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Debt relief programs in Florida can eliminate high-interest rates and reduce a person’s overall monthly payment. Depending on which debt relief program you choose will determine how fast you can become debt free. Each person’s situation is different. We can tailor a debt relief program to fit your needs and help you to accomplish your financial goals.

At the Golden Financial Services Florida Debt Relief office we offer student loan relief, unsecured debt relief programs, and credit card debt relief options. 

Summary of Debt Relief Plans in Florida 

  • Debt settlement to lower the balances on credit cards and almost any type of unsecured debt qualifies
  • Consumer credit counseling services to reduce interest rates on credit cards only
  • Debt validation services to dispute a debt so that you may not have to pay it (Credit Restoration Included)
  • Debt consolidation loan to pay off existing debt

Golden Financial Services has been offering debt relief programs since 2004 and is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. 

Our mission from day one was to create the most efficient debt relief program on the market, designed to help consumers with paying off high credit card and unsecured bills.  We have officially helped more than 2.6 million customers in achieving debt relief. If you’re struggling with debt, your solution is here!

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Florida Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement Company


Debt Consolidation, Florida (Also Known as Consumer Credit Counseling)

A person’s credit card payments are consolidated into one monthly payment with Debt Consolidation.  Florida consolidation companies will contact their client’s creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate for their customers.

Most creditors work with nonprofit debt consolidation Florida-based companies, but not all creditors’ will.  Reputable consumer credit counseling companies will have established relationships and agreements with all of the major creditors.

Debt Settlement, Florida (Also Known as Debt Negotiation)

Consumers are set up with only one monthly payment, like with consolidation, but a smaller payment with debt settlement.  Florida debt settlement companies will set their clients up with a trust account.  Consumers will then make their once-a-month payments into their trust account.  This approach consumers complete security and well-being knowing that they are in total control of their money at all times.

As money accumulates in a client’s trust account, our negotiators start negotiating with all of their creditors.

Our negotiators will contact your creditors letting them know that you are on the program and to direct all communication to us.

Consumers end up paying back a substantial amount less than what they owe on an account with debt settlement.  Florida consumers desperately need this type of program to be obtainable or bankruptcy may be their only choice.

Why do creditors agree to accept less than owed to satisfy an account?

In the early days, we needed to illustrate to creditors that our customers had a hardship and were about to file for bankruptcy.   If consumers file for bankruptcy, creditors lose money.

Nowadays we use a similar approach, but we also have established creditor relationships and more influence than in the past.  On top of that, we use proprietary strategies designed to make the negotiating process more useful.

Why contact Golden Financial Services for debt relief?  Florida debt companies are all over the place.

Over the years the demand increased for debt relief.   Florida consumers needed somewhere to turn to as our economy deteriorated.  Florida debt relief companies started opening up all over the place.  Consequently, creditors modified their policies and methods to combat against settlement businesses and collect efficiently from consumers.

Here at GFS we advanced and enhanced our program infrastructure over the years, to always stay one step ahead of the creditors.

Our servicing negotiators will bulk together hundreds of client’s worth of accounts at a given time, then base negotiations on a higher dollar amount.  This debt negotiation method allows us to have more leverage to solidify superior discounts for our clients.

Debt Validation

A debt validation program is designed to protect a person’s rights and help them to avoid harm due to fraudulent or unfair collection practices based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Credit Card Act of 2009 and three other federal laws.

These rules require that any alleged debt be verified, validated, and proven as a collectible debt by the debt collection company.  Once challenged, a debt collection company now must verify, validate and prove that a debt is valid and that the debt collection company is abiding by all the laws. 

Once a debt is invalidated the debt collection company must now cease all collection on that debt.  Delinquency marks can no longer be reported on an invalidated debt.   To find out if you qualify for debt validation call Golden Financial Services and a free credit assessment will be provided to you.

Florida Debt Relief is available here at Golden Financial Services.  We have a proven track record to save our clients the most money and time.

Are you sick of struggling because of high unsecured bills?

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