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Virginia debt relief programs have rescued million’s of Virginia residents from debt. If you feel like you’re drowning in debt and live in the state of Virginia, simply give us a call and get your free consultation today.

Virginia Debt Relief – Table of Contents:


What is Virginia Debt Relief?

Virginia debt relief programs through Golden Financial Services guarantee you the lowest possible monthly payment and a proven solution to your debt. Relief of up to 45% is available for some applicants. This means that interest rates can be cut down to 0% and only 55% of the total balance on a debt would get paid. When someone refers to “Virginia debt relief”, they are referring to programs that help consumers get out of debt at an affordable payment. These programs for debt can range from settling a debt for less than the full balance, disputing a debt and consolidating debt with or without a loan. That’s the great news, not just one but multiple debt relief programs are in Virginia right now!

Debt relief results vary on a case to case basis, not all applicants qualify and there are downsides to also beware of.

Does Virginia Debt Relief Hurt Your Credit Score?

Anything other than paying your bills in full and on time every month can hurt your credit score. Which is why Golden Financial Services chooses to offer the Virginia debt relief program that includes credit repair for NO EXTRA COST.

The following page gives you the insight that you need to make smart financial decisions when it comes to debt relief. Virginia residents can also take advantage of speaking with an IAPDA certified debt counselor for free information at (866) 376-9846.

What makes Golden Financial Services different from the other Virginia debt reduction companies is the fact that:

  • DO VIRGINIA DEBT RELIEF PROGRAMS WORK? Plans come with a money back guarantee and NO up-front fees, ensuring if they don’t work you won’t pay!
  • Credit repair is automatically included on certain plans & for NO extra cost.
  • Golden Financial offers the recommended financial hardship plans for Virginia residents, including debt consolidation and debt settlement options.
  • Choose how fast you want to become debt free. You can get out of debt within anywhere from 12-months to 48-months.

Talk to a Virginia Debt Relief Expert by Simply Calling Now at (866) 376-9846.

Golden Financial Services Can Help You Live Life Without Debt & Achieve Financial Freedom Today.Customer Reviews


Here Are the Best Virginia Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Programs

Debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt validation, and consumer credit counseling Virginia plans are all amongst the best ways of getting out of debt. Virginia residents get to choose the plan based on what each person’s individual needs are. If someone is six months behind on monthly payments, that person would not qualify for consumer credit counseling and would be better of exploring debt settlement and validation services.

If someone has an 800+ FICO score and sufficient cash-flow that person would be a good candidate for possibly using a balance transfer card to eliminate high interest or even considering a debt consolidation loan to consolidate. Keep in mind, Golden Financial Services does not offer any type of consumer and person loan, and only offers debt relief programs.

Debt Settlement – Virginia If you cannot afford your minimum payments or have already fallen behind on monthly payments, a debt settlement service may be your best option. With debt settlement plans you can pay back less than the full balance owed on each account enrolled in the program, making your new monthly payment affordable. Do also keep in mind, just because you are behind on payments, doesn’t disqualify you for consumer credit counseling services. Virginia residents can be behind on monthly payments by 2-3 months and still have their payments re-aged to current, with consumer credit counseling. Virginia licensed credit counselors are available to talk, just call Golden Financial Services and we will transfer you over to one of these counselors from a non-profit company or you can ask our IAPDA Certified experts andy questions that you may have.

Debt Consolidation – Virginia Virginia Debt consolidation options are ideal for the person with a high credit score and who has no problem with paying their monthly payments. Debt consolidation is using a low-interest loan to pay your other debts in full. Don’t use debt consolidation if the lender is offering you a loan at a higher interest rate than the average interest rate on the other accounts that you plan to pay off with the loan. Don’t use a balance transfer card to transfer your high-interest credit card balances onto if you can’t afford to get the balance paid in full during the 0% introduction rate period. Always use a debt calculator tool to check the figures and make sure whatever debt relief option you decide on is most cost-effective.

Downsides to Virginia Debt Relief & How to Protect Yourself

  • Debt settlement plans can lower credit scores and creditors don’t get paid on a monthly basis. Not paying your creditors in a timely manner every month can lead to a credit card summons, late fees and negative effect on credit scores.
  • Avoid Virginia debt consolidation companies that charge hidden fees and high interest rates that are above 25%.
  • Check any debt relief attorney at the Virginia Attorney Bar to see if they have complaints. Even attorneys cannot legally charge up-front debt settlement fees. The funds you pay each month must go into a trust account that you control and the fees can only be earned at the time a settlement is obtained and then funded. If you cancel the plan before a settlement takes place, any funds held in escrow are refunded back to you.
  • Understand that with debt validation plans creditors don’t get paid at all. All of the money paid goes to company fees. Clients can end up not having to pay anything on their debt and only end up paying the debt validation fee to resolve a debt. Clients can save up to 45% but the funds paid include all company fees.


Best Virginia Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Company

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 15+ Years in Business
  • Helped consumers resolve billions of dollars in debt since 2004
  • Top-Rated on Trusted Company Reviews, Google and
  • IAPDA Certified


  • Virginia’s credit card debt and student loan debt per capita; are both ranked the sixth highest in the nation.
  • For every 100,000 Virginians, there were 355 cases of consumer fraud, such as identity theft and financial crimes.
  • Virginia state laws do practically nothing to protect consumers in ways that go beyond federal protections, making Virginians susceptible to getting taken advantage of by loan and debt collection companies, and banks.
  • Responsible payment patterns have helped the state maintain its spot on the list of top 10 credit scores.
  • Virginians have the eighth-highest median income in the country.

Virginia residents can get a consultation with an IAPDA certified debt counselor. Virginia residents can call Toll-Free for immediate assistance at (866) 376-9846.

Bankruptcy for a Fresh Start in Virginia

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the type of bankruptcy that refers to a fresh start because all of your debt gets wiped away (liquidated). You would then only need to pay for a bankruptcy attorney, court and filing fees. Unfortunately, most consumers end up getting pushed into chapter 13 bankruptcy where they do have to pay their debt back. As soon as you file for bankruptcy an automatic stay goes out to your creditors, forcing them to stop all collection and harassment immediately.

However, bankruptcy attornies don’t talk much about how bankruptcy can paralyze your credit for the next 7-10 years. If you need to get a job, buy or rent a home, or use your credit in any way whatsoever, bankruptcy will show up to whoever you’re applying with. No lenders overlook bankruptcy, there’s always an extra high price tag on any credit purchases you make for the next 7-10 years once putting bankruptcy on your credit.

Virginia bankruptcy law requires your income to be near the poverty level to even qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Before filing for bankruptcy give Golden Financial Services a call. At least compare all of your debt relief options before deciding on bankruptcy.

Virginia Delinquent Property Tax Exemption & Relief for Disabled, Senior Citizens and People in a Financial Hardship

There are ways to reduce your property taxes and defer paying them if you are experiencing a financial hardship, and for disabled and seniors living in Virginia. The easiest way to check eligibility for delinquent property tax debt relief is to simply call your county assessor or treasurer’s office. Read more here:

Delinquent property tax relief is one of these confusing subjects for Virginia residents. Even some debt attornies have a difficult time understanding the property tax law, so it’s certainly not an easy subject to understand. The good news is, unlike credit card debt, there is government or state debt relief assistance for property taxes, in most counties and states. Another reason why property tax relief is such a complex subject is that each county has its own set of laws and rules, not only state laws regulate property taxes.

The key is to pick up the phone and just call your county tax assessor who collects on property taxes. Let them know that you are experiencing a financial hardship, or that you are disabled or a senior citizen and need to be directed on how to get either a reduction in your property taxes or to defer paying them. The county will instruct you from there!

If your annual gross income (AGI) is below $35,000 you would be considered to have limited income and could qualify for delinquent property tax exemption.

If your household income is between $0 and $30,000, you are exempt from regular property taxes on the first $60,000 or 60% of your home’s assessed value, whichever is more.

If your household income is between $30,001 and $35,000, you are exempt from regular property taxes on the greater of $50,000 or 35% of the assessed value, up to $70,000 of your home’s assessed value.

If your household income is between $35,001 and $40,000, you are exempt from all “excess” property taxes. “Excess” property taxes (special levies) require voter approval. They provide funds for a specific purpose, such as school bonds or maintenance and operation levies.

We will not pressure you into the wrong program, with debt relief programs “one size never fits all.” Each person’s goals and needs are different.

What we can do for you is to tailor a program to fit your circumstance. Your Life Without Debt Can Be Achieved When Using Golden Financial Services for Virginia Debt Relief!

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