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How to Find Angel Investors for a Business

How to find angel investors? Start here!

Are you wondering how to find investors for a business? Angel investors can be the stepping stone you need to go from a great idea to a prosperous business. The Golden Financial Services team can help fund your business by acting as an angel investor and business partner. As part of the deal, we’ll partner with you to help launch your business, assisting with everything from funding to marketing. We can even assist you with trademarking and obtaining proper patents.

How to contact Golden Financial Services to discuss finding an investor for a business?

Please do not call the main number on our website because we have multiple departments specializing in helping consumers with financial debt solutions.

To discuss finding your angel investor – Email Tell us about you and what you’re looking to accomplish. We can then coordinate a meeting to discuss details. Paul J Paquin, the CEO at Golden Financial Services, will be your initial contact.  And please DO NOT share any confidential information about your business concept until we sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

Find the right investors.

Why do entrepreneurs use Golden Financial Services to help them find investors?

We can help your business –

  • Get the appropriate funding it needs without being overextended with debt
  • Properly structure your corporation (i.e., LLC / S-Corp)
  • Maintain a clean balance sheet from day one
  • Set up an amazing website with powerful marketing (SEO), resulting in catapulting your product into the world
  • Protect your invention with patents and trademark the names involved

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