Debt Negotiation, also known as Debt Settlement, is the most cost-effective option to pay off your debts and relieve you of having to file bankruptcy. Debt negotiation is a proactive approach for debtors experiencing the stress of too much debt. We understand the stress and struggle of living with an overwhelming amount of debt. Our goal is to reduce your debt so that you can begin living the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about…being debt free! If you’re simply paying minimum monthly payments, then surely it feels like you are spinning your wheels, getting nowhere. This option, through debt negotiation, could cut your debt down to a fraction of what you currently owe. So, you could end up paying only a fraction of the debt! This program is custom-built for each client’s current personal and financial situation and level of debt in order to make the process as quick as possible and affordable for you.

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The credit card debt negotiation process has been tested and developed over years of experience by our servicing company’s team of professionals in the field of finance and credit card debt. Our professionals are highly skilled in each of their fields of expertise. Through the established relationships that our servicing company has with the creditors and financial institutions, they are able to successfully negotiate the debts of our clients at a substantial discount. Creditors are willing to negotiate a debt with our servicing negotiators, on behalf of our clients, with the understanding that the settled amount will be paid in a timely manner. Furthermore, creditors are always looking to avoid the ineffective and costly efforts of an outside collection company. Our servicing company continually develops strong relationships with creditors throughout the country. Our servicing negotiators are always maintaining a very professional and cooperative relationship with the creditors in order to reach the most favorable debt negotiation settlement offer for our clients.

Debt negotiation is a legitimate way of solving your problem without the need for bankruptcy.  This approach reduces your debt vs. consolidation options. This approach assists you by reducing the time to repay the debt and by lowering the total amount you owe. When you enroll in a debt negotiation program with Golden Financial Services, you will be matched with one of the qualified state debt negotiation attorneys that we are partnered with to defend you in case any legal issues come up.  A debt negotiation program can help you to pay off all of your accounts in around 3 years on average.

Our servicing company deals with over 1 Trillion Dollars in debt.

Debt negotiation is a way to get out of debt in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of money without filing for bankruptcy. There are some drawbacks though. The IRS considers a forgiven debt as taxable income, so at the end of the year, they will expect taxes to be paid on the settlement. The IRS, however, has a form (#982) available for special hardships.


Debt Negotiation and Settlement

The following accounts qualify for a debt negotiation program:

Credit Cards
Unsecured Loans
Unsecured Personal Loans
Unsecured Personal Lines of Credit
Collections / Autos in Repossession
Medical Bills

The Following Accounts Do Not Qualify:

Lawsuits / IRS Debt / Taxes
Utility Bills / Auto Loans
Government Loan
Student Loans
Secured Debts
Home Loans / Mortgages


“Some financial institutions have what is called an offset-clause related to business accounts. The clause states that if you are to default on your payment with any credit accounts and have an active bank account with the same creditor, the creditor can seize funds from you.  If you don’t remember whether or not you signed this document, please either review your contract with your financial institution, or open a new bank account.

2.  Student loans can be settled if they are not government backed, but they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and they can garnish your wages 15% of your net pay without a court order.

3.  If client is in active military:
This debt negotiation program may have a negative effect on your credit, that negative affect may conflict with your security clearances. This can easily be resolved by a simple conversation with your commanding officer or we can provide you with a letter explaining that you are in a debt negotiation program and the impact it will have on your credit.

Furthermore if you do not wish to notify your commanding officer of your involvement in this program they may still be alerted by the negative impact on your credit score.

4. Golden Financial Services does not clean up, fix, or repair credit, but once a settlement has been completed, you will no longer owe that debt and your credit report will reflect a zero balance for that account. The debt negotiation program will have a negative effect on your credit while on the program, since your creditors will not be paid on a monthly basis.  Learn more about how a debt negotiation program can effect your credit score.

5. Golden Financial Services cannot stop interest, late fees and penalties that may accrue on your accounts, but we will settle for the full amount listed by your creditor at the time of settlement. Your monthly payments in the debt negotiation program will not change based on the change in your balances from the creditors.  There are fees charged for the program, but they will be included in your monthly payment.

6. You should be aware that any amount over $600 which is forgiven at the time of settlement may be taxable by the IRS.

You may receive a 1099-C form from you creditor at the end of the year for the account that has been settled, ask you CPA or tax professional to review this. The IRS may also allow you to be able to exclude the tax as “income” if you are insolvent.

7. Your creditors could take legal action while you are in the debt negotiation program.
If this happens, it is important to send over any paperwork to Golden Financial Services immediately, so that we can help defend you.

“Some financial institutions and credit unions have what is called an offset-clause related to accounts. The clause states that if you default on your credit account payment and have an active bank account with the same creditor, they can seize funds from you.  It is suggested you close that account and open a new bank account.
Now I’ll give you a general idea of how the program works.

Global Client Solutions will provide your Special Purpose Account. You will accumulate funds in this account for settlement purposes by making a monthly deposit. We will track the Settlement Funds and negotiate on your behalf based on what is available. The debt negotiation fee that was discussed will be earned only when a settlement offer is accepted and completed. You will be made aware of all settlement opportunities, and if you agree with the settlement terms that we’ve negotiated, you will communicate that with your Legal Assistant and they will contact you to finalize the debt negotiation settlement.

Golden Financial Services has been in the debt negotiation industry for over eight years. We have maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and have zero unresolved customer complaints.

Golden Financial Services can help you with getting rid of your debt problems, and starting fresh! To set up a free debt negotiation consultation with Golden Financial Services or to learn more about our debt negotiation services call 1-866-376-9846.

“Exceptional and Outstanding Service! Saved me a lot of money in my Credit Card Debt . . . A +”

Jason H.