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Debt Relief: “The city of Detroit, Michigan, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy on July 18, 2013. It is the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history by debt, estimated at $18–20 billion.” If you live in Detroit, debt relief, settlement & consolidation programs may eliminate your debts to help you avoid bankruptcy. Call 866-376-9846 to get a free consultation.

In Detroit Michigan the inevitable occurred, the city filed Chapter 9 bankruptcy! What is Chapter 9 bankruptcy debt relief? “Chapter 9, Title 11, United States Code is a chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code, available exclusively to municipalities, that assists them in the restructuring of debts”, according to Wikipedia. People are angry in Detroit, to see their city that they love go down this dark path that basically puts a spotlight on the city’s debt problems and prohibits their city’s ability to achieve good credit for many years ahead.

Debt relief in the form of bankruptcy was the city of Detroit’s last option. They declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy to be rescued from debt.

For people who live in Detroit, debt relief is available at 866-376-9846. (Get Free Michigan Debt Relief Information.)

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Find out if debt settlement or consolidation is best for you. Debt settlement may enable you to pay a fraction of what you owe to become debt free and avoid bankruptcy.

People in Detroit simply need to learn from their city’s mistakes, don’t let your situation get so out of control where you have no other option besides for bankruptcy debt relief. Detroit Michigan is a beautiful city, and if you live in Detroit don’t let debt destroy your life, professional solutions with an A+ BBB rated company like Golden Financial Services can provide you freedom from your overwhelming bills.

Detroit Michigan is the largest city in America that has filed for bankruptcy. That is a record, but not a record to be proud of. Consumers in Detroit Michigan need to learn from their City’s mistakes, and don’t follow your city’s financial bad habits. Bankruptcy can ruin your credit and financial health. Detroit Michigan debt relief, settlement and consolidation services are available at Golden Financial Services, CALL now; 866-376-9846!

  • Michigan residents are eligible for a free professional debt relief consultation, with no obligation attached!
  • You may be eligible for a lower payment and to become debt free in half the time.
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Debt relief relief services can make your life easier, having only one payment to worry about each month.

Detroit Michigan Debt relief, settlement and consolidation is at your fingertips, simply call 866-376-9846 now!!!!

Live in Detroit Michigan? Consolidation & Settlement Help is a Phone Call Away, Call 866-376-9846 Now! With Detroit debt settlement options a person must be delinquent on their payments. Debt settlement is a hardship program. If qualified you may pay back a significant amount less than owed. With debt settlement you will be making payments each month into a trust account, as the money accumulates in your trust account, Golden Financial Services will be working with your creditors to solidify an affordable payoff amount. Once an agreement is reached, Golden Financial Services will contact you and you must agree to the settlement before the deal is completed. You are in total control of your money.

With a Detroit Debt Consolidation Program, all of your debts will be paid off in full. You will then be left with one new loan to pay back, but with a reduced interest rate.

With a Detroit Consumer Credit Counseling Program, you are responsible for making one monthly payment, but the interest rates will be reduced on each of your accounts, and the company disburses the payment to your creditors, making it easy for you to manage your simplified single monthly payment. The company’s negotiators will negotiate a reduced interest rate and payment on each account, instead of actually negotiating your balance down like with debt settlement, and debt freedom will be obtained within 3-5 years with consumer credit counseling, verse 3 years or less with debt settlement.


Learn About Detroit Michigan’s Student Loan Consolidation for Federal Loans

Consumers in Michigan may either have their private student loan debt settled on a debt settlement program where they could pay back a fraction of what’s owed, which may result in negative credit.  Credit can be rebuilt once you stop the bleeding (bleeding meaning, the problem of having debt that you cannot afford to pay off)! If you are left with a scar or scars after debt settlement (scar meaning, negative marks on credit), but debt free, it’s worth it!

People bleed to death, literally, so priority one is stopping the bleeding. If you file for bankruptcy you will have much worse scars than with debt settlement and long-term consequences that are very difficult to overcome if you need to rent a new house, or buy a car, get a loan for your business idea, etc… Scars are not the end of the world, but bankruptcy, on the other hand, may be the end to your financial health for many years to come! Live in Detroit Michigan? Debt relief is available at 866-376-9846, call now!