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BBB “A+” Rated

Debt Relief San Diego Program

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Golden Financial Services Featured on CNBC for San Diego Debt Relief
Just Featured on CNBC, Fox and BBB “A+” Rated

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, then you could be eligible for our active Debt Relief San Diego Program.  We have been assisting San Diego Consumers all throughout the county since 2004.


Are you having trouble with staying current on your accounts each month?

Are you only paying minimum payments and don’t see your balances changing?

Do you have a hardship?

Are you considering bankruptcy?

Have you fallen behind on any of your accounts?

With our program, you will have paid back a substantial amount less than owed upon graduating the program.

Pay off Your Accounts in 2 – 3 Years

Have Only One Comfortable Monthly Payment

Fill out the simple Form below or call us at 866-376-9846 to receive a FREE CONSULTATION.

You will only speak with an experienced financial adviser, and we are an “A+” Rated Debt Relief San Diego Company.

Here is a testimonial from a client who graduated on the Debt Settlement San Diego Program.

“It never came to my mind that my wife and I would be in so much trouble with our cards.   After talking to some friends, and friends of friends, I found Golden Financial Services.  I have been a pastor for over three years now, and I was determined to find a company like Golden Financial Services that would help me to pay off our accounts, instead of filing for bankruptcy.  It took five months to settle with my first card, and after that, it just felt like everything was coming together.  I am now debt free.

Thank you, Golden Financial Services for all of your help and support!”

Ron Summers, San Diego California

Debt Settlement San Diego
Assisting San Diego Consumers Since 2004

To learn more about the history of San Diego Debt Relief here at Golden Financial Services, we recommend that you read this page here.

Give us a call right now for a Free Consultation at 866-376-9846.

San Diego Debt Relief – Disclosures:

  1. Consumers will be contacted by one of our expert financial specialists within 24 hours after filling out the contact form on this page.
  2. If customers qualify for the Debt Consolidation San Diego Program, they will only be matched with one of our Non-Profit Consumer Credit Counseling Partners for a free consultation.
  3. Once consumers are approved for the Debt Settlement San Diego Program, they are also set up with an attorney in California that is there to provide them with legal protection while on the program.
  4. Not all consumers are eligible for the Debt Settlement, San Diego Program.  Some consumers will be better qualified for bankruptcy or Consolidation.
  5. There is no cost for consumers to get a consultation.  After filling out the contact form on this page, consumers will get a free consultation that includes financial education, information on all of the San Diego Debt Relief Options and a chance to ask any questions that they may have.
  6. Consolidation and Debt Settlement San Diego Programs are not intended to improve the score on a person’s credit report.  Debt Relief, San Diego Programs, are designed to aid consumers with paying off their unsecured bills in the fastest possible time-frame.  Once graduating on this type of plan customers can then start on the road towards rebuilding their credit score.

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