Debt Settlement Affiliates need to have the right infrastructure in order to see increased profit and happy clients.   To be a successful debt affiliate it is necessary to have the right team and product.  If you have a good product, you can make a lot of money.  Here is a closer look at the Golden Financial Services (GFS) debt affiliate programs.

Debt Affiliate Programs
Debt Affiliates That Want to Increase Profit

In the U.S. there are currently more than 600 million credit cards held by U.S. consumers.  Therefore debt affiliate programs are needed in order to help struggling Americans, while also helping business owners grow a profitable business.

GFS launched their debt affiliate programs back in 2004.  Since then the company has evolved to an entirely new level having approximately 100 active debt settlement affiliates and employing over 400 employees.

GFS not only provides existing debt affiliates with the right infrastructure, but also provides new debt settlement affiliates with the exact road map necessary to grow large and be profitable fast.

Your Clients Will Receive:

  • Ø Clients are matched with attorneys that are from law firms that have an A + Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Ø Clients are provided with extensive financial education, asset protection, lawsuit defense and much more in the 1st 30 days.  All this leads to happy clients and better retention.
  • Ø Clients will receive creditor contact in the first 30 days of the program.  If a lawsuit occurs, clients are already prepared with lawsuit defense that works!
  • Ø Our servicing negotiators are on average settling 2,490 accounts on a monthly basis as of 2012 (16 million dollars’ worth of debt monthly being settled). That means lots of leverage, leading to better settlements and more graduated clients.  Back in 2007 our servicing negotiators were only settling on average 600 accounts monthly.
  • Ø Clients receive 1 on 1 personalized attention from their designated legal assistant.


Debt Affiliates Receive:


  • Ø GFS is highly rated with the BBB and all attorneys that are matched with clients are also from highly rated law firms with the BBB.
  • Ø GFS Debt affiliates have better retention; better management and better leads from GFS preferred marketing partners that won’t rip you off.
  • Ø Debt affiliates will not have to deal with customer service issues. Back in 2004 debt affiliates had to deal with many customer service issues.  Now with improved infrastructure, the GFS team and partners handle all customer service while debt affiliates can concentrate on production.
  • Ø Debt affiliates will not have to deal with waiting weeks to have their clients approved due to a face to face meeting being required prior to approval.  Fast approval  of your clients and legal assistants then take over!
  • Ø Most generous payout in the industry paid to debt settlement affiliates.  GUARANTEED!
  • Ø Experienced manager from GFS provides debt affiliates with hands on assistance on a daily basis, web meetings, weekly trainings and projected financial seminars helping your office to grow.
  • Ø Legal department ensuring all debt affiliates are compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  On the GFS debt relief affiliate program the debt affiliates will not have to deal with any attorney general complaints.  Free compliance website reviews are conducted for all new debt affiliates.
  • Ø GFS accounting department pays debt affiliates on time and accurately.
  • Ø Web based software that allows debt settlement affiliates to pull creditors for free from the credit bureaus, right from the software.   No set up fee for new debt affiliates and unlimited software users allowed.


GFS believes to have the complete package when it comes to debt affiliate programs after more than 8 years of working hard to get it!  GFS has the right team, partners and overall infrastructure allowing debt settlement affiliates to grow larger than they ever dreamed that they could.

Consumers need this product, so the demand is there! Anyone looking to get into the debt business will have a huge head start when partnering up with GFS.

For more information on the debt affiliate programs call 866-222-5905.


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