Debt Relief Account Executives - one of the best jobs for 2017!

Looking to become a financial specialist?

You can become an IAPDA certified debt counselor at Golden Financial Services (a 15-year-old debt relief company) earning near $100,000 per year (without a college diploma). This job is similar to becoming a financial specialist, but rather than helping consumers with making investments you will be assisting your fellow Americans in becoming debt free.

IAPDA certified debt counselors at Golden Financial Services teach consumers about their debt relief options, including debt settlement, consolidation, consumer credit counseling and there are many other options. For starters, here are 2019’s TEN best debt relief options.

If a consumer qualifies for a debt relief program your job is to enroll them into the appropriate plan.

From a free gym membership to retirement benefits, to the luxury of working from home, you get it all when employed by Golden Financial Services.

The Most Challenging Part About the Job:

Over time you will develop thousands of potential clients who will all need to be consistently followed up on through your state-of-the-art CRM. This is the hardest part of the job, keeping your leads organized and following up on them in a systematic manner.

You will have usage of:

  • a power dialer
  • email marketing
  • text marketing
  • lead management reports allowing you to easily organize your leads
  • a sales assistant
  • click-to-dial
  • state of the art software, making all of your daily activities just a single click away
  • Real-time, exclusive and in-house generated leads that have on average $28,000 in debt.

People contact Golden Financial Services, we don’t cold-call leads.

Consumers will Google debt relief related phrases and Golden Financial Services often comes up at the top.

And that’s how we get the majority of leads. Additionally, consumers are referred to us by the Better Business Bureau, and other review sites that list us as the top rated company.

As a result, the leads are extremely high quality, making your job much easier but you will still have to deal with consumers who don’t qualify for any of the plans and people who are just shopping around. People are often inquiring about debt relief options but may not be ready to sign up today.

Your job requires:

  • You need to be able to quickly analyze a lead and figure out what each prospect’s best option would be.
  • You will need to stay organized, ensuring you have the guidelines for each plan in clear view and easily accessible.
  • You have to stay positive and continue dialing through your pipeline of leads on a daily basis.
  • Computer Savvy: We work with multiple software so you will need to be computer and technology savvy. You will need to quickly navigate from your lead management CRM, into your credit software to pull a credit report, and then import the data into the appropriate program software (depending on which plan they qualify for).
  • You will need to communicate throughout each day with your team on Skype and through the online phone system portal.

What’s different about Golden Financial Services, over National Debt Relief or Freedom Debt Relief? 

  • Most debt relief programs lead to about 50% of clients canceling from the program at some point or another, and sales agents getting slammed with clients calling and complaining. 85% or more of our clients make it through the program successfully. Our employees don’t have to deal with upset clients on a daily basis. Don’t take our word for it though, go onto Google and do your own research. Search for our employees’ names on Google, and see what clients have to say about our employees. You will notice our employees all have a positive reputation on Google. This is important to us. You may find a few complaints from close to a decade ago but you won’t find many from the last five years because they don’t exist.
  • We offer more than one program, so clients can truly get enrolled in the best plan based on their specific needs and goals, where our competitors only offer one specific program.
  • No other debt relief company offers credit repair and a money-back guarantee inside their programs. We’ve partnered with the top debt relief companies across the nation integrating their programs into Golden Financial Services, allowing us to now offer the best options on the market.
  • Client’s are issued an installment loan on their credit for the purpose of establishing a new and positive payment history–no other company offers this type of debt relief innovation.

10 Important Points About the Job

    1. Call the online leads and take incoming calls, assisting people who are looking for help with getting out of debt
    2. One of the first steps is to run each qualified applicant’s credit report (click a button and integrate all of their creditors into the software, finding out what plan they qualify for within minutes!)
    3. Learn and use all of the proprietary lead management tools we give you (must be savvy with technology, if you are not please do not apply)
    4. Develop, organize and manage your pipeline of thousands of leads in the most efficient manner. If you have Pipeline Management Experience — that’s a huge plus.
    5. Set an appointment, after appointment, after appointment — filling up your calendar with appointments so that eventually you can sign-up 1-client-after-another.
    6. Grow your pipeline on a daily basis — consistency is key.
    7. MOST IMPORTANTLY;– Guide consumers into the right debt relief programs — providing exceptional service on the front end — so exceptional that clients are giving you reviews on a daily basis!
    8. No Cold Calling (people come to us). By getting the best possible leads, your job becomes much more efficient and profitable. Just search on Google for credit card relief programs or Golden Financial Services – and get an idea of how big we really are!
    9. Work for Top-Rated Debt Relief Company (#1 Rated by
    10. All debt counselors have a debt assistant to assist with calling their leads (you will feel like a CEO when working at Golden Financial Services)

Work-at-Home Debt Counselor Job Requirements:

  • Must call at least 150 potential clients per day
  • Must have strong sales experience
  • Must be willing to listen, learn and continuously grow
  • Must work at least 45-50 hours per day (including some Saturdays)
  • Must have fast internet and a quiet work environment (home office)

What about the pay?

This job provides a minimum wage draw over the first few months, but following your first few months, your commissions should far exceed this draw amount. A draw is where the company provides you a small salary, to help support you while you are building up your commissions.

Within one year of working at Golden Financial Services, your income should exceed $7,000 per month.

On average you are paid $400 per client enrolled, not counting bonuses. You get paid over 1-5 months depending on the term (whether the client is enrolled on a 1,2 or 3-year plan)

You can live anywhere in the nation and work from home for this job.

Apply today!

Golden Financial Services provides a gratifying and unified culture, full of rewards and recognition for employees. We are committed to our employees’ success and progression within the company. You will even have the option to grow your own team over time.

What Account Executives Love Most About Working at Golden Financial Services?

When we asked this question to our account executives — here were a few of their answers:

  • “A comfortable working environment that allows for a stable income with room for growth”
  • “The opportunity to help people that are struggling financially”
  • “The gratification of being able to bring real-life solutions to people that are financially stressed and often hurting from life events, while working in a culture inspired by a team of people with a common vision”
  • “Defending consumers from the abusive practices of the banks and financial institutions really brings “Peter Pan-like” satisfaction especially after being a victim of their practices”
  • “I love being able to work at home. I get to work more  hours not having to drive in San Diego traffic every day!”
  • “If you’re looking for the workplace where your co-workers will ALWAYS encourage, motivate, and inspire you to be your very best you can be every day, look no further… It’s us GFS!”

Detailed Summary – Account Executive Job at Golden Financial Services

  • Paid Sales Training
  • You get a base pay + competitive commissions and bonus structure.
  • Average Account Executives Earn ($80k Per Year)
  • Retirement Benefits (including a SEP-IRA and bi-monthly contributions for qualified employees)
  • You can be a Top Producer & earn over $120K Per Year.
  • Your phone system and power dialer are Integrated into your State-of-the-Art CRM.
  • Computerized Intelligence Automation and Email Marketing 
  • Your clients get excellent customer service support after the sale. Plus, your clients get a designated quality assurance call before and after payments. Retention is above and beyond any other debt relief company.
  • Your clients get credit repair that starts on month number one.
  • Your clients will get a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Gym Membership Included No Matter Where You Live (we promote good health and fitness) 
  • Employees get free online reputation management

Level of Education Required

You must be a high-school graduate.

Credit Check

We will run your credit to check for collection accounts, bankruptcy, judgments and any type of adverse credit. You can be rejected for employment due to these matters in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Background Check

You will have to pass a background check. You can be rejected as an employee due to a misdemeanor or felony charge showing up. Traffic violations like speeding or parking tickets can be overlooked.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage women and all nationalities to apply, however you must be fully proficient in the English Language.

Email us a copy of your resume, but more importantly tell us about you, and your past experience and goals. (Email us at


A Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement (SEP IRA) is a variation of the Individual Retirement Account used in the United States.

If the owner of the company pays himself 15%, you get paid the same 15%. You don’t have to match either! This money doesn’t come out of your check, it’s additional to your check. There are restrictions with the SEP-IRA, such as you must work for the company for a certain time period before you are eligible.

Golden Financial Services maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)Click here to check us out at the Better Business Bureau