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Whether you live in La Jolla, Chula Vista, or downtown San Diego, debt relief options give you control of your debt and peace of mind. You can consolidate multiple payments into one affordable payment and become debt free within 3-5 years (on average), with any one of the San Diego Debt relief programs available in 2019. That’s right; you have the power to choose from multiple options. However, all debt relief options come with downsides and you need to be aware of these downsides.

Best San Diego Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Company

Since 2004, Golden Financial Services (GFS) San Diego debt relief, settlement, and consolidation programs have assisted over 800,000 San Diegans in getting out of debt. You can see GFS is A+ rated by the San Diego BBB and does not have a single complaint within the last three years. This type of track record is unheard of for a company the size of GFS. How big is GFS? In 2019, GFS made the “Inc 5000 list of best companies in the United States”.

Enough about Golden Financial Services, let’s talk about YOU!

What are my Debt Relief Options in San Diego for 2019?

There is good news for San Diego residents in 2019. You now have the power to choose from multiple debt relief programs, including debt settlement, validation, and consolidation. Golden Financial Services was one of the first debt settlement companies in San Diego, opening its doors in 2004. Since then the company has only expanded its options, but still to this day you’ll see ZERO BBB complaints and a perfect A+ BBB rating.

You can get one affordable monthly payment to resolve all of your unsecured debt. Plans even include credit restoration and a money-back guarantee as of 2019, only available through Golden Financial Services.

The only question is; what’s the right option for you?

You may not qualify for all of the plans.

Specific plans require over $15,000 in debt, while other programs allow you only to owe $7,500 or more.

Some programs can only help with credit cards, while other options can help with all unsecured debt.

Plus, some consumers don’t want any negative affect on their credit score, so not all plans will be right for that person.

Here’s a rundown of your options, with the pros and cons of each. For immediate assistance call (866) 376-9846 and talk with a San Diego IAPDA Certified debt counselor. San Diego debt counselors can help you understand each debt relief program and figure out which option is best for you. After getting a free consultation many consumers decide that they don’t need a program and all they need to do is to change the way they are paying on their accounts. For example, you may decide to get out of debt without a program by using the debt snowball method, which you can learn about by clicking here.

Consumer Credit Counseling – San Diego

San Diego consumer credit counseling (CCC) programs are through a non-profit company. Only credit card debt qualifies. CCC is the one program that won’t have any adverse effect on your credit score because you’ll remain current on payments. Of course, CCC also comes with its downside, including the fact that monthly payments won’t change from when paying minimum payments on credit cards.


  • Save money on interest rates
  • Only have to pay one monthly payment to the credit counseling company
  • No adverse effect on credit score
  • Debt-free in 4.5 to 5 years
  • Only need above $5,000 in credit cards to qualify


  • A minimal reduction in the monthly payment
  • Locked into a 4.5 to a 5-year plan, lasting longer than the other debt relief programs in San Diego
  • Only credit cards qualify


Debt Settlement – San Diego

compare San Diego Debt Relief, Settlement and Consumer Credit Counseling Programs


Debt Settlement is a process that involves negotiating with creditors or third-party debt collection companies to reduce the balance owed on unsecured debt. An individual must go delinquent on their monthly payments for a San Diego debt settlement program to work effectively.

A typical debt settlement program requires the client to make monthly payments into a special savings account where the funds accumulate each month. Once about half of what is owed on a particular debt is available in this savings account, at that point, the debt negotiator will offer the creditor a one-time payoff. Creditors often accept about half of what’s owed to resolve a debt. Even though only about half of the debt gets paid back, the creditor also agrees to report the balance settled in full or satisfied.

Once the debt collection company agrees to the reduced amount and confirms this in writing, the funds will get paid directly to the debt collection company from the client’s savings account. The balance will reflect as zero dollars owed in the end.



  • Pay a significant amount less than the full balance owed
  • Debt-free within 24-42 months on average
  • Get one single and affordable monthly payment
  • Legal protection included from San Diego debt settlement law firm


  • Creditors and debt collectors may call
  • Results may vary
  • Negative impact on credit
  • Potential tax consequences can occur

Debt Consolidation – San Diego

Debt Consolidation (synonyms: debt consolidation loan, credit card consolidation and consolidated loan): refers to a loan that is used to pay existing debt, leaving the borrower with a single loan to pay back.
In most cases – these loans are used to pay off high-interest accounts – leaving the borrower with a single low-interest loan to pay back within a shortened time-frame.


  • No adverse impact on credit
  • Flexible terms
  • Have a single payment each month
  • Federal student loans qualify
  • Can save you money on interest rates


  • Must pay the entire loan amount back with interest
  • May not see a reduction in the monthly payment
  • Some debt consolidation companies charge high fees

Bankruptcy – San Diego

Bankruptcy (synonyms: Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Chapter 12 bankruptcy and Chapter 15 bankruptcy) – consumer bankruptcy refers to when a debtor files a petition with the bankruptcy courts.
Chapter 7, bankruptcy is used to discard a person’s debts in exchange for the attorney and court fees.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is used to reorganize debt payments to be more affordable based on a person’s disposable income – and determined by the court-appointed judge.


  • Creditor harassment must stop
  • Debts could be wiped away (Chapter 7)
  • The entire process takes six months or less


  • A small percentage of bankruptcy applicants will qualify for Chapter 7
  • Long-term adverse effect on credit (7+ Years) – for all bankruptcies
  • Shows up on public records
  • Could prevent a person from financing a new car, renting an apartment, refinancing their home and even getting a job
  • Monthly payments for around five years on average (Chapter 13)

Debt Validation – San Diego

debt relief san diego

Debt Validation (synonyms: debt dispute, debt defense, and debt verification): Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Credit Card Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a consumer has the right to challenge or dispute an alleged debt. Disputing a debt is merely requesting written verification and validation of it from the debt collector. Often, collection agencies can’t prove a debt is valid. How can validation be possible when I did spend the money? In many cases, the original creditor or collection agency may have been involved in fraud, charged unauthorized fees, or failed to abide by federal laws. Collection agencies often fail to maintain complete and accurate records due to a variety of reasons. Paperwork can get lost, or the original creditor fails to transfer complete and accurate documentation to the collection agency at the time the debt gets sold. Information turns inaccurate over time due to the continuance of new fees that you never agreed to that get added into the equation. There are many reasons why debt can’t always get validated. In fact, Golden Financial Services has never seen a collection agency prove a debt to be valid, which is just shocking! If you are having a financial hardship, take advantage of using debt validation laws. You may be able to avoid the harsh consequences that can occur when a person can’t afford to pay their credit cards and other unsecured debt. If your debt is proven valid, Golden Financial Services can help you get it settled for only around half of what’s owed (not counting company fees). Your debt can always get settled for less than the full amount owed, as a back-up plan to the validation program if needed.
Any law firm or third-party collection company must abide by these validation laws and provide the necessary documentation and accurate information to validate, verify, and prove the validity of an alleged debt after it’s disputed.



  • Can be the least expensive option
  • Disputes accounts that may not be legally collectible
  • Uses consumer laws to deal with unverifiable debts
  • If proven to be invalid or lawfully uncollectible, the debt could get removed from credit entirely
  • This program has a higher success rate than debt settlement
  • The validation company stays with the consumer until the statute of limitations on a debt expires


  • Not all accounts will be eligible
  • Accounts must be with a third-party debt collection company before disputing
  • Creditors and debt collectors may call
  • Like with debt negotiation, creditors could issue a person a summons to go to court

We look forward to explaining your debt relief options to you and helping you to become debt-free. Call 866-376-9846 to Speak to a Debt Expert at the Golden Financial Services San Diego Debt Relief Office. 


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