Debt Relief Account Executives - one of the best jobs for 2017!


National Debt Relief Careers

Searching for a debt relief & settlement job? You’ve landed in the right spot. 

Golden Financial Services provides a gratifying and unified culture, full of rewards and recognition for employees all across the nation. And debt relief programs are needed more than ever before because credit card debt is at an all-time high right now, reaching $1.07 trillion.

We are committed to our employees’ success and progression within the company. Do you like to win? Well, so do we! Join our winning team and quickly grow your income to $75,000 or more per year. You’ll get to work out of the best software, offer the best programs and get the best leads. Unlike the typical debt settlement or consumer credit counseling jobs, working at Golden Financial Services allows you to offer multiple options for debt relief. Consumers can choose from debt settlement, student loan consolidation, and validation programs.

Complete Golden Financial’s debt relief product training and be ready to start closing deals within about 4-6 weeks. You will get an hourly salary starting immediately, getting paid while training. Get trained by Wesley Hendrickson, a renowned debt relief guru, author, and psychology expert–and become an IAPDA certified debt counselor at Golden Financial Services (GFS) Today!

Golden Financial’s Credentials

GFS is a 15-year-old debt relief company, just making the 5000 Most Successful Companies for 2019.

Consumers contact Golden Financial Services for assistance with their debt. If you are searching for debt settlement or consolidation on Google, you’ll find Golden Financial Services on top! If it’s not our website on top, it’s a review website like the BBB, Yelp or Trusted Company Reviews, all rating us in the top 5 in the nation for debt relief.

Golden Financial Services maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), going back since 2004. Click here to check us out at the Better Business Bureau

To apply for the job email:


Is this a full-time sales job?

Yes, this is a full-time job!

Our employees often come in early and stay late, in order to accommodate to the consumer’s busy schedule.

If you’re looking to maximize how much you can earn, you can even work on Saturdays.

To apply for the job email:


How Much Does the Debt Counselor Job Pay?

The average pay that debt counselors at GFS earn is between $60,000 – $100,000 per year. Your first 60-90 days consist of paid training, where you are paid a salary. Within 3-6 months your commissions will start to exceed that salary amount. And from there, you can continue to grow your commissions, but you are guaranteed an hourly rate until your commissions exceed that hourly amount.

You will get paid a commission of 1.5% of the total debt enrolled per client (not counting bonuses).


As a Debt Counselor, What is My Job?

Counselors at GFS teach consumers about their debt relief options.

If a consumer qualifies for a debt relief program, a debt counselor will enroll them into the appropriate plan.


This is a work-at-home job

You must have a professional home office, void of distractions and loud noise.

Your home office must have a fast internet connection, as our counselors work from an internet phone and online software.

Email us a copy of your resume, but more importantly tell us about you, and your past experience and goals. (Email us at


Job Requirements

-what we are looking for:

  • Applicants with 2-4 years of experience in sales or account management in a rapidly changing financial services related company
  • Applicants with incredibly strong written and verbal communication skills (from communicating each day with your teammates on Skype to communicating with leads–communication is key)
  • Applicants who can handle ambiguous and chaotic times with composure and while staying incredibly organized
  • Applicants with emotional intelligence who can empathize with customers
  • The type of person that realizes feedback is a gift, and who wants to hear constructive criticism that makes them better
  • You must be able to stay organized and be computer savvy (being able to scan your program guidelines with ease when qualifying leads, quickly navigate from your lead management CRM into your credit software to pull a credit report, then importing the data into the appropriate program software, having a reliable calendar to ensure you’re always on time for appointments)


Bonus Skills:

  • Speech, debate, or door-to-door selling experience
  • Applicants from the financial services and insurance industry


Perks Included

  • free gym membership
  • retirement benefits
  • have the luxury of working from home
  • enjoy time off (as part of the prize, for monthly team bonuses)


What’s different about Golden Financial Services, over National Debt Relief or Freedom Debt Relief Jobs? 

  • Most debt relief programs lead to about 50% of clients canceling from the program at some point or another, and sales agents getting slammed with clients calling and complaining. 85% or more of our clients make it through the program successfully. Our employees don’t have to deal with upset clients on a daily basis. Don’t take our word for it though, go onto Google and do your own research. Search on Google for some of Golden Financial’s staff members; “Rick Sorrentino (Sales Executive)”, Wes Hendrickson (manager)”, “Paul Paquin (CEO)”, and see what clients have to say! You will notice our staff all have a positive reputation on Google. This is important to us. You may find a few complaints from close to a decade ago but you won’t find many from the last five or so years because they don’t exist.
  • We offer more than one program, so clients can truly get enrolled in the best plan based on their specific needs and goals, where our competitors only offer one specific program. Our unique program infrastructure allows us to offer only the best debt relief programs in the nation, and we continue to evolve over time.
  • No other debt relief company offers credit repair and a money-back guarantee inside their programs. We’ve partnered with the top debt relief companies across the nation integrating their programs into Golden Financial Services, allowing us to now offer the best options on the market.
  • One of our debt relief programs includes credit restoration with a money-back guarantee. Clients are issued an installment loan on their credit for the purpose of establishing a new and positive payment history, which no other company offers! This type of debt relief innovation is unheard of, it’s the new wave of debt relief programs!


What Account Executives Love Most About Working at Golden Financial Services?

When we asked this question to our account executives — here were a few of their answers:

  • “A comfortable working environment that allows for a stable income with room for growth”
  • “The opportunity to help people that are struggling financially”
  • “The gratification of being able to bring real-life solutions to people that are financially stressed and often hurting from life events, while working in a culture inspired by a team of people with a common vision”
  • “Defending consumers from the abusive practices of the banks and financial institutions really brings “Peter Pan-like” satisfaction especially after being a victim of their practices”
  • “I love being able to work at home. I get to work more  hours not having to drive in San Diego traffic every day!”
  • “If you’re looking for the workplace where your co-workers will ALWAYS encourage, motivate, and inspire you to be your very best you can be every day, look no further… It’s us GFS!”
  • “Everything is just top-notch, clients get the best service … sales executives get the best technology, from being able to text consumers, easily navigate from one software to another as it’s all integrated, click to dial … awesome leads, multiple options, honest people with strong ethics and morals, and I could go on and on here…Our CEO is so down to earth, always striving to learn more and get ahead of competitors, but more importantly, he cares so much about each of us, always paying close attention to what we need to be happy and how we can earn more income, providing solutions to our problems, promoting health and fitness by offering free gym memberships, always offering to buy us new equipment…” 

Level of Education Required

You must be a high-school graduate, but no college degree is necessary. You don’t need to have experience in the debt relief industry either, in fact, we prefer hiring applicants that have no experience in the debt relief industry. The most successful sales executives come from the insurance industry and have had past jobs where they’ve conducted door-to-door sales.

Credit Check

We will run your credit to check for collection accounts, bankruptcy, judgments and any type of adverse credit. You can be rejected for employment due to these matters in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Background Check

You will have to pass a background check. You can be rejected as an employee due to a misdemeanor or felony charge showing up. Traffic violations like speeding or parking tickets can be overlooked.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage women and all nationalities to apply, however you must be fully proficient in the English Language.

Email us a copy of your resume, but more importantly tell us about you, and your past experience and goals. (Email us at


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If the owner of the company pays himself 15%, you get paid the same 15%. You don’t have to match either! This money doesn’t come out of your check, it’s additional to your check. There are restrictions with the SEP-IRA, such as you must work for the company for a certain time period before you are eligible.