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Free Debt Relief Consultations are available here at Golden Financial Services, Florida’s #1 Debt Consolidation, Debt Validation & Loan Negotiation Company.

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A debt specialist will review your entire financial situation and then tailor a plan to resolve your unsecured debt. You may qualify for a debt validation program that could prove your debt to be uncollectible, meaning you don’t have to pay it! With debt validation, credit repair is included, and also you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Benefits that consumers can receive at the Miami Debt Relief Center includes:

  • One Payment Each Month for all Unsecured Debt
  • Freedom From ALL UNSECURED DEBT, within 24 Months on Average
  • Improve your overall financial health
  • End your nightmare of too much debt!

What’s the best debt relief option for me to take? Miami Legal Debt Relief Center can assist you with your answers.  Call 866-376-9846 for Immediate Relief.

  • Golden Financial Services has been assisting consumers in Miami since 2004 with debt relief programs
  • Voted #1 debt relief company in the United States by Financial Product Reviews & A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
  •  Golden Financial Services was selected in 2014 to be amongst the Top 5 Debt Relief Companies in America
Making a decision to become debt free can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Most people end up paying two to three times the amount owed to their creditors due to high-interest rates and fees .
For example,
   on a debt amount of nearly $20,000.00, by only making minimum payments realistically you would end up paying your creditors 5-6 times that amount after interest fees and it would take you 20-30 years to pay off. In the Golden Financial Services debt relief program we can save thousands of dollars off the debt that you currently owe and save you ten’s of thousands of dollars in interest and we will have you debt free in 12-36 months with one low monthly payment.
We Have A Couple Different National Debt Relief Programs Available! Call FOR FREE QUOTE NOW! Or keep reading and get educated on your debt relief options. 
1st.  Debt Settlement/Hardship Program
 Debt Settlement is one of the fastest and least expensive way to pay off your debt. During our debt settlement program professional debt negotiators work with your creditors to reduce your debt to a fraction of what you owe. Your debts are settled in an orderly manner as agreements are reached with each of your creditors. The program takes 12-36 months and is considered complete when all debts included in the program have been settled.
This program is for Individuals that have a hardship and cannot stay current on their credit cards any longer. Once you stop paying on your credit card and join this program we will make sure all of your creditors are contacted immediately by receiving letters of representation that your in a Debt Relief Program and being represented by a highly rated law firm in your state.
You make one payment each month into your FDIC trust account, when enough money accumulates to pay your creditor at the reduced amount, you authorize the payment and each creditor gets paid off. As each account gets paid off one by one your credit score will once again start to improve with our program .
    We Typically start with your smaller balanced accounts first because we can take care of those quicker, and the larger balance accounts we let mature longer because we will get a better settlement, which will save you more money and get you out of the program early. We estimate the payoff at 40% of what you owe the creditors because we have seen a trend with the banks they usually settle between 20 and 40 percent of what our clients owe on their debts. On average you end up saving 40-60 % off the debt that you owe.
The 3 main benefits of this program:
–        You will have the immediate relief of a lower payment each month with no interest.
–        You will be saving thousands of dollars off of the debt that you currently owe and tens of thousands of dollars in interest you will be saving also.
 –      You will be debt free in 12-36 months or less instead of 25 years.
2nd Option Debt Validation,
We can assist you on our non-attorney debt relief program, called debt validation, that comes with a 100% guarantee.
 Debt Validation is a process that empowers consumers with the ability to execute their legal rights based on the Credit Card Act of 2009
On a debt validation program, with third-party debt collection accounts, we will usually start by forcing your third-party debt collectors to prove they’re abiding by all of the federal laws. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Truth in Lending Act.
This process can safe-guard a person from harm because of fraudulent or unfair debt collection tactics.
If we find out they violated your rights, or if they can’t prove they’re abiding by all of the federal laws, your debt may become uncollectible and you don’t have to pay that debt. We also include a restoration program, where we refer you to a licensed credit restoration company upon finishing our debt Validation Program to remove all Negative remarks from your credit report.
If your creditors and third-party debt collectors are abiding by the federal laws, we may then negotiate a settlement. On average you end up saving 40-60 % off the debt you owe and this includes all fees.
We try to present all debt relief options for consumers, in order to best serve Miami.  Not one program, is right for everyone.

With Golden Financial-  You get to rest assured knowing that our company is A+ rated with the BBB and has NO unresolved issues.

We present all debt relief options for consumers, in order to best serve Miami. Not one program, is right for everyone.
When contacting Golden Financial Services, an experienced debt specialist will review and evaluate each option, helping you to determine what the best program for you will be. We have strong aligns with different attorneys and highly rated company’s across the United States, ensuring that no matter what option you choose, your in great hands.
–  Don’t be afraid to ask about our 100% Money Back Guarantee on one of our debt relief programs. We have programs that includes an attorney and legal protection, or no attorney but with a 100% written guarantee.
  • Golden Financial Services has been assisting consumers in Miami since 2004 with debt relief programs
  • Voted #1 debt relief company in the United States by Financial Product Reviews & A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • One of our best awards came to us in 2014. Golden Financial Services was selected to be amongst the Top 5 Debt Relief Companies in America, by Financial Product Reviews.
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Additional Debt Relief Program Benefits:

1. From Debt Settlement to Debt Consolidation Loans, United States consumers can be advised and educated on all of their debt relief options.  The first step to becoming debt free is getting financially educated.

2. If the third-party debt collection company can’t prove your alleged debts to be valid then you may not have to pay it. We will find out if you qualify for debt settlement, consumer credit counseling or debt validation services in about ten minutes, that’s all it takes!

Miami Debt Relief Center Program, Nationwide Disclosures:

Other common names for National debt relief include National credit card hardship program, loan consolidation, credit card relief programs, and credit card debt reduction services.


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