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Debt negotiation can be a great option when done right and with one of the best debt settlement companies in America.

However there are rules to follow when searching for the best debt settlement company to work with.  This article also talks about the pros of debt negotiation or settlement.

Best Debt Relief Company
The best debt settlement companies will be highly rated with the BBB.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros of a debt settlement or debt negotiation program when done right or with some of the best debt settlement companies.


1.  Only one monthly payment

2.  Become debt free in 3 years or less on average

3.  Pay back a significant amount less than whats owed

Rules to follow when looking for the Best Debt Settlement Companies to work with.

1.  The best debt settlement companies and the largest companies have at least a 5 year track record.  If a company has less than a 5 year track record then stay away from them!

2.  Having a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) debt settlement rating is a must!  At the BBB site you can also see how long a company has been in business.   If you cannot find a company listed with the BBB, then run!

3.  The best debt relief companies will not offer debt settlement plans that extend for more than 5 years.  If a consumer cannot afford a debt settlement plan that gets them out of debt in less than 5 years, then bankruptcy is an option they should consider.

4.  Clients should be set up with an attorney in their state that is there to provide them with the necessary protection that consumers possibly could need while on the program.

5.  In the 1st 30 days of the program your creditors should be contacted, education and lots of information should be supplied to you.

6.  Services including asset preservation, creditor harassment protection and lawsuit defense should all be included in the program for no additional cost, making the program as safe as possible.

7.  The debt settlement company should have zero unresolved customer complaints when looking them up with the BBB.

8.  The company should have hundreds of client testimonials proving that the services work!

9.  Prior to signing up on a debt negotiation plan, an experienced debt counselor should explain all debt relief options to the consumer making them fully aware of all options available.

10.  The best debt settlement companies in America concentrate on getting consumers done with the program in the fastest possible time-frame, by aggressively negotiating with the card companies.

Learn more about debt settlement services with Golden Financial Services, one of the best debt settlement companies in America today!   


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