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Who is Golden Financial Services?

Golden Financial Services (GFS) Debt Settlement Corporation (AKA; Golden Financial Services) was created in Florida in 2004 and was one of the first debt settlement companies in the nation. Within a few years later, the company expanded into California, and shortly after that became a national debt relief company.

Golden Financial Services is a Registered Trademark name. GFS is also a licensed debt management company in Texas. 

Golden Financial Services – Mission Statement:

“At Golden Financial Services, we provide our clients with the highest standards in debt elimination and management solutions for a debt-free tomorrow.”

What type of debt relief programs do Golden Financial Services offer?

In our early years, we learned that not every consumer would be eligible for debt settlement. We needed to offer more options. So we established partnerships with the top debt relief professionals, companies, and law firms across the nation, giving us the ability to assist consumers in almost every state and offer multiple programs.

Today, we offer debt settlement, consolidation options, and validation programs. Our job is to educate consumers on their options and help them enroll in the plan of their choice.

Our partners are ALL A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and offer performance-based debt relief programs (meaning, clients don’t pay if results aren’t achieved).

We only recommend debt relief programs that pass the following criteria:

  1. The cost: We only recommend debt relief programs that cost less than the average on the market. What’s the average cost of a debt relief program? Debt settlement costs around 20%-25% of the total debt enrolled into the program. Golden Financial Services does not charge consumers directly but instead gets paid by the debt relief companies we send clients. The fees we get paid don’t come out of the consumer’s pocket directly or indirectly. In fact, part of our deal with the debt relief companies that we work with is that the price of the program must be the same whether clients sign up directly through us for the program or directly through the company itself. So, therefore, our services only add value.
  2. Money-back guarantee: We offer programs that include a money-back guarantee or that only charge a fee after a debt is settled and paid.
  3. Transparency: We only work with back-ends that offer clear information about the downsides of the debt relief program before consumers are allowed to sign up.
  4. Servicing and dealing with potential downsides: We only partner with debt relief companies with a long track record of servicing clients and helping deal with potential downsides when they occur. These companies must also have a large customer service department to assist clients when they have questions ensuring the servicing is top-notch. For example, clients know what to do if they receive a credit card summons. And, each of our programs has an effective solution included for clients to resolve a summons if one is received.
  5. Time in business: We will only recommend debt relief programs with more than five years in business.
  6. Licensing and accreditations:  Debt settlement companies that we work with must be licensed through each state that they operate in.
  7. Better Business Bureau: Programs that we recommend must have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating with no unresolved complaints.

What Does Golden Financial Services Offer?

Review on Golden Financial Services and our Debt Relief Programs

Your debts can be settled, disputed, or reduced – depending on your current situation and goals.

What type of help are you looking for?

We’d love to talk with you and learn about your needs.

Consultations are absolutely free! Call Golden Financial Services Toll-Free at (866) 376-9846 between Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 9 pm.

Golden Financial Services Reviews & Credentials

  • A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau.
  • In Business Since 2004
  • Hundreds of positive online reviews
  • Licensed debt management provider
About us: Golden Financial Services is IAPDA and AFSLR certified and accredited
Golden Financial Services is Accredited and Certified by the International Association for Professional Debt Arbitrators and the Association for Student Loan Relief

What happens during my consultation?

You get to speak with an experienced debt specialist and learn all of your debt relief options for absolutely free. NO-OBLIGATION & NO PRESSURE!

Enroll in the right program if you qualify and get the lowest possible monthly payment.

What can debt relief programs offered through Golden Financial Services; do for my situation?

  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Combine payments into one
  • Shorten the timeframe it takes to become debt-free
  • Disputes inaccurate, derogatory information
  • It gives you freedom from debt collection harassment
  • Provides you with a financial plan to reach your goals


Call (866)-376-9846 to Speak with an Experienced Debt Specialist from Golden Financial Services

Golden Financial Services is a nationwide organization specializing in educating and helping consumers with Financial Debt Solutions.   Golden Financial Services has specialized in debt settlement since 2004 and has ZERO UNRESOLVED BBB COMPLAINTS, along with hundreds of client testimonials from graduated clients.  Golden Financial Services is amongst the best debt settlement companies in America today and has the track record to prove it.

Golden Financial Services is dedicated to helping people with improving their financial futures through educational outreach, credit counseling, and debt management solutions. Since 2004, Golden Financial Services has helped millions of consumers manage their finances through debt relief services or simply by educating consumers with the fundamentals that everyone in the US needs to know.

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