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Louisiana debt relief programs

Are you in charge of debt, or is debt in charge of you? Think about that for a moment.

Here’s how you know.

Are you stressing over how you will pay off high credit card balances? If so, debt is in control of you. Can you only afford to pay minimum payments on high credit card debt? In this case, you are barely keeping your head above water!

Are you ready to take control of debt? Golden Financial Services can help you do just that!

Louisiana debt relief programs were invented more than twenty years ago to make debt more affordable and easy to pay.

Debt consolidation programs in Louisiana can guarantee a much lower monthly payment than what your creditors will offer you. Debt relief companies in Louisiana are not connected or affiliated with your creditors and therefore don’t need to abide by their rules.

Example of how a Louisiana debt relief program can resolve $25,000 in credit card debt

  • With a debt relief program, your payment could be as low as $347 per month for only around 36-months.
  • When paying minimum payments on your own on $25,000 in credit card debt, you’re paying around $625 per month for 5-10 years in some cases (depending on the interest rates).

Louisiana Debt Collection Laws

In many cases, Louisiana debt collection companies can’t prove a debt is valid. Consumers get to walk away from a debt without paying, aside from only paying the debt relief company’s fees. You may have spent the money, but that doesn’t mean your creditors are abiding by federal laws. Before ruining your credit by settling the debt for around 70%-75% with a debt negotiation company, use debt validation and potentially save much more.

See Example:

Best Louisiana debt relief, settlement and validation programs for 2019.

The FDCPA and Credit Card Act of 2009 protect debtors from illegal debt collection activity and ensure credit card companies treat their clients fairly. Often, laws like the FDCPA are getting violated, and people don’t even know. If your FDCPA rights are getting violated, each violation could equate to a monetary penalty of $1,000 each that is owed to you.

In Louisiana, the Statute of Limitations on credit card debt is only three years. Therefore, if a debt collection company is calling and sending letters in pursuit of collecting on an unpaid debt that’s over three years old – they are illegally trying to collect on that debt, and you don’t have to pay it.

If a debt collector catches you off guard with an unexpected phone call, just let them know that you will not agree to do anything over the phone. Request that they mail you a breakdown of what they claim you owe so that you can see everything in writing. Say “thank you” and politely hang up the phone, it’s that simple.

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) ensures that creditors maintain accurate and complete accounting records. A person can challenge a debt collection company, forcing them to prove that you were provided the services you paid for, that you owe what they say you owe and that the charges were made by you. Once a debt is written off by the original creditor and gets sold to a debt collection company, by this point paperwork gets lost, information turns inaccurate, and debt often can’t get proven to be valid once disputed. All you will be doing is monopolizing on your financial hardship, using the laws that you are provided with and taking the smart path towards financial freedom. And the best part is, debt relief programs in Louisiana are designed to do all of this leg work for you!

The Credit Card Forgiveness Act is another law that Louisiana residents need to beware of, especially if contemplating whether or not to join a debt settlement program. If you settle a credit card debt for less than the full balance owed, the amount of debt that gets discharged could be construed as income. Example: If you owe $20,000 in credit card debt and settle it for $12,000, that $8,000 savings could appear to the IRS as income and you could be required to pay taxes on it. To eliminate this tax debt, past debt settlement clients used an IRS form #982 to show they were insolvent.

Instructions on how to file the IRS Tax Form #982 to prove insolvency and eliminate owing taxes on the amount saved with Louisiana debt settlement programs:

1. #982 Tax IRS FORM for debt settlement (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FORM)

2. Check the box on line 1a if the discharge was made in a title 11 case (see Definitions, earlier) or the box on line 1b if the discharge occurred when you were insolvent (see Line 1b, later).

3. Include on line 2 the amount of discharged nonbusiness debt that is excluded from gross income. If you were insolvent, don’t include more than the excess of your liabilities over the fair market value of your assets.

4. Include on line 10a the smallest of (a) the basis of your nondepreciable property, (b) the amount of the nonbusiness debt included on line 2, or (c) the excess of the aggregate bases of the property.

Example of being insolvent and how to file #982 IRS Form

Let’s suppose that you were “released from your obligation to pay your credit card debt in the amount of $5,000. The Fair Market Value of your total assets immediately before the discharge was $7,000 and your liabilities were $10,000. You were insolvent to the extent of $3,000 ($10,000 of total liabilities minus $7,000 of total assets). Check the box on line 1b on the IRS Form 982 and include $3,000 on line 2.” For instructions on how to file the IRS Form #982 visit IRS.Gov here.

Louisiana State and Government Debt Relief Assistance

Unfortunately, state and government debt relief options do not exist. There are federal student loan relief programs available at, but that’s about it. If you are looking for a credit card debt relief program in Louisiana, you’ve landed at the right spot. Golden Financial Services offers multiple debt relief programs in 2019 that can resolve credit cards, student loans, and almost all unsecured debts.

Talk To An IAPDA Certified Louisiana Debt Relief Counselor & Learn How To Get Out Of Debt For Free At (866)-376-9846

Louisiana-based hardship programs are available at Golden Financial Services, a Highly Rated Better Business Bureau Company.  (Click Here to VISIT THE BBB to See Our Perfect A+ BBB Rating with NO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS & 13+ Years in Business)

Golden Financial Services has one goal in mind when it comes to helping Louisiana consumers: “Our goal is to save you the most money while helping you to become debt free and start fresh in the fastest time-frame.” (A statement from Paul J Paquin, the CEO at Golden Financial Services)

How Fast Can I Get Out Of Debt With Louisiana Debt Relief Programs?

Debt relief programs in Alabama, Iowa, and Oklahoma, can all get you out of debt quickly.

But how quick?

You can become debt-free within 18-42 months with the Golden Financial Services Louisiana debt relief programs.

Some clients graduate within 18-months, while other customers take 30-40 months to complete the program. Golden Financial Services can give you a time-frame once they learn more about your needs, situation, and debts.

Louisiana residents are eligible for a free debt relief quote at 866-376-9846.

Louisiana residents won’t be required to pay high, out of pocket fees at Golden Financial Services, like with other companies such as Freedom Debt Relief, Louisiana Debt Relief, and InCharge Debt Solutions.

We won’t try to help you if we can’t, but we will provide you with honest and real debt relief advice.

Live in Louisiana? GET FREE Credit repair, FREE credit report & score, and FREE debt consolidation consultation

  • Credit Repair could be included for free, depending on what program you qualify for.
  • If you live in Louisiana, you automatically qualify for a free credit report and score upon request.
  • Free Consultations are always provided to residents of the state.

Get a Free Louisiana Debt Relief Program Savings Quote

Debt Relief – Louisiana Office

Golden Financial Services can rescue consumers that are drowning in high bills through Debt Settlement Louisiana Programs. Golden Financial Services is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has been helping consumers in this state for more than 15-years now.

Better Business Bureau Louisiana Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation (& Accredited with IAPDA)

You can get immediate relief. Louisiana debt relief is a right that consumers in this state deserve to have if they indeed have a legitimate hardship.

It takes lots of willpower, self-control, courage and helps to cure the debt plague.  No magic wand will make your bills disappear.  What we can do is provide you with a blueprint to quickly pay off your credit card and unsecured accounts in the least painful way.  Call 1-866-376-9846 for a FREE QUOTE TODAY!

Do I qualify for Louisiana Debt Relief?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then you could qualify for our Debt Relief Louisiana Program.

***Are you unable to pay off your entire balance on any of your unsecured accounts at the end of each month?

***Do you ever buy items with your credit card because you don’t have the money to pay for them without your card?

***Do you notice that your health is being negatively affected because of high bills?

***Are you fighting with your spouse or family members over money?

***Are there times where you can only pay the minimum payment on your accounts?

***Have you ever been turned down for credit in the last year?

***Have you ever considered taking out a loan to pay off your bills because your monthly payments are overwhelming?

***Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Debt settlementLouisiana

Louisiana debt settlement is the preferred program over consolidation.  Debt Consolidation Louisiana Programs are also available, but here at the Golden Financial Services office, we specialize in saving our customers the most money and time, where settlement services and debt validation are the preferred options.

Debt settlement Louisiana programs are for consumers that are experiencing adversity and require assistance with paying off their unsecured accounts to avoid bankruptcy.

Consumers that have more than $10,000 in total unsecured bills could qualify.

Talk To A Louisiana IAPDA Certified Debt Relief Counselor For Free At Golden Financial Services.

Talk To An IAPDA Certified Louisiana Debt Settlement Counselor At (866)-376-9846

What exactly will the Debt Settlement Louisiana program do for me financially?

This type of program allows consumers to GET A SMALL & SIMPLIFIED monthly payment, smaller than what they would be paying when paying minimum payments on their own.  Professional debt negotiators will contact your creditors, letting them know you have legal representation and to direct all calls to your attorney.

Negotiators will then work to settle your accounts one by one. Each of your bills can be satisfied by paying back a significant amount LESS than the full balanced owed.

Negotiators will bulk together sometimes hundreds’ of clients worth of accounts when negotiating, which creates leverage to solidify the most substantial reductions for our customers.

Debt Validation – Louisiana

Debt validation challenges your debt, similar to how a lawyer disputes a speeding ticket trying to get it dismissed.

The difference is that with debt, if the debt collection company can’t validate an account, you may not have to pay it and it could come off your credit report at that point.

The debt becomes “legally uncollectible” if the debt collection company can’t prove that they are abiding by all of the laws and maintaining accurate paperwork on your behalf.

What’s a legally uncollectible debt? It’s one that you don’t have to pay.

Once a debt is invalidated, it’s “proven to be invalid” — and at that point, the debt cannot get reported on your credit reports.

It would be illegal for a debt collection company to continue collecting money from you on an “invalidated debt.” 

Credit repair is provided for free on a debt validation program to ensure if debt gets invalidated that it gets removed from your credit report.

How’s Golden Financial Services different from other Louisiana debt relief companies?

InCharge Debt Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit consumer credit counseling company in Louisiana. Incharge Debt Solutions can consolidate credit card debt into one payment with reduced interest rates. Your monthly payment will stay around the same as when paying minimum payments on your own.

Freedom Debt Relief and National Debt Relief in Louisiana are both debt settlement companies. These companies are reputable debt settlement companies, but that’s the only program they offer. Clients can expect to pay around 75% of their total debt with both these companies’ programs. Again, debt negotiation plans will lower credit scores, produce potential tax consequences and require you to stop paying monthly payments in order for the plan to work. Creditors don’t get negotiated down until they are with third-party collection agencies. Once the debt is reduced and settled the collection and late marks remain on credit reports for up to seven years.

At Golden Financial Services we try to keep people away from debt settlement by using debt validation to invalidate the debts and in some cases get them removed from credit reports entirely. Consumers can save more money with debt validation over debt settlement when validation results are successful. If a debt is proven to be valid, debt settlement would be used as a last resort. Also, consumers can use consumer credit counseling through a non-profit company that Golden Financial Services recommends for each applicant’s state if that’s the plan they choose. Golden Financial Services works with the top-rated debt relief, settlement, and consolidation companies throughout Louisiana, ensuring consumers get enrolled in the right plan. Within minutes, Golden Financial Services is able to run an applicant’s credit report through a software and find the plan that will save that applicant the maximum. Unlike companies like Incharge, Freedom Debt Relief and National Debt Relief where every applicant is restricted to only one plan because it’s all that the company offers.

Learn more about debt validation. Louisiana residents can call for A FREE CONSULTATION AT (866)-376-9846 NOW.

Louisiana Debt Relief Program Disclosures and Laws:

  • Golden Financial Services is not a licensed Louisiana credit repair company but does refer consumers to a licensed credit repair company. No credit repair company can guarantee to remove negative information from a credit report. In some cases, after disputing something on your credit report it can appear that the creditor proved the notation to be accurate, lowering your credit score further.
  • Golden Financial Services does not offer Louisiana debt consolidation loans but will assist a consumer with consolidating their federal student loans through The information pertaining to debt consolidation on this page is for educational purposes only.
  • Golden Financial Services specializes in educating consumers on their debt relief options and enrolling them with the top rated debt relief companies in the nation according to Golden Financial strives to offer each consumer the plan that saves them the most money and helps them to accomplish their overall goals.
  • Debt validation and debt settlement programs require a person to be delinquent on monthly payments. Accounts will eventually get written off and sold to third-party collection agencies which can lead to potentially adverse consequences. Creditors can issue a summons, credit scores can go down, balances can grow before a debt is resolved due to interest and late fees and there is no guarantee that these plans will work 100% of the time and that creditors will agree to settle a debt at a certain percentage. Based on extensive research and many years in business, Golden Financial Services has identified the best debt relief companies in the nation and integrated some of the best plans into the Golden Financial Services debt relief software, allowing the company to offer a variety of the most effective Louisiana debt relief, settlement and consolidation plans for consumers to choose from.
  • Louisiana debt settlement and validation programs that Golden Financial Services recommends, all include fees. FTC rules and regulations restrict Louisiana debt settlement companies from charging up-front fees. Fees can only be charged to Louisiana residents after the debt gets settled and resolved. In total, debt settlement Louisiana law firms will resolve a person’s debt for around 70%-75% (including all legal and program fees). Golden Financial Services will refer consumers to these law firms, which are all A+ rated by their state’s Better Business Bureau. Debt validation will require a person to pay around 45% of what they owe in total. When successful, clients can save up to 45% with validation. There is zero percent interest on debt validation and debt settlement programs in Louisiana.
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