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South Dakota debt relief programs can offer you the following:

  • combine monthly payments into one low payment
  • make unsecured debt affordable
  • get you out of debt faster
  • reduce or eliminate interest rates
  • help South Dakota residents save money
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South Dakota Credit Card Debt Statistics

South Dakota is one of the healthiest states when it comes to credit card debt.

  • South Dakota has an average credit card debt of $4,236. This is extremely low (15% less than the national average of $4,965). Do you have more credit card debt than this? If yes, it’s time to consider debt relief programs.
  • South Dakota residents have high credit scores (the average credit score is 697, 3% greater than the national average). To get a debt consolidation loan in South Dakota,  you need to have a 700 FICO score or higher.
  • South Dakota has the lowest delinquency rate on credit card debt (people who are behind on their payments). If you’re behind on your credit card payments it’s time to consider debt relief programs to eliminate your balances fast.

Source: Credit Card Local,


Debt Settlement South Dakota Programs (Bad Credit)

Debt settlement in South Dakota is the most popular debt relief program because of how much money you can save. You can become debt free in around 36 months with debt settlement services.

Unfortunately, debt settlement requires you to stop paying on your creditors. Non-payment of credit cards and any type of unsecured debt comes with negative consequences.


Best South Dakota Debt Relief, Consolidation & Settlement Company

Golden Financial Services is rated #1 for South Dakota Debt Relief because of the following credentials:


How reputable debt settlement companies in South Dakota deal with all potential negative side effects of debt relief

What to do if you receive a credit card summons in South Dakota:

If you get a credit card summons in South Dakota while enrolled in a debt settlement program through Golden Financial Services — a debt settlement attorney in South Dakota will settle it before the court date.

Debt collection companies would rather settle a debt over going to court and potentially lose. As a matter of fact, creditors will issue you a summons, gambling on the fact that you won’t show up to court as most debtors won’t because they’re scared. But if you go to court, just by attending, there’s a high chance of getting the summons dismissed.

The worst thing you can do if you receive a summons is to ignore it. Statistically, 90% of credit card lawsuits are inaccurate or flawed in one way or another and can be dismissed in court.


How to deal with late fees and interest: 

Late fees and interest will accumulate on top of your current balance before the debt gets resolved on a debt settlement program, but once it gets settled the late fees and interest will all be mitigated into the settlement.


How to deal with the IRS if they send you a tax bill for settling a debt for less than the full balance owed:

If the IRS considers what you saved on a debt, as taxable income. Your solution is to file a #984 tax form. This form will show the IRS that what you saved wasn’t income and that you’re insolvent. The #984 tax form can eliminate any tax bill that you receive.


What if the creditors won’t work with a debt settlement company?

Creditors aren’t required to work with South Dakota debt settlement companies. And therefore, not all accounts will qualify for the program. Golden Financial Services looks at past client results to determine what accounts can likely be settled, and these are the only accounts that can be included.

Golden Financial Services offers five different debt relief options for consumers. No other South Dakota debt relief company offers this type of full array of programs. We are your one-stop financial shop.

Give us a call and we can help you to determine the best route to resolve your debt in the quickest timeframe. CALL (605) 277-1282 .


Debt Consolidation in South Dakota (Good Credit)

If you have a high credit score and perfect payment history, debt settlement won’t be the right option for you. In your case, debt consolidation would be more suitable.


The reason why is because debt consolidation can give you a low-interest loan to pay off all your debt in one shot. By paying your balances in full — helps your credit score. You worked too hard for that high credit score, don’t ruin it unless you have NO other choice!

If you have bad credit, South Dakota debt consolidation loans won’t be your best solution because you can’t get a low-interest loan with bad credit and you don’t want to get a high-interest loan under any circumstance!

How’s your credit?

Call for a free credit report and analysis, at South Dakota’s #1 rated debt relief company. Call (605) 277-1282.


Debt Validation to Deal with Fraudulent South Dakota Debt Collection Companies

Debt validation programs use 14 federal laws inside the paperwork that’s used to challenge your debt. So if a debt collection company in South Dakota is harassing you over a debt, debt validation can put a stop to that harassment fast.

The debt collection company will then need to prove that they have all of the legally required and accurate information to collect on the debt. If they have your date of birth or spelling of your last name wrong, guess what — they can’t continue collecting on the debt!

After debt validation disputes your debt, all collection activity must stop until the debt collection company produces all of the proof that’s being requested. And, the debt and all of it’s related negative marks can no longer be reported on your credit report.

Debt validation forces the debt collection company to provide proof that:

  • they have a valid South Dakota debt collection company license to collect on a debt
  • they have accurate paperwork, illustrating correct information about you and the debt that they say you owe
  • they need complete documentation and records (example: they need to produce the original agreement you signed with the original creditor)
  • They need to illustrate when the statute of limitations on credit card debt in South Dakota is. For the record, the statute of limitations in South Dakota for credit card debt is six years.


What Type of Debt is Eligible for South Dakota Debt Relief Programs?

  • Federal student loans can be consolidated
  • Private student loans can be settled
  • Credit card debt can be resolved on a variety of programs
  • Financial company loans qualify for debt reduction
  • Almost all unsecured debts will qualify for one of the South Dakota debt relief programs

All debt relief programs in South Dakota come with fees. Each program is different. Learn everything you need to know during your free consultation.

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