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Florida (FL) debt consolidation and settlement programs are available at Golden Financial Services (GFS), an A+ BBB rated FL debt relief company. Our West Palm Beach and Boca Raton offices have assisted millions of Floridians, going back since 2004. Start by getting a free consultation with one of our IAPDA certified counselors. You’ll be able to learn the best way to get rid of your debt, based on your specific financial goals and needs.

If you don’t qualify for a Florida debt relief program, use this debt snowball calculator, a free tool on our website that makes paying off debt easier. Or maybe, all you need to do is make a simple budget analysis to help you find more cash flow so that you can afford to pay off your accounts faster on your own. You can also use the free budget calculator on our website here. 

If you do qualify for a debt relief program in Florida, our counselors can set you up with the lowest possible monthly payment and on the plan of your choice. Our programs were just rated #1 by Trusted Company Reviews for 2020. And there’s not just one plan, you can choose amongst the best credit card debt relief programs in Florida as of 2020.

What is the minimum debt amount that qualifies? 

$7,500 or more in total unsecured debt makes you a potential candidate for multiple options to consolidate your bills and obtain credit card relief. Florida debt relief programs include:

  • Consumer credit counseling for reducing interest rates on credit cards
  • Debt settlement and validation programs for medical bills, credit cards, collection accounts, car repossessions, and unsecured loans
  • Student loan consolidation for federal student loans
  • Credit card consolidation loans  (Compare Lending Club, Avant, Prosper Financial, and many other lenders within a few clicks)

The following page will teach you about all of the different programs available to get debt relief. Florida residents can also call right now for a free consultation and to enroll in a local debt relief service at (754) 301-4495.

Debt relief: Florida A+ BBB rated company and GFS is IAPDA Accredited

Florida Debt Relief Options and Laws

Consumer protection laws prevent credit card companies and collection agencies from taking advantage of consumers without consequences. Florida debt relief programs offered through Golden Financial Services use these federal laws to protect clients’ consumer rights.

For example, if a creditor or collection agency violates a person’s rights while enrolled in a Florida debt settlement program, an attorney will use the violations as leverage when negotiating the debt or, in some cases, help the client sue the collection agency. With debt validation, legal violations can lead to debt becoming legally uncollectible where it does not have to get paid.

Here are just a few examples of laws that Florida residents can count on:

The Credit CARD Act of 2009

A) Fraud and abuse: forces credit card companies to give a 45-day warning before raising interest rates and prevents them from changing the interest rate more than once per year

B) Transparency: restricts credit card companies on what fees they can charge, preventing unfair, undisclosed, and high over the limit fees. The Credit Card Act forces your creditors to provide easy-to-read language on your credit card statement

C) Taking advantage of students: prohibits credit card companies from offering giveaways to college students, trying to entice them to apply for a credit card in ads such as: “Hey, all you need to do is fill out an application – you never have to use the card once you get it.”

D) Fair notice: “Credit card companies have to give consumers at least 21 days to pay from the time the bill is mailed. Credit card companies can not “trap” consumers by setting payment deadlines on the weekend or in the middle of the day, or changing their payment deadlines each month.”

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA);

A) prohibits collectors from calling you too early in the morning and after 9 pm

B) prohibits collection agencies from implying that nonpayment of any debt will result in the arrest or imprisonment (as that’s a lie)

C) prevents collectors from trying to collect on a debt by using scare tactics that imply a person will be getting sued (unless a lawsuit is really pending)

Debt Validation (verification)

Debt validation laws give Florida residents the right to dispute a third-party collection account. You can request proof that a collection agency is maintaining complete records and accurate information.

For example, you can request that a collector provide you the original agreement signed with the original credit card company when you applied for the card. By law, the collection agency must have this document and produce it upon request.

Here’s another example: A Florida debt collection agency needs to know the date for the Statute of Limitations on a debt. If you request this information from a collection agency and they can’t provide an accurate answer, the debt could become legally uncollectible.

Surprisingly, Florida collection companies often cannot prove a debt is valid! If you have a collection account that is under $7,500 and believe that it’s either been involved in fraud, inaccurate or that the collection agency has violated a law, you can use this debt validation letter to dispute it yourself. If you owe above $10,000 in total unsecured debt, you could qualify for a debt validation program.

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The Best Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Programs (in Florida for 2020)

The following infographic explains how Florida debt relief, settlement, and consolidation programs work. It’s important to understand the benefits and downsides of each option.

Best Debt Relief, Settlement & Consolidation Programs - Florida

Get a Free Debt Relief Online Quote

If you have a question or want to enroll in a Florida debt relief program:

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You can also try this debt calculator tool to get a quick quote on each debt relief program (compare your potential savings, side by side).

Depending on which debt relief program, you will determine how fast you can become debt-free.

Each person’s situation is different. We can tailor a debt relief program to fit your needs and help you accomplish your financial goals.

How fast are you looking to get out of debt?

What is your biggest financial problem?

What is your goal? These are the questions that we need to know so that we can devise a plan to help you live your life without debt.

Summary of Debt Relief Plans in Florida (Click on Chapter to Read it)

  1. Settle your debt for less with Florida debt settlement services
  2. How a $5,800 credit card debt can be reduced to $3,500
  3. Consumer credit counseling services to lower interest rates on credit cards only
  4. Debt validation services to dispute a debt so that you may not have to pay it (Credit Restoration Included)
  5. Debt consolidation to eliminate high-interest rates
  6. What is the cheapest debt relief program in Florida?
  7. What is the statute of limitations on credit card debt in Florida?


Florida Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement Company

At the Golden Financial Services Florida debt relief office we offer student loan relief, debt consolidation, and credit card relief options.

Almost any type of unsecured debt will qualify for one of the programs.

Store retail cards, credit cards, medical bills, loans, and just about any debt is eligible.

We’ve officially helped more than 2.6 million customers in achieving debt relief. If you’re struggling with high bills and credit cards, your solution is here.

  • IAPDA Certified and Accredited Company
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rated
  • 15+ Years in Business and Proven Success
  • Programs include a Money-Back Guarantee and Credit Repair
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Debt Consolidation – Florida

Florida debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is when you use a loan to pay off your debt. The point of a consolidation loan is to reduce high-interest rates and simplify the bill-paying process by combining payments into one.

Benefits of  Consolidation

  • payments get combined into one
  • interest rates get reduced
  • become debt free in less time
  • can improve credit score

Downsides of Consolidation

  • not much of a reduction in the monthly payment
  • fees and interest are included
  • high credit score required
  • only a temporary fix to debt problems
  • credit card consolidation loans are not considered a hardship program that can result in a reduction of the balances owed, however, interest rates can be lowered with consolidation
  • not all clients will be able to pay their entire loan back

We will provide you all of your debt relief options and help you to find the quickest path to become debt-free. We are not a loan company but can facilitate you in consolidating your student loans and combining your credit card debt into one affordable payment.

As an IAPDA certified Florida debt relief company, it’s our obligation to help you find the right plan to achieve your financial goals. Florida residents are entitled to a free consultation. Call today and take control of your debt!

Florida Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer credit counseling is one of the oldest debt relief programs in Florida. Back in the 1990s, consumer credit counseling was the only debt relief program available. Today, consumer credit counseling is one of the best debt relief programs that consumers can turn to.

The point of consumer credit counseling is to lower your interest rates and consolidate your payments into one. Only credit card debt qualifies.

Benefits of Consumer Credit Counseling

  • debt free in 4.5 to 5 years
  • interest rates get reduced from what it is on your own
  • all credit card payments get combined into one
  • work with a licensed and non-profit consumer credit counseling company
  • only minimal adverse effect on credit

The downside of Consumer Credit Counseling

  • entire balance and interest must be paid back
  • plans take longer to complete than other popular debt relief programs in Florida (i.e., debt settlement and validation)
  • you do get a third party notation on your credit report illustrating that you joined a consumer credit counseling program
  • monthly payment stays around the same as what it is when paying minimum payments on credit cards
  • only credit card debt qualifies
  • not much flexibility in the monthly payment
  • not all clients will make it through the program

Golden Financial Services can introduce you to a non-profit and Better Business Bureau A+ rated consumer credit counseling program.


Debt Settlement Florida

Debt Relief & Consolidation Florida Program Reviews

Debt settlement programs offer you a way to pay back your debt but at an affordable amount. Debt settlement Florida programs are for consumers experiencing financial hardship (i.e., medical condition, divorce, reduced income, unexpected expenses came up, etc…) Financial hardship can be just about any incident that occurred, which resulted in stress on your finances.

If you qualify to have your unsecured debt settled for less than the full amount owed, you will get to take control of your debt almost immediately. Some clients say that it feels like “immediate relief,” just knowing that your monthly payment is no longer overwhelming. And knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Professional negotiators will take over-communicating with your creditors. Now you still may get some phone calls, but that’s one of the downsides to debt settlement.

Your creditors don’t get paid every month so that they will call you in the beginning. Here’s how it works … each month, your payment is deposited into an FDIC insured trust account that’s in your name. So if the debt settlement company goes out of business or something occurs, you never lose your money. It’s guaranteed safe in your trust account.

As your payments begin to accumulate, negotiations begin.

Let’s suppose you have a Bank of America credit card of $5,800. With settlement that account could be reduced to around $3,500, including fees – giving you a savings of $2,300. On top of the $2,300 savings, you are also saving thousands of dollars in interest.

If your settlement program payment is set to be $300 per month, by eleven months, this debt can be settled and “paid in full.”

As soon as your first account is resolved, payments continue to accumulate for the next account.

The quote we provide you at Golden Financial Services is a conservative quote, which means if there are extra savings in the end – it’s yours to keep.

Benefits of Debt Settlement Florida Programs

  • you get to pick your monthly payment and the date that you want to pay it
  • you can become debt-free in around 24-36 months
  • almost all unsecured debts will qualify
  • you pay $0 in interest
  • A portion of your balance can be reduced and eliminated
  • allows you to escape bankruptcy
  • your balances are reduced down to a fraction of what you owe
  • you get one small monthly payment that you can comfortably afford

The Downside to Debt Settlement Florida Programs 

  • a negative effect on credit
  • potential tax consequences
  • potential creditor harassment
  • creditors can issue you a summons
  • creditors don’t have to settle
  • not all clients will make it through the program

Debt settlement is your perfect escape if you are contemplating bankruptcy. You no longer need to worry about bankruptcy as your only option.

You are left with negative marks on your credit report, but your debt all gets paid back. Settlement helps improve your debt to income ratio and proves that you are creditworthy after you finish the program, and all of your debt gets resolved.

Golden Financial Services is one of the oldest Florida debt settlement companies in the nation. Since 2004 the company has been A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and has settled millions of dollars in debt.

Why do creditors agree to accept less than owed to satisfy an account?

In the early days, we needed to illustrate to creditors that our customers had a hardship and were about to file for bankruptcy. If consumers file for bankruptcy, creditors lose money.

Nowadays, we use a similar approach, but we also have established creditor relationships and more influence than in the past.  On top of that, we use proprietary strategies designed to make the negotiating process more useful.

Why contact Golden Financial Services for Florida debt relief?

Over the years, the demand increased for debt relief.   Florida consumers needed somewhere to turn to as our economy deteriorated.  Florida debt relief companies started opening up all over the place.  Consequently, creditors modified their policies and methods to combat settlement businesses and collect efficiently from consumers.

Here at GFS, we advanced and enhanced our program infrastructure over the years, to always stay one step ahead of the creditors.

Our servicing negotiators will bulk together hundreds of client’s worth of accounts at a given time, then base negotiations on a higher dollar amount.  This debt negotiation method allows us to have more leverage to solidify superior discounts for our clients.

Debt Validation

A validation program is designed to protect a person’s rights and help them avoid harm due to fraudulent or unfair collection practices based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Credit Card Act of 2009 three other federal laws.

Once challenged, a debt collection company must verify, validate, and prove that a debt is valid and that the debt collection company is abiding by all the laws.

Once an account is invalidated, the collection company must now cease all collection. Delinquency marks can no longer be reported on an invalidated account.

Benefits of Florida Debt Validation Programs

  • could walk away from an account without paying it
  • lowest monthly payment compared to any other program
  • a debt and it’s associated negative marks can be removed from credit
  • pay nothing if results don’t get achieved
  • no tax consequences if a debt is proven to be invalid
  • can be the quickest way to deal with a collection account
  • the collection company must stop harassing you immediately after receiving the validation dispute package until they validate the alleged debt

The Downside to Florida Debt Validation 

  • could get sued by a creditor
  • technically, the debt doesn’t disappear or get paid until the statute of limitations expires
  • a debt could get validated and would then need to be paid or settled
  • temporary negative effect on credit

We have a proven track record to save our clients the most money and time, compared to any other debt relief company in Florida.

What is the Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt in Florida?

What does the Florida statute of limitations mean?

The statute of limitations is an expiration date on a debt.

Three things happen after a debt expires and the Florida statute of limitations is reached:

  • your creditors can no longer pursue legal remedies to collect on an account. (i.e., a creditor can no longer sue you over the account)
  • The debt becomes legally uncollectible, and you never have to pay it.
  • The debt comes off your credit

Technically, since credit card debt is an open-ended account – the statute of limitations on credit card debt in Florida is only four years. 

The statute of limitations for written contracts, such as a personal loan – is five years.

Debt Consolidation Loans Vs. Consumer Credit Counseling in Florida

There are too many misconceptions about these two completely different debt relief options.

Consolidation loans can be used to pay off high-interest accounts in one shot, leaving you with a single new loan to pay back. The debt does not go away, but hopefully, on the new loan, your interest rate is lower than what it is now, and you can save money in interest.

Consumer credit counseling is NOT a loan, it’s a debt relief program. Negotiators contact your creditors and work out a smaller payment, with a reduced interest rate, on each of your credit card debts. Only credit card debt qualifies for consumer credit counseling.

Talk to an IAPDA certified Florida debt counselor for free at Golden Financial Services and learn more about consumer credit counseling. Florida residents can get a free consultation today.

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