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Debt Relief Resource Page at

Free Debt Resources:

The Golden Financial Services debt resource page is for the brave-hearted who want to get out of debt on their own! Whether you need to reduce your interest rates, negotiate lower balances, or get student loan forgiveness — every resource you need can be found on this page.

Our debt relief resource library includes:

  • Debt relief program infographic illustrating the pros and cons of each program
  • Budget tool
  • Debt snowball calculator
  • Debt relief program calculator
  • Debt validation letter creator
  • Debt settlement letter
  • Credit Card Act Explanation Video
  • Statute of Limitations Information
  • How to negotiate debt on your own

This first debt recovery resource is a simple image, but one that tells you the facts. Debt collection companies can be relentless when attempting to collect on a debt, but you can put a stop to all collection activity by using debt validation, at least until the debt is actually proven to be valid. The infographic provides pros and cons to debt validation. Settling debt can reduce the balance on an account, but there are several negative consequences to also consider. And debt consolidation may have the benefit of consolidating debt into one and reducing interest rates, but don’t be fooled there are also downsides with consolidation. Carefully review this first debt resource so that you understand the benefits and downsides of each debt relief program.



Budget and Debt Snowball Calculator

If you’re interested in getting out of debt faster but without having to use a program, start with this budget calculator here.

After you’re done creating your budget, you can then move on to this FREE debt snowball calculator here. 

You may also try the Free Android Debt Snowball App here.

Debt Reduction Calculator Tool:


Debt Validation Letter Creator

Click here to use our free debt validation letter creator: 

Debt Settlement Letter Example: 

This is not your standard debt settlement letter, but rather a unique debt settlement letter designed by one of the negotiators at Golden Financial Services.

  • We do not recommend that a consumer with high debt or many accounts attempt to settle their debt on their own.  We recommend that a consumer with more than $7,500.00 worth of unsecured debt, use professional debt settlement services.  However, if you have one or two creditors with a small balance, it may be a cost-effective credit card debt relief option to settle the account on your own.
Free Credit Card Resources
You Deserve Debt Relief! We invite you to use our free tools.

Debt Settlement Letter – Feel free to copy and paste this template to your own letterhead.

Today’s Date:  ________________

You’re Name:   ________________

You’re Address:  ________________

Your Phone #:  _____ _____ _____

Creditors Name:  __________________

Creditors Address:  _________________

Creditors Phone Number:  ________________

In Reference to the account:   ____________________ 

To whom it may concern,

Regarding the account _______________ and account number ________________, this letter is in regard to resolving this debt.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me on this matter.  I appreciate you working with me on settling this debt so that I can pay it all off and hopefully avoid bankruptcy. 

I am desperately trying to avoid bankruptcy and from having my home foreclosed on.  I have many unsecured debts that I can no longer pay on due to my hardship.  I have attached my hardship letter.

As of (Date) ___ ___ ___, I am in a position to offer $125.00 towards settling this debt (FIA Card Services, Account Number 1231112123233434, Balance $500).   I will require that after satisfying this payment, my account will be reported “Paid in Full”.  I also will request that you remove any late payments or charge offs on this account from my credit report once this settlement is paid.

Most of my other creditors have already agreed to settlements.   I have a limited amount of money which probably will not be enough to get all of my unsecured debts settled, but I am giving it a shot before I file for bankruptcy.  If you do not accept this offer I will use the money to settle one of the other few creditors that I have left.

If your company is willing to accept my offer, then please sign this letter agreeing to my proposal and return a copy to me.  As soon as I get back this signed form, I can pay you by cashier’s check or money order and immediately.


Name:  ________________

Date:  ________________

Additional Debt, Credit and Credit Card Resources


Try our Debt Calculator Tool.  This tool will provide you with an estimate on how much money you will end up paying when paying off accounts on a consumer credit counseling program, settlement program or by paying the accounts off on your own.

Here is a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  These are your rights, so all consumers should be familiar with this Act.

Learn more about a Debt Settlement Program.   Our program could provide you with the fastest relief when compared to any other program currently available.

Learn how to Increase Your Credit Score Fast.  This information is beneficial to anyone wanting to increase their credit score.  These methods are guaranteed to help.

President Obama passed the Credit Card Debt Relief ACT.  Here is a detailed and easy to comprehend You Tube Video that explains this Credit Card Debt Relief ACT that Obama passed.

Credit Card Debt Relief Programs available in the United States

Here is an audiovisual video on all of the legal Credit Card Debt Relief Programs that are currently available in the United States.

This Credit Card Debt Relief Video was provided by Golden Financial Services.


Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt

For information on the Statute of Limitations for credit card debt, here’s a state by state breakdown for you.

How to contribute resources:

If you’re looking to add a resource to this page; it must be approved by our CEO and it better be awesome! But if it is awesome, you can email your resource to and we would love to share it! Please include a few sentences about yourself or company information so that we can credit you accordingly.

Learn How to Negotiate Debt on Your Own

Click Here for a Free Debt Resource That Explains Step by Step Instructions on How to Negotiate Debt on Your Own.

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