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  • CREDENTIALS:  A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau & In Business Since 2004.  Featured on 10 News & CNBC for 2014.  
  • WHAT HAPPENS DURING MY CONSULTATION? You get to speak with an experienced debt specialist and learn all of your debt relief options for absolutely free. NO OBLIGATION & NO PRESSURE!! Enroll into the right program if you qualify and get the lowest possible monthly payment.  
  • Golden Financial Services can facilitate a debt relief program that includes a highly rated attorney in your state and legal protection, or a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Get set-up with One reduced monthly payment that goes towards taking care of ALL your credit card and unsecured debts.
  • Become debt-free in two, three or four-years.  Different plans are available in order to ensure your payment is comfortable.
  • Our programs are designed to improve your overall financial health by the time you graduate!
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Best Debt Settlement, Consolidation & Relief Companies in America

Debt settlement and consolidation companies that are amongst the best debt relief companies in America will ensure that consumers are enrolled onto the right program.  Options include bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling, debt settlement or negotiation, debt validation and student loan consolidation.

The best debt relief companies will align their clients with highly rated attorney’s for the lawsuit defense they may need when enrolled on the program, or a 100% money back guarantee. 

The Best Debt Settlement Companies - Golden Financial Services

Here are Your Options.

Golden Financial Services is a National Debt Relief Company that has Been in Business for Over Ten-Years

Golden Financial Services is a nationwide organization specializing in educating and helping consumers with Financial Debt Solutions.   Golden Financial Services has specialized in debt settlement since 2004 and maintaining zero unresolved customer complaints, along with hundred’s of client testimonials from graduated clients.  Golden Financial Services is amongst the best debt settlement companies in America today and has the track record to prove it.

Golden Financial Services is dedicated to helping people with improving their financial futures through educational outreach, credit counseling and debt management solutions. Since 2004, Golden Financial Services has helped million’s of consumers manage their finances through debt relief services or simply by educating consumers with the basic fundamentals that everyone in the US needs to know.

Having more clients equals more leverage and better settlements when consumers join a debt settlement or debt negotiation program

The best debt settlement companies will often bulk together hundred’s of clients worth of debt when it’s time to negotiate and this gives the negotiators more leverage to solidify the largest discounts in the industry for consumers when it comes to debt settlement.

Golden Financial Services works hard to be amongst the best debt relief, consolidation and settlement company’s in America by really informing consumers of all credit debt relief options available and then helping consumers to enroll in the right program based on their financial situation.

Here at Golden Financial Services consumers are provided with free consultations along with free debt relief videos.  The best debt relief companies will always provide consumers with honest information and not pressure consumers to join a program that is not right for their particular situation.  At Golden Financial Services if consumers qualify for consumer credit counseling, they will be referred to only non profit consumer credit counseling companies.  If consumers are better off and can afford to stay current on their credit cards, consumers will be educated on how to pay less interest and pay off credit cards faster on their own.   If consumers qualify for debt settlement, they will be enrolled into a debt settlement program with one of the best debt settlement companies in America.

If consumers qualify for debt settlement there must be an attorney involved for the consumer’s protection.  The best debt settlement companies will always align their clients with only the top debt attorneys in the US that all have a high rating at or with their state bar.

The best debt settlement companies take accountability and agree to be held liable for their clients.  Therefore the best debt settlement companies must ensure that all attorneys, consumer credit counseling companies, accounting departments and all parties involved are highly rated with the BBB or the State Bar for attorneys.  This allows consumers to sign up for the right program, that is safe and where they will be successful in the end.

If consumers don’t have a hardship or any type of financial burden in their life, but sometimes are simply sick of paying high interest, they often just need to be taught basic fundamentals.  The best debt settlement companies include free counseling and consultations for all potential clients, informing them of all options available in order to obtain credit card relief.

The Best Debt Settlement Companies Include the Following:

1.  The best debt settlement companies will align their clients with a highly rated attorney in their state where if a creditor does decide to sue the consumer, the attorney will properly represent the client.
2.  An asset preservation analysis is a must when consumers join on a debt settlement program if consumers have assets.  Only the best debt settlement companies will provide consumers with this necessary analysis early in the program.
3.  The best debt settlement companies will also supply clients with a Pre-Bankruptcy Analysis in the 1st 30 days of the program.  Aside from it being educational and ensuring that consumers are qualified properly for debt settlement, it is also used as a valid threat when negotiating with the creditors.  Education or information on bankruptcy options must also be included for potential clients in order to educate the consumer properly on all options.
4.  Creditor harassment education and assistance must be provided to clients in the first 30 days of the program ensuring that clients are prepared, know how to handle the calls and minimizing the potential stress that creditor harassment can cause.
5.  24/7 online access to client accounts is provided to all clients, where clients can access settlement letters, progress notes, GCS savings, payments, educational videos and much more!
6.  Designated legal assistants are provided for each client as their point of contact, leading to personalized attention for the clients from the beginning, to the end of the program.   This is only being offered by the best debt settlement companies in America today, due to how expensive it can be to hire professional legal assistants that provide clients 1 on 1 personalized attention. 
7.  The best debt settlement companies will inform and educate consumers with all options including debt settlement, bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling and on how to stay current on their bills paying less interest in the end, prior to signing consumers up for any program.
8.  The litigation preparedness program is a program that only the best debt settlement companies in America are offering.
9.  The best debt relief companies have been in business for 8 or more years preferably, but at least 5 or more years in business, with 0 unresolved customer complaints and lots of graduated client testimonials.
10.  The best debt settlement companies will provide clients with a review of all the federal collection laws as well as the laws in the client’s state to help them use the FDCPA Enforcement Program.

Golden Financial Services does provide all clients that sign up for the debt settlement program with the 10 services listed above. 

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“This company is really top notch. Every thing they told me during the initial consultation was exactly as it happened in real life. Without Golden’s help i would have ruined my credit with bankruptcy. I am sure that without the guidance that the companies financial advisers gave me i would have lost my home!!!! Thank You Golden Financial!!!

P.S. I have now completed the program, my life is back to normal and my credit has been restored. All of my accounts say that they are paid in full so i had no problems finding a new job and getting a home loan for a new home just blocks from the beach.”

Debt Settlement Programs help consumers with paying off debt. It is important for consumers to only join with a reputable company that has a long track-record.
Debt Settlement Program
Date Published: 08/01/2013
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A. A debt settlement program will lower a person’s credit score.

B. Late fees and interest may accumulate during a debt settlement program. These fees will be mitigated at the time of a settlement and satisfied when the settlement is funded.

C. Credit card companies may sue their clients during the debt settlement program.  This is unlikely, but it could happen. Golden Financial Services will ensure that you are matched with a highly rated attorney in your state in case your creditors do decide to sue while you are enrolled on the program.

D. You may receive a 1099 during tax season due to the IRS seeing your savings on a settlement as income. If this happens most customers will then file a #982 form illustrating that they are insolvent and that the savings was not earned income.

E.  With debt settlement your creditors will not get paid on a monthly basis, but rather in lump sum payments when there is enough money available in your program trust account and once you agree upon the settlement offer. With consumer credit counseling  your creditors will be paid on a monthly basis.