Debt Relief Account Executives - one of the best jobs for 2017!

One of the Best Jobs in America for 2017

Golden Financial Services provides a gratifying and unified culture, full of rewards and recognition for our employees. We are committed to our employees’ success and progression within the company. Today we will supply you with this long job description, but we would rather get it all on the table right up-front, to improve the chances of finding the right applicants.

IMPORTANT: — Please do not apply unless you have read the entire job description! Below we have also provided instructions on “how to apply”. Our Executives are very busy assisting consumers, so we would greatly appreciate for you NOT to call us and tie up the lines, but rather email us as specified below. We can then coordinate a time for you to talk to the right department, and we can then give you our undivided attention. If you are selected as a “Top Applicant” we will notify you within 5-10 days. We will be inviting the top applicants to a seminar at our San Diego office towards the end of the month, where we can meet you and you can learn more about our operation. The day after that we select the “New Hires”.

Ready to get started?

Let’s go!

What Account Executives Love Most About Working at Golden Financial Services?

When we asked this question to our account executives — here were a few of their answers… (keep in mind, this is how they responded on their team online chat box, word for word.)

  • “A comfortable working environment that allows for a stable income with room for growth”
  • “The opportunity to help people that are struggling financially”
  • “The gratification of being able to bring real life solutions to people that are financially stressed and often hurting from life events, while working in a culture inspired by a team of people with a common vision”
  • “Defending consumers from the abusive practices of the banks and financial institutions really brings “Peter Pan-like” satisfaction especially after being a victim of their practices”
  • “I love being able to work at home. I get to work more  hours not having to drive in San Diego traffic every day!”
  • “If you’re looking for the workplace where your co-workers will ALWAYS encourage, motivate, and inspire you to be your very best you can be every day, look no further… It’s us GFS!”

Golden Financial Services is the fastest growing debt relief company in the nation

The last 18 months have been a sprint. We’ve experienced record-breaking growth due to a new program that hit the market.

This program can reduce a person’s debt by more than 40% and comes with credit repair, it’s totally proprietary.

Sparking wide media attention – Golden Financial Services has gone viral on the internet.

This massive exposure brings us more people wanting to sign up for our programs than we can handle. A good problem to have, but now we need to find the best talent to grow our team — and this is easier said than done.

Before we get into all the spectacular and fun stuff, let’s be real for a moment…

What it Takes to be a Successful Account Executive  (5 Questions)

Question 1: (work ethic)

Are you the type of person that would work 10+ hours per day and on Saturdays’ — to achieve your goals? In other words, will you do what it takes to achieve your goals and enjoy the hard work?

Question 2: (mindset)

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset that will drive you beyond the activity of the “average” employee?

Question 3: (motivation)

Are you a positive and self-motivated individual?

Question 4: (personality)

Can you take criticism, and actually take in the information in a positive way not getting offended?

Question 5: (morals and ethics)

Do you do the right thing when no one is looking?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this job probably isn’t right for you. So just stop reading to avoid wasting your time, and we say this respectfully.

This opportunity requires you to take control of your future by putting in the time and necessary work, it’s not designed as “an hourly position”. You need to be the type of person that wants to take in much more than an hourly paycheck.

A great opportunity for a bright young workaholic!

The good news is…

After your first six months;– that first year, you can potentially make above $80k (annually) if you follow the system.

We are looking for motivated team members to grow with us as we continue to develop our talent at a lightning-fast speed.

Our Certified Debt Executives are trained on 3-programs to be able to help people across the nation with almost any type of unsecured debt.

Basic Summary – Account Executive Job at Golden Financial Services

    1. Call the online leads and take incoming calls — assisting people who are looking for help with getting out of debt
    2. Learn and use all of the proprietary lead management tools we give you — you must be savvy with technology, if not please do not apply.
    3. Develop — and then, organize and manage your pipeline of thousand’s of leads in the most efficient manner. If you have Pipeline Management Experience — that’s a huge plus. It is a science to a large extent.
    4. Set an appointment, after appointment, after appointment — filling up your calendar with appointments so that eventually you can sign-up 1-client-after-another.
    5. Grow your pipeline on a daily basis — consistency is key.
    6. MOST IMPORTANTLY;– Guide consumers into the right debt relief programs — providing exceptional service on the front end — so exceptional that clients are giving you reviews on a daily basis!

We teach you how to do everything. You are not required to have a college degree. Our extensive training regimen and hands on training are all you will need.

You must; 

  • Follow company protocols
  • Remain positive and disciplined
  • Stay organized

Detailed Summary – Account Executive Job at Golden Financial Services

  • You can jumpstart your career in the debt relief industry by getting Professional & Paid Sales and Business Training — with ongoing support from your team manager and CEO.
  • You get a base pay + competitive commissions and bonus structure.
  • Average Account Executives Earn ($80k Per Year)
  • You don’t have to contribute to your IRA – We Setup and Contribute into Your SEP-IRA Once You’re Eligible – we have your back and want to make sure your future looks good.
  • You can be a Top Producers & earn over $120k Per Year.
  • You don’t have to worry about cold calling — NO COLD CALLING!– we generate our own leads and dominate on Google.
  • You get a fine-tuned system to work out of each day — allowing you to sign up 2-4 clients per day.
  • Your phone system and power dialer are Integrated into your State-of-the-Art CRM.
  • Computerized Intelligence Automation and Email Marketing – assisting you with your massive number of follow-ups.
  • Your clients get excellent customer service support after the sale. Plus, your clients get a designated quality assurance call before and after payments. Retention is above and beyond any other debt relief company. We know because we used to be like the other debt relief companies, but after 10+ years and partnering with the right partners — we figured out how to master this business and provide exceptional programs making your job more lucrative. 
  • Your clients get credit repair — that starts on month number one.
  • Your clients will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Gym Membership Included in your employment contract.
  • Employees get free online reputation management and you can even get setup with your own web pages — we invest in our employees.

You get access to all of the best tools available — to make your job easier. Our Account Executives sign-up two or more clients per day on average — and more for top producers!

Level of Education Required

You must be a high-school graduate.

Background Check

There will be a background check. You cannot have a criminal record with anything related to financial charges.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage women and all nationalities to apply, however you must be fully proficient in the English Language.

Email us a copy of your resume, but more importantly tell us about you, and your past experience and goals. (Email us at


A Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement (SEP IRA) is a variation of the Individual Retirement Account used in the United States.

You don’t have to contribute to your IRA – We Setup and Contribute into Your SEP-IRA Once You’re Eligible – we have your back and want to make sure your future looks good.

This is the best type of retirement account that you could ask for — you want a company to offer you this option because the company pays.

If the owner of the company pays himself 15%, you get paid the same 15%, but there are restrictions with the SEP-IRA, you must work for the company for a certain time-period before you are eligible.

What’s different about Golden Financial Services Debt Relief Programs?

Our competitors are stuck in the mud — still offering debt settlement services to their clients, where their clients’ pay over 65% of their balances and their credit takes a huge hit.

Golden Financial Services maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ZERO Customer Complaints.

Click here to check us out at the Better Business Bureau

How is this possible? 14+ years in business and no complaints?

We make sure our clients are — 100% happy — through the many different department’s set-up to cover our clients from every angle including the FDCPA violations team, the credit auditing department, retention department, quality assurance department, credit repair department, managers that follow-up with the clients and even the CEO gets involved with day to day client situations.

No other company offers credit repair as part of the debt relief program.


…the credit repair starts on month number one! Have you heard of a program like that before?


…clients get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You can try this debt calculator tool here, to see a few of our options.

Not to mention, did you notice while doing your research on Golden Financial Services that we WROTE THE BOOK ON DEBT CONSOLIDATION, TAKE A LOOK (AMAZON 5-STARS!) wrote the book on debt consolidation - top seller with Amazon

Golden Financial Services Accreditations and Certifications

We are Members and Accredited with the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR) — these organizations help to train and test our managers.

Golden Financial Services has excellent online reviews on Google, Yelp and Trusted Company Reviews. Just take a look for yourself.

Our Mission:
At Golden Financial Services, we provide our clients with the highest standards in debt elimination and management solutions for a debt free tomorrow.

The Word “Team” at Golden Financial Services

We’re looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing team! And “TEAM” – we take this word seriously. There are different teams and each team takes a laser-focused approach to accomplishing their team goals and tasks. You must follow your team leader and work together with your team, communicating with them throughout the day, and participating in group efforts.

There are different teams at Golden Financial. Our marketing team stays in close contact with our sales team; by allowing these two departments to coincide with each-other. By doing this we are able to optimize our strategies to generate the laser-targeted leads that every company dreams of.

By allowing our marketing team to interact with the sales department enables our sales account executive teams to have impeccable social skills, solid strategy, and empathy for our clients — making their ability to produce subside at the highest level.

About the California Office

Our main California office is in beautiful San Diego, right next to the beach.

It’s a great environment.

Gym Memberships

Right under you is the gym. We pay for our top employees’ gym memberships.

You can take a walk to the beach for lunch (it’s half a mile away). Our office is definitely a beach environment.

Work at Home Account Executive Jobs

Our Senior Specialists’ work from home on certain days. Once you graduate your training period and surpass your draw, you will have the option of working from home.

Are there any other opportunities for top executives?

Our vision is to develop the California office and fill it with talented and qualified Account Executives who could grow into leadership roles including Supervisory Team Leaders and Executive Management.

Golden Financial Services is consistently surpassing sales goals because of the high demand from consumers looking to get out of debt. Over time the demand increases and we can then hire more Account Executives. Eventually; it will be your turn to run a team.

We provide an abundance of opportunities for our employees to move up the within the company.

What about the leads?

We don’t pay third-party lead vendors for marketing. We did that about 10 years ago, back during decade #1 of our business. Now, people come to us because of our credentials and recognized debt relief programs. Consumers verify our credentials and see how much they can save compared to other quotes they may have received — and they pick you.

Now, people come to us because of our credentials and recognized debt relief programs. Consumers verify our credentials and see how much they can save after getting a consultation with our account executives, compared to other quotes they may have received from other companies.

We have Google Video, PPC and Search Certified Executives that work in our marketing department; Plus; we just partnered with the largest online marketing company in the nation.

We have a team that consists of designers, programmers, and developers — all on standby.

Extensive Training for Debt Relief Account Executives

Extensive training is provided to you over a Two Month Period – lead by an IAPDA and AFSLR Certified Specialist. (some executives graduate training faster)

The training takes so long because there are multiple programs that you will get trained on. Before you can graduate and start helping the nation with their debt, you must be fully equipped to take the best care of your clients and provide the optimal service. You must gain experience by listening in to the senior account executives on your team

Our proven protocol has developed top producing account executives.

Skills, Experience and Personality Traits that WE LOVE

• Motivated and enthusiastic team player
• Excellent communication and listening skills
• Ability to explain complex information clearly and simply
• Ability to make presentations effectively
• The ideal candidate should be highly motivated and organized
• Ability to represent the firm professionally
• Knowledge of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint programs is a plus
• Need to be fast on a computer and up to date on modern technology, and a quick learner!
• Already have a home office setup? That is a plus!
• No pre-conceived thoughts – Come in and treat this as if you’ve never done the business before even if you did, we want to teach you from the ground up – our way that is guaranteed to work.
• Hungry to work and make money. Are you hungry?
• Self-motivated – Do you need a Supervisor over your shoulder all day? Would you work just as hard from your home office, or harder since you have more work hours in the day not having to drive to the office?
• Willingness to learn and grow professionally
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Prioritizing, time management and organizational skills
• Sales experience is a plus: demonstrable recent experience expressed by consistently meeting or exceeding sales revenue quotas.

Email us a copy of your resume, but more importantly tell us about you, and your past experience and goals. (Email us at

Golden Financial Services does not discriminate in hiring or employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, age, employment status, disability or veteran status or any other basis prohibited by federal, state or local laws.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully welcoming you as our next Debt Relief Account Executive!