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The Debt Settlement Program

1.  Consumers get set up with only one monthly payment that is feasible, based on their income.  The payment is typically a significant amount smaller than what a person would be paying when paying minimum payments on their own.

2.  Monthly payments are set up and designed to get consumers out of debt in approximately three years or less.  Some clients will graduate the program in a year, while with others, it may take four years.  Results do vary.

3.  We include credit and financial education for our clients while they are on the program.  When enrolled in this type of program a person’s credit score may go down.  Therefore, we provide our customers with extensive education and tools on building good credit, so when they graduate the program, they are immediately on their way to having good credit again.

Golden Financial Services believes that we all experience adversity and hardship.  However, those who are proactive and take affirmative action will learn, get smarter and come back even stronger in the end. That is how it works with debt settlement. You take a hit, but ultimately the goal is to end up in better shape, debt free. And with more money of course! 

4.  An attorney is included in the debt settlement program.  The attorney’s that we select to connect with our customers are from reputable law firms.  We are not a law firm, but we connect our clients with a highly rated attorney in their state, who provides them with legal protection. We consider the attorneys that we select for our customers to be amongst the best debt lawyers in America.

Golden Financial Services is similar to a credit card relief coalition. We have unity with our fellow Americans, aimed at protecting their rights and eliminating bad debt.We are the pro’s, and we can say that modestly, but its the truth. We want consumers to feel comfortable, coming to us for relief. Debt relief!!

Since 2004, we’ve been at this game like race horses, striving to develop the most efficient debt settlement program in the industry. 

At the end of the day, WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU???

Well, let’s start with; 

A. 1 secure and small monthly payment 

B. debt free in under three years on average 

C. legal protection from a top rated attorney in your state 

D. Assurance of Performance (AKA: pay nothing if results aren’t archived) 

E. You could pay 65% of your balance, including company fees, saving over 30% on your balances and sometimes more


We are now pleased to say that we believe our program will save consumers more money and time than any other debt relief program presently accessible on the market.

What do all of the Best Debt Settlement Companies have in Common?

The best debt settlement companies in America have more than a five year track record, a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), zero unresolved customer complaints and hundreds of client testimonials.  We have those credentials!

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Here is a testimonial from a happy client who graduated from the Golden Financial Services Debt Settlement Program.

“Golden Financial Services helped to save me years of suffering.   I am so glad I am debt free. 

I had over $50,000 of debt.   I literally could not continue making my payments.  I was planning to declare bankruptcy, when my friend John, who owns the local real estate company in my town, told me about debt negotiation.  He said “Golden Financial Services is one of the best debt settlement companies around.  We send all of our clients to them and have never heard of any complaints.”

I am usually a very skeptical person, but I put my trust into these guys, and I had no other choice at the time.  I did not want to file for bankruptcy.

I was told that after 24 payments I would be debt free.  I was told a lot more than that, but that is all I wanted to focus on.  After every payment, I would count how many I had left.  I was holding these guys to their 24-month quote.

I ended up paying back about around half of what I owed in total, and I finished the program in less than two years. 

There were days at the beginning of the program where I was stressed, and I had my doubts. 

I happen to live less than a mile from their office.  Whenever I had my doubts, I would stop by their office.  They were always busy, but always made time for me and took care of me whenever I stopped by.  I owe them a nice THANK YOU!”


San Diego, California

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