief program your payment cannot be under $300. The calculator may show you a payment less than $300, but due to new program restrictions, “payments under $300 will no longer be accepted“. If you need credit repair, the calculator will not show you a credit repair quote, but you can call (866) 376-9846 and be referred to a licensed credit repair company in your state.***

Debt Calculator

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* Put the average interest rate that you are paying or that you were paying on your accounts. This will be used to calculate how much you would end up paying when staying current on your accounts. The interest rate that you put in here, will not effect the figures that are calculated for the consumer credit counseling and debt settlement programs.
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Questions? Talk to an IAPDA Certified Debt Counselor Toll-Free (866) 376-9846


Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator Tool (debt services included)

Most people use our debt calculator to either;

A. Compare debt relief programs


B. LEARN the best way to pay off credit card debt


But additionally, you can use this debt calculator tool to;

  • See how much money in interest you would pay if continuing to pay minimum payments, based on your “average interest rate”.
  • Compare your estimated potential savings on a debt settlement, consumer credit counseling and debt validation program. By evaluating each debt relief option — helps you to determine what debt relief program is right for you.
  • Learn the best way to pay off credit card debt. (without using a debt relief program)


Debt Snowball Calculator

The debt snowball method of paying off debt is an effective method, but it only uses “estimates”. Our debt calculator allows you to integrate a more scientific approach into the equation — seeing exactly how much you can save, rather than just estimates.

Here’s how the Dave Ramsey method works–explained by Dave Ramsey himself!

free debt snowball (By Dave Ramsey) calculator

The only problem with Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method is that he says; “in about 4 months you’ll wave goodbye to the credit card”.

Our debt calculator takes the “about” out of the sentence and allows you to see exactly how fast you will payoff a debt.

Example of how to use the debt calculator to payoff a debt with the debt snowball method:

If you’re planning to use the debt snowball method … let’s suppose you can pay $800 per month on your first debt–until it’s paid “in full”.

Simply plug-in your total balance on that first account, its interest rate and then $800 into the “monthly payment that you can afford”–and hit calculate.

Now you can see exactly how long it will take to payoff that first debt and what you will pay/save in interest. The debt relief process becomes more efficient when you use a scientific approach.

Click here to learn all of Dave Ramsey’s tips to paying off debt (a summarized version of his book “The Total Money Makeover” is here)


Debt Validation on the Debt Calculator

Debt validation is a program that aggressively disputes each of your debts.

On a debt validation program you don’t pay back your debt, what you would be paying are only “program fees”.

Similar to how you would pay a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket.

If the lawyer wins, you pay nothing besides the attorney fees… no points go on your license, you don’t have to take any type of online class, your insurance premiums stay the same — and you’re free!

Debt Validation Pros:

  • Harassment stops.
  • You get a written guarantee. (Only pay if results are achieved)
  • The only program that includes Credit Repair to get your low credit back to an optimal score.
  • Negative marks can be removed from credit.
  • The fastest and least expensive program to resolve your debt.

Talk to an IAPDA Certified Debt Counselor Toll-Free 866-376-9846

Debt Validation Cons:

  • Creditors can sue a person if they stop paying their monthly payments.
  • If you have “good credit”, your credit score could take an initial hit prior to getting successful results with validation.
  • A debt could be validated and would then need to be paid.


Debt Settlement Calculator

Debt settlement is where credit card debt balances are settled for less than the total amount owed. On a debt settlement program, you get set-up with one monthly payment to take care of all your debt.

The debt settlement portion of this calculator is based on the “average settlement rate and fees” for debt settlement companies across the nation. Fees are already included in the calculations.

On average, debt settlement companies can lower your debt by about 50%. After adding fees into the equation, consumers end up paying back around 75% of what they owe, getting a 25% savings.

At Golden Financial Services debt settlement can save a person more than 25% of their total debt because fees are less expensive compared to other companies.

Debt Settlement Pros:

  • You can settle a large debt for less than the balance owed.
  • You get one simplified monthly payment to take care of all debts.
  • You can become debt free in half the time, compared to when paying minimum payments.
  • You can save more money on debt settlement than on consumer credit counseling.

Debt Settlement Cons:

  • Creditors can sue a person if they don’t pay their bill.
  • Credit remains negatively affected for up to 7-years.
  • There could be tax consequences to deal with (IRS considers the amount forgiven when a debt is settled, as your “savings”, which is also classified as “income”. There are simple IRS forms that you can fill-out to help you avoid having to pay any taxes on your savings, as it’s not truly earned income if you’re an insolvent individual.)
  • Not all creditors have to settle.
  • Interest and late fees will incur–on top of your original balances when enrolling in the program.


Consumer Credit Counseling Debt Calculator Tool

Our consumer credit counseling portion of the debt calculator is based on figures from a non-profit consumer credit counseling company.

Consumer credit counseling programs reduce interest rates and consolidate payments into one.

Your creditors continue to get paid each month, but at a reduced interest rate.

Consumer Credit Counseling Pros:

  • Debt free in under 5-years, faster than if you continued paying minimum payments.
  • Only one consolidated payment each month to worry about.
  • You stay current on payments, avoiding any type of creditor harassment and serious damage on credit reports.

Consumer Credit Counseling Cons:

  • Third-party notation goes on credit illustrating you joined a consumer credit counseling program.
  • Takes 4.5 to 5-years to complete, versus 2 to 3.5-years with debt validation and debt settlement.
  • Payment stays around the same as what it was when paying only minimum payments.
  • Only credit card debt qualifies.


We hope our Debt Payoff & Debt Relief Program Calculator Tool has helped you to find a more cost-effective way to pay off your debt in a faster time-frame. If you have a WordPress Website, Try Our 5-Star Debt Calculator WordPress Plugin.