Debt validation programs dispute the validity of third-party debt collection accounts. Credit card debt is the most popular type of debt that can be included in the program, but second to credit card debt is private student loan debt.

An example of how a debt validation program works:

Here’s a good analogy:

Just like when you get a speeding ticket, there’s a process you can use to challenge the ticket and get it dismissed. That same theory is used in a debt validation program. Yes, you were speeding, but that ticket gets easily dismissed when properly challenged.

Examples of what a debt validation program requires your creditors to abide by:

Keep in mind, they must provide these items within 30-days of being requested. If they can’t supply any of the following requested items, the debt collection company cannot continue collecting on the debt. The information must also be 100% accurate in order for a debt to be validated. If one “T” isn’t crossed or an “i” not dotted, your debt can be invalidated.

    • the copy of the original contract is requested.
    • a statement showing how the interest was calculated and a breakdown of each statement illustrating what services were added is requested.
    • their debt collector license that is legally required to collect on debt in the state where you reside is requested.
    • a legally required 14-page debt collector disclosure statement is requested.

Now keep in mind, this is a micro-version of what is being requested on a debt validation program.

In the debt validation program that we recommend at Golden Financial Services, there are actually over 30-pages of documents that are sent to your debt collectors on round one! They must go through each page, line by line, and send in everything being requested — and required by laws. The case managers and debt defense team continue challenging a debt, until the debt is “fully disputed”. Every legal debt relief angle is used to force your creditors to play by the rules.

Here is an example — debt validation letter — the debt collection company agrees to stop collection on the debt and remove the derogatory information from the consumer’s credit report.

Debt validation programs can force your creditors to stop collection on a debt and remove the negative marks from your credit reports.

What the letter above represents, is legally defensible evidence that the debt is “invalid” or “invalidated”. The debt collector can no longer legally attempt to collect on the debt.

If a debt is legally uncollectible — YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO PAY IT! Give our trained debt specialists a call to talk about your debt at 1-866-376-9846IT’S FREE

Credit Restoration is Included with a Debt Validation Program — FOR FREE

You get credit restoration included with the debt validation program for “No Extra Cost”. The credit restoration begins at the beginning of the debt validation program, where random credit mistakes appearing on your credit report get disputed.

Money Back Guarantee With Debt Validation 

If a debt collection company validates the debt with all of the accurate and complete documentation, you get a full refund for any funds paid towards that account. Unlike unscrupulous debt settlement companies that charge up-front fees and don’t resolve your debt, this debt validation program comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If a debt is validated, Golden Financial Services has a back-up plan to then negotiate and reduce the debt. No matter what, we make sure our clients’ debts are all resolved.

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Who is Golden Financial Services

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Here is a short video teaching you about the FDCPA, which is one of the laws used to challenge your debt in a debt validation program

American Express, Citigroup, Chase and Discover Financial have committed fraud 

A recent Daily Finance report quoting a New York Times article states that “financial companies like American Express, Citigroup, and Discover Financial have committed fraud in financial dealings, are using erroneous paperwork, have incomplete records, and their legal processes are faulty; this includes information sent to debt collectors. Many debt collectors are using erroneous information to collect on debts, are acting as creditors when they are not, or are not in a position to legally collect the debt for lack of a state license, incomplete records, or other reasons.”

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Source: New York Times, July 6th, 2017