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Attorney-Based Debt Settlement Programs Near You

Are you struggling with credit card debt and high-interest rates?

Do you owe above $7,500 in unsecured debt?

Your debt can all get combined into one affordable monthly payment that has you completely debt-free in anywhere from 12-48 months, depending on what you can afford to pay. Whether you’re current on payments or behind, you can still qualify.

One of the most widely preferred methods of debt relief is debt settlement. Attorney debt negotiation & settlement programs are available through Golden Financial Services. You can get set up with a local A+BBB rated law firm near you, getting your debt settled for much less than the total owed. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with the law firm before even signing an agreement so that you can feel comfortable in knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

Check it out with your own eyes. Start here by getting a free online quote with this debt settlement calculator.

Attorney Debt Settlement Calculator


As you can see, the attorney debt settlement program is one of the fastest and most affordable ways of reducing your total unsecured debt.

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The consultation and phone call is free. You’ll get to learn from one of the most experienced debt counselors in the industry! IAPDA certified and TCR accredited. (Just rated #1 for debt relief at

Prefer one of the other debt relief options? No problem! You can choose from any of the options mentioned in the calculator.

Do the debt settlement lawyers offer a money-back guarantee?

Debt negotiation lawyers cannot legally use the word “guarantee.” Instead, debt settlement law firms that we work with provide an Assurance of Performance, which is similar to a money-back guarantee. An Assurance of Performance guarantees that if you don’t save at least a certain amount, the fees will be reduced accordingly. To receive a debt settlement program quote simply click here and use this debt settlement calculator.

Can my creditors sue while on a debt settlement program?

When you enroll in a debt relief program with Golden Financial Services, you will be aligned with a highly qualified debt settlement attorney. The attorney will be there to provide you with lawsuit defense if creditors decide to sue and FDCPA protection to ensure that your creditors can’t get away with violating your legal rights.  If any legal issues or a lawsuit should arise, you will have a debt settlement lawyer who is knowledgeable about your case and has a proven track record of success in defending consumers from similar issues.

When a consumer receives a summons over credit card debt while on a settlement program, the attorney’s priority becomes settling that summons immediately to keep you out of court. In only around 2% of cases will a client receive a summons while enrolled in the program, but we are transparent with you and go over the worst-case scenarios up-front.


Lawsuits that occur for clients while on an attorney debt negotiation program will be responded to with full A-Z responses that sometimes are 22 pages long. This type of extensive response is aimed at getting the lawsuit dismissed. Most credit card lawsuits are fraudulent and only used to scare consumers into paying. Credit card companies that issue a lawsuit hope and Pray that the debtor gets scared and just skips going to court. If you skip your court appearance over a summons, the credit card company would automatically win by a default judgment. Therefore, if you ever receive a subpoena over a debt, don’t skip court. Whether you are enrolled in a debt relief program or not, if you receive a credit card summons make sure to go to court.


If you get sued over a credit card debt and don’t have a debt settlement lawyer representing you, go to court on your own. Bring proof of income and proof of whatever your financial hardship includes. The judge will most likely be lenient towards you and work out a feasible payment arrangement to pay back the debt (worst-case scenario).


The negotiation process has been tested and developed over fifteen+ years of experience by Golden Financial Services and our team of professionals in the field of finance and credit card debt. Back in 2004 we provided debt settlement solutions in-house. We handled the entire negotiation process right here at Golden Financial Services, but over the years found that using a lawyer to settle debts for our clients provided much more efficient results.

Benefits of an attorney debt settlement program

  • Your debt can get reduced by around 50% before fees
  • You get one low monthly payment, based on what you can afford
  • You can become debt free in 42 months or less
  • If creditors violate federal laws, your attorney can use these legal violations as leverage when negotiating to provide substantial discounts
  • Work with a top-rated attorney near you and even meet with the law firm before signing up for the program
  • Stop creditor harassment by having all of your creditors notified that an attorney is representing you after getting approved

Get approved for an attorney debt relief program today by simply calling now at (866) 376-9846!

Downsides of debt relief programs

  • Credit is negatively affected over first year due to creditors not getting paid on a monthly basis.
  • Creditors could issue a person a summons to go to court. Lawsuit defense is included with the attorney debt settlement program, ensuring if a summons is received that it ends up getting resolved.
  • Balances will grow higher over time due to monthly payments not being made, however, at the time of a settlement all late fees and interest gets mitigated into the settlement and resolved at that point.
  • When a debt is settled for less than the full balance owed, taxes could be owed on the amount saved. This tax consequence can get resolved by filing an IRS form #982 (click here to learn how to use the #982 IRS tax form)

For more information on how debt relief programs work and to easily compare the benefits to downsides of each plan, visit this page next.

Debt Settlement Lawyers

Golden Financial Services has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and has zero unresolved customer complaints over the past fifteen+ years. Besides, every debt settlement attorney that our firm is affiliated with also has an A+ Rating with the BBB. The lawyers aligned with our firm have over 20 years of legal experience in different areas of the law.

Contacting Golden Financial Services is the first step towards your debt-free future. To learn more about our debt settlement solutions or to find out how you can get in contact with a debt settlement attorney, call Golden Financial Services at (866) 376-9846.

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