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Excellent imagery, to make learning about paying off debt, easy! No more boring courses and long financial books, only flip through the slides and get started with paying off your debt. Please share this creation with your friends if you enjoy and learn from it!

“This is Steve….
Steve got in a little over his head.
Uh-oh…… Hehehe… You’ll never get out from under this debt! How did this happen?
And he is wondering if he will ever be debt free? ‘But I had so much fun!’
Steve is not alone…

An average of 24 percent of Americans owe more money in credit card debt than they have in their savings account. (also, 63% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency, according to a recent article in Forbes.)

What am I going to do?
He, he he….
Now you’ll have to file for bankruptcy!
We help give Americans a fresh financial start.
Hey, Steve, we have a few ideas that may help you…

Paying off debt with consumer credit counseling:

Consumer credit counseling can help you lower your interest rates on each account and consolidate your debt into one monthly payment.

A professional consumer credit counselor will;

Benefits of consumer credit counseling:

  • Lower interest rate on debt resulting in lower payback
  • One monthly payment
  • Debt free in about 5 years
  • Less impact on credit

Pay off credit card debt fast when current on bills:

Ok, that sounds really awesome. But, what if I am happy with my interest rates and I don’t mind making multiple payments?

Well, in that case, I have some ideas on how you can pay off credit card debt faster when you are current on your accounts.

Great, I would love to know to pay off my credit cards faster!

First, you need to STOP using your credit cards. Then, create a budget analysis.
Free Budget Tool – CLICK HERE

NEXT; Organize your credit cards from highest interest rate to lowest and pay highest first.


See if you can find ways to cut expenses to increase the amount of money you have to pay off debt.

Where to cut monthly expenses:

  • Reduce cable bill
  • Reduce cell phone plan
  • Lower grocery bill
  • Eat in more often
  • Find cheaper or free entertainment
  • Share rides
  • Shop for cheaper insurance plans
  • Other

Finally, Reward yourself!


  • Take your spouse to dinner
  • Take the kids miniature golfing
  • Go see a movie
  • Get that Starbucks you been denying yourself
  • Have friends over for dinner.

Maybe, well get a new boat!

Ummm, don’t you think you should be a little more realistic? Darn! I suppose we should celebrate with dinner and a movie. That’s more like it. The goal is to stay out of debt. Wow, I wish; I was able to do that on my own. Yes, it is challenging, but if your accounts are up to date and your interest rates are low, this is a good option. What if I can’t even make my minimum payments?

Then you should consider Debt Settlement.

You may be a good candidate for a debt settlement if:

  1. You cannot make minimum payments
  2. your accounts are sent to collection
  3. You are in financial hardship

A professional debt settlement negotiator will:

  • Create a custom built program for your financial situation
  • Settle one debt at a time until you are debt free
  • Negotiate lower balances
  • Set up one flexible lower monthly payment toward all debt

Benefits of debt settlement are:

  1. Avoid bankruptcy
  2. Debt Free in about 3-years
  3. You end up paying back less than the total owed

Thanks for all of the information. I really appreciate the ideas. No problem Steve. Which option interests you the most?

I think the Credit Counseling Program is the best for me. My interest rates are kind of high and one monthly payment would sure help. Perfect! I wish you luck Steve. I know you can do this!

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