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best debt relief, settlement and consolidation affiliate marketing programs for 2019
Affiliate marketing programs at Golden Financial Services can enable you to live a lifestyle with financial health, and all while helping others to get debt resolution services with an A+ BBB Rated Company! (13+ years in business)

Have you ever looked up some of the debt relief and settlement affiliate marketing programs scattered across Google? Ads that are promising you financial freedom through affiliate marketing? Well, no wonder why you may be skeptical. Most of that stuff is nonsense.

How can you tell?

Just visit (the Better Business Bureau “BBB”) and you’ll see most of these affiliate marketing networks have an “F” BBB rating and hundreds or even thousands of complaints. Or even worse, when an affiliate marketing company doesn’t even have a Better Business Bureau profile page, meaning, they probably aren’t “legally incorporated” and it’s just an affiliate marketing scam.


To learn about Debt Affiliate Programs for 2019, CLICK HERE  (just updated for 2019)


This article is outdated, so simply click the link above to see the most updated information regarding affiliate programs at Golden Financial Services and how to get started.


What if there was an affiliate program out there, with an A+ BBB rating and NO BBB complaints over the last fifteen years? From 2004 – 2019 Golden Financial Services has maintained an A+BBB rating, and just this year making the 5000 Most Successful Companies List!

Well, Golden Financial Services is it!

How do we do it?

The answer is … Our clients get the most effective debt relief program on the market. A program that’s been proven to work, getting millions of consumers out of debt. And there’s more … our debt relief plans include a money-back guarantee and free credit repair – in this industry, that’s unheard of.

Golden Financial Services offers the best and most lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity in the nation. When joining our debt consolidation affiliate marketing network, you’re unleashing a new business model that will bring your business a new stream of revenue, happy clients, and new referrals. Not only that, but offer multiple programs. Consumer Credit Counseling, Debt Relief, Settlement, and Validation Programs Are All Available For Debt Affiliates to Sell. rates Golden Financial Services #1 Debt Relief Company (click to verify).

Affiliate Marketing Programs and Work at Home jobs are available at Golden Financial Services.

We offer YOU the opportunity to increase YOUR income while helping others to become debt-free.

How to Apply for the Golden Financial Services Affiliate Program?

  • Email About the Affiliate Opportunity (include your company’s name, credentials and website addresses – and tell us about your goals). In the body of the email please state “regarding debt affiliate opportunity“.

We have a few affiliate marketing opportunities available.

  • Pay per client
  • Pay per lead
  • Pay per live transfer
  • Pay as a partner, where you get paid a percentage of the revenue that your referrals generate

When are they considered a client?

Once your referred lead:

A. signs up for the program (any one of our programs that are offered)

B. and deposits their first monthly payment – you get paid within 5 business days after it clears

They are considered an official client once their first payment clears. 

Affiliate reports are sent out to affiliates weekly and commission are paid weekly.

What’s the pay per qualified live transfer, affiliate marketing program?

For a qualified affiliate marketing live transfer lead, you will get paid either a one-time flat fee or a percentage of the revenue paid as a residual commission. 

What is a qualified lead? Two factors:

A qualified lead is one that;

1.  The prospect must have more than $10,000 in VERIFIED unsecured debt that shows up on their credit report or that can be illustrated through monthly statements.

2. The prospect must be interested in obtaining assistance with their debt issues. Someone who wants help, obviously. If a lead is transferred to one of our Outreach Specialists, and they immediately say “I changed my mind and am NOT INTERESTED”, this is NOT a qualified lead. 

How to Apply for the Golden Financial Services Affiliate Program?

  • Email About the Affiliate Opportunity (include your company’s name, credentials and website addresses – and tell us about your goals)


What about work at home jobs?

Since Golden Financial Services offers national debt relief programs, debt affiliates and work at home jobs are available, no matter what state you live in. Enjoy the benefits attached to helping your fellow Americans with their debt issues, while getting paid at the same time. To learn more about the affiliate programs offered through Golden Financial Services, email Start living the life you have been dreaming of through our affiliate programs at Golden Financial Services. (it is imperative to put in the subject of the email “regarding affiliate program” in order for your email to be filtered properly)

Learn more about our programs. Learn more about debt settlement here. 

Learn more about student loan relief options by clicking here. 

Learn about all of our debt relief programs and services by clicking here. 

How to Apply for the Golden Financial Services Affiliate Program?

  • Email About the Affiliate Opportunity (include your company’s name, credentials and website addresses – and tell us about your goals)
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