An effective debt settlement program is one of the best ways of resolving your unsecured debt concerns. With a debt settlement solution provided by Golden Financial Services; Get one monthly payment that accounts for all of your unsecured debts – know how many payments you have left to become debt free – let us have the authority to speak on your behalf to the creditors so that you can live a peaceful life – pay less than the full amount owed on each of your debts – and work with a top rated company that has more than 13 years experience with debt settlement solutions.

What unsecured debts qualify for a debt settlement solution at Golden Financial Services?

  • Credit cards
  • Private student loans
  • Financial company loans such as Lending Club
  • Medical bills
  • Third-party debt collection accounts
  • A bank or signature loan that you were approved for – by using your social security number versus a secured debt such as your house or car
  • Most business credit cards
  • Utility bills

The debt specialists at Golden Financial Services are experienced in negotiating with creditors and can ensure that your debts are reduced to a fraction of what you owe at present. If a summons or lawsuit occurs; we have partners who can deal with these cases as well. 


Your best interest is always watched out for when enrolling into a  debt settlement solution at Golden Financial Services — illustrating why we have ZERO BBB COMPLAINTS. You are first in our eyes. We realize; if you are not successful — we are not successful. 

Our debt settlement solutions are custom designed to suit the needs of consumers, based on their financial situation – getting you a monthly payment that is affordable. 

Here are the benefits of enrolling in a debt settlement program with GFS:

  • Over 13 years’ of experience in this vertical — year after year taking huge steps to improve the program and strengthen our weaknesses, hence, offering you the best possible debt settlement solution. 
  • Received an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau
  • Has successfully resolved millions of dollars in debt
  • Associated with trusted partners who specialize in debt settlement
  • To address a legal issue (if it arises) you will be matched with an attorney
  • Specialized in negotiating with creditors
Just knowing you are with a company that has 13+ years in business and ZERO COMPLAINTS — should allow you to have peace of mind knowing that you are with the right company. It’s just like going to a surgeon that has done thousands of surgeries — with a 100% success rate; you would feel comfortable right?


Golden Financial Services is one of the leading debt relief companies in the nation. We offer comprehensive debt settlement solutions to borrowers who find it difficult to repay their debts under the original terms.

Your situation, budget and credit report will be reviewed, thoroughly, to ensure no vital details is missed and that you are set up on the most efficient plan based on your needs. 

Our debt specialists would negotiate with your creditors and settle for a more affordable monthly payment. Your creditors are not paid each month, but rather in one lump sum payment — reduced to a fraction of what you originally owed. 

And even though your creditors aren’t each month, you only have to worry about one easy monthly payment; from there the funds accumulate in a trust account, and we will notify you when it’s time for a settlement. Just pick up the phone and let us know if you approve of the deal we worked out for you — our debt settlement solutions are made easy for YOU!

You are in total control of your money (funds) and of the final decisions made, ensuring you are satisfied with the results. Fortunately; our clients are usually more than satisfied; as we often outperform what we originally quote will be your savings. 

GFS is specialized in offering:

  • Debt Relief Solutions
  • Debt Settlement Services
  • Financial Education and Consumer Credit Counseling Service



Golden Financial Services offers a full array of debt relief services. You can find out what program is best for your situation, and not have to worry about being sold into the wrong program that is not right for you. We can offer you the right program since  we offer a full array of programs including – debt consolidation, debt validation, and debt settlement solutions.