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Louisiana State and Government Debt Relief Assistance

Before we talk about Louisiana debt solutions, let’s take a closer look at what caused this statewide “debt epidemic”.

Right now the government is on a massive spending spree in Louisiana to help fix up the state, but unfortunately, none of these funds are being allocated towards credit card relief and debt consolidation programs, besides for the federal student loan consolidation programs currently in place.

“Between fiscal years 2015 and 2016, total government spending in Louisiana increased by approximately $1.8 billion—from $27.8 billion in fiscal year 2015 to an estimated $29.6 billion in 2016. This represents a 6.7-percent increase.” Source: BallotPedia[1]

The state and government do regulate Louisiana debt relief companies and debt collection companies. For example, debt collection companies can’t call a person before 8 AM under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). And laws restrict Louisiana debt relief companies from charging a fee before actually settling a debt.

Short Video on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to help you determine if creditors are violating your consumer rights:



Louisiana Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Companies Can Help

Louisiana debt consolidation, debt settlement and debt validation programs are the best options for residents of Louisiana to turn to for credit card and unsecured debt relief assistance.

Golden Financial Services is the preferred (RECOMMENDED) Louisiana debt relief, settlement, and consolidation company.


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Louisiana-based hardship programs are available at Golden Financial Services, a Highly Rated Better Business Bureau Company.  (Click Here to VISIT THE BBB to See Our Perfect A+ BBB Rating with NO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS & 13+ Years in Business)

Golden Financial Services has one goal in mind when it comes to helping Louisiana consumers: “Our goal is to save you the most money while helping you to become debt free and start fresh in the fastest time-frame.” (A statement from Paul J Paquin, the CEO at Golden Financial Services)

How Fast Can I Get Out Of Debt With Louisiana Debt Relief Programs?

You can become debt-free within 18-42 months with the Golden Financial Services Louisiana debt relief programs.

Some clients graduate within 18 months, while other customers take 30-40 months to complete the program. Golden Financial Services can give you a time-frame once they learn more about your needs, situation, and debts.

Louisiana residents are eligible for a free debt relief quote at 866-376-9846.

Louisiana residents won’t be required to pay high, out of pocket fees at Golden Financial Services, like with other companies such as Freedom Debt Relief, Louisiana Debt Relief and InCharge Debt Solutions.

We won’t try to help you if we can’t, but we will provide you honest and  real debt relief advice.

Live in Louisiana? GET FREE Credit repair, FREE credit report & score, and FREE debt consolidation consultation

  • Credit Repair could be included for free, depending on what program you qualify for.
  • If you live in Louisiana, you automatically qualify for a free credit report and score upon request.
  • Free Consultations are always provided to residents of the state.

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Debt Relief – Louisiana Office

Golden Financial Services can rescue consumers that are drowning in high bills through Debt Settlement Louisiana Programs. Golden Financial Services is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has been helping consumers in this state for more than 15-years now.

Better Business Bureau Louisiana Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation (& Accredited with IAPDA)

That is right; you can be rescued and your stress can be eliminated!

You can get immediate relief. Louisiana debt relief is a right that consumers in this state deserve to have if they truly have a legitimate hardship.

It takes lots of willpower, self-control, courage and help to cure the debt plague.  No magic wand will make your bills disappear.  What we can do is provide you with a blueprint to quickly pay off your credit card and unsecured accounts in the least painful and easiest way.  Call 1-866-376-9846 for a FREE QUOTE TODAY!

Do I qualify for Louisiana Debt Relief?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then you could qualify for our Debt Relief Louisiana Program.

***Are you unable to pay off your entire balance on any of your unsecured accounts at the end of each month?

***Do you ever buy items with your credit card because you don’t have the money to pay for them without your card?

***Do you notice that your health is being negatively affected because of high bills?

***Are you fighting with your spouse or family members over money?

***Are there times where you can only pay the minimum payment on your accounts?

***Have you ever been turned down for credit in the last year?

***Have you ever considered taking out a loan to pay off your bills because your monthly payments are overwhelming?

***Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Debt settlementLouisiana

Louisiana debt settlement is the preferred program over consolidation.  Debt Consolidation Louisiana Programs are also available, but here at the Golden Financial Services office, we specialize in saving our customers the most money and time, where settlement services and debt validation are the preferred options.

Debt settlement Louisiana programs are for consumers that are experiencing adversity and require assistance with paying off their unsecured accounts to avoid bankruptcy.

Consumers that have more than $10,000 in total unsecured bills could qualify.

Talk To A Louisiana IAPDA Certified Debt Relief Counselor For Free At Golden Financial Services.

Talk To An IAPDA Certified Louisiana Debt Settlement Counselor At (866)-376-9846

What exactly will the Debt Settlement Louisiana program do for me financially?

This type of program allows consumers to GET A SMALL & SIMPLIFIED monthly payment, smaller than what they would be paying when paying minimum payments on their own.  Professional negotiators will contact your creditors, letting them know that you are enrolled in the program.

Negotiators will then work to settle your accounts one by one. Each of your bills can be satisfied by paying back a significant amount LESS than the full balanced owed.

Negotiators will bulk together sometimes hundreds’ of clients worth of accounts when negotiating, which creates leverage to solidify the largest reductions for our customers.

Debt Validation – Louisiana

Debt validation challenges your debt, similar to how a lawyer challenges a speeding ticket trying to get it dismissed.

The difference is that with debt, if the debt collection company can’t validate a debt, you may not have to pay it and it could come off your credit report at that point.

The debt becomes “legally uncollectible” if the debt collection company can’t prove that they are abiding by all of the laws and maintaining accurate paperwork on your behalf.

What’s a legally uncollectible debt? It’s one that you don’t have to pay.

Once a debt is invalidated, it’s “proven to be invalid” — and at that point, the debt cannot be reported on your credit reports.

It would be illegal for a debt collection company to continue collecting money from you on an “invalidated debt”. 

Credit repair is provided for free on a debt validation program to ensure if a debt is invalidated that it gets removed from your credit report.

Learn more about debt validation. Louisiana residents can call for A FREE CONSULTATION AT (866)-376-9846 NOW.