Best Hawaii debt relief, settlement and consolidaiton

In 2012, Hawaii was ranked #2 in the nation for the “highest credit card debt”, but since then Hawaiians were able to successfully cut their credit card balances by more than 25%.

Golden Financial Services is dedicated to helping Hawaiians continue with this successful trend and improving their finances, by offering the most effective debt relief programs in Hawaii.

Debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt validation, credit restoration and consumer credit counseling options are all available in Hawaii.

To take advantage of these statewide debt relief programs, start by talking with an IAPDA Certified Debt Counselor that specializes in Hawaii debt relief programs.

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Debt Relief Programs in Hawaii Can:

  • Reduce and at times eliminate interest, depending on what program you choose
  • Quickly get you out of debt
  • Reduce the total amount that you owe by up to 40%
  • Give you a single and affordable monthly payment
  • Offer you one final and reduced lump sum payment to resolve all of your credit card debt balances


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Hawaii Debt Relief, Consolidation, and Settlement Company

Golden Financial Services is one of the oldest debt relief companies in Hawaii and has a proven track record.

  • A+ Rated by the Better Business Burea (BBB)
  • Accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and Certified with the Association for Student Loan Relief
  • 15 Years in Business and zero BBB customer complaints
  • Offers debt consolidation, debt settlement and debt negotiation, consumer credit counseling and credit restoration options, and debt validation to dispute debt

Hawaii Debt Validation Programs

If you can’t afford to pay your debt, debt validation could be your solution. Debt validation is the most popular option for consumers who don’t have the money to pay their debt. This program can be the least expensive way to deal with a debt and get it off your credit report.

  • Free credit repair included 
  • Negative marks can come off credit
  • Pay a fee and nothing else
  • Written guarantee 


What if debt validation doesn’t work?

If your debt is validated, we can use debt settlement as a second plan of action to lower your balance and resolve the debt.

No other debt relief program in Hawaii can offer these types of results, where a debt can be resolved at such a small price and negative items can be removed from your credit.

With debt validation offered through Golden Financial Services, you get a written guarantee ensuring that you only have to pay if results are achieved.


Debt Settlement – Hawaii

Imagine your life without debt … debt settlement services can help you to achieve this thought in the quickest possible timeframe. Millions of consumers have used debt settlement services to escape high unsecured debt and become debt-free.

Hawaii debt negotiation and settlement services allow you to sit in the backseat and relax, while professional negotiators steer the wheel and drive you out of debt.


How Hawaii Debt Settlement Programs Work

You get set-up with an FDIC insured savings account. Each month you make one low payment that is deposited directly into your savings account. As funds accumulate in that account, professional negotiators work to settle your debts one by one. All you have to do is send in any collection letters that you receive and answer your phone to approve settlement offers.

If creditors start to call and harass you, make sure to keep notes of everything they say to you and direct all communication to your debt settlement company or law firm.

Reputable debt settlement companies will use the FDCPA as leverage to solidify even larger discounts. So in other words, if your debt collectors violate your rights under the FDCPA, those violations will be used as leverage when negotiating.

There are negative consequences that can occur when you stop paying your credit cards each month, so it’s important to understand the negative side to debt settlement so that you can be prepared for any potential negative consequences if they occur. Golden Financial Services IAPDA Certified Professionals can explain everything to you at 866-376-9846. Call now for your free consultation!


Non-Profit Consumer Credit Counseling in Hawaii

If you can comfortably afford minimum payments or higher, consumer credit counseling may be your best option. Your creditors do continue to get paid with consumer credit counseling but at a reduced interest rate and you only have to make a single payment each month. The consumer credit counseling company is who you pay, and they will then disperse the funds to your creditors each month but at the reduced amount.

Whats’ great about consumer credit counseling is that you can be 1-2 months behind on your credit card payment and consumer credit counseling can re-age the account so that you’re current on payments and late fees get waived!

Golden Financial Services is not a non-profit company, but if you qualify for consumer credit counseling we will refer you to one of the best licensed and non-profit consumer credit counseling companies in Hawaii.