Missouri Debt Relief, Settlement and Consolidation Programs
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Whether you live in St. Louis or Kansas City, Missouri debt relief programs can help you escape high credit cards, bank and finance company loans, medical bills and just about any type of unsecured debt.

Missouri is actually amongst the states in the U.S. that carry the least credit card debt. The average credit card balance for a consumer in Missouri is only $5,897. Just to put that number into perspective, Alaska’s average credit card debt is $8,515, New Jersey’s is $7,151 and New York’s average is $6,671.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s financial situation is looking as healthy as the average person in Missouri. For that reason, hardship debt relief programs are now available. Right here at Golden Financial Services you can learn about each plan and enroll in the one you choose.

Do you owe above $7,500 in debt? 

If you owe above $7,500 in unsecured bills, including credit cards, unsecured loans, medical bills and even collection accounts, you would be a good candidate for multiple options.

Missouri Debt Relief Programs Include:

  • Quick-relief by immediately lowering monthly payments.
  • Reduce interest rates or balances, depending on the program you choose.
  • Debt free within 2-5 years (2-3 years with debt settlement & 4-5 years with consumer credit counseling and debt consolidation)
  •  All Debt Relief Programs in Missouri Give You- “One simplified and affordable monthly Monthly Payment”

The state of Missouri is deep in debt and can’t afford to get out. Missouri only has $8.3 billion of assets available to pay bills totaling $16.2 billion. At Golden Financial Services we are determined to help improve the economy in Missouri.

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Best Missouri Debt Relief, Settlement, and Consolidation Company

In 2019, Golden Financial Services was the #1 Rated Debt Relief Company by Trusted Company Reviews (click to verify). 

What makes Golden Financial Services the top-rated debt relief company in Missouri?

  • Golden Financial Services offers debt settlement and negotiation services, debt validation programs, and debt consolidation. Other debt relief companies in Missouri, such as Freedom Debt Relief and National Debt Relief, only offer one program.
  • Missouri residents are entitled to getting a free consultation with an IAPDA certified debt counselor that specializes in Missouri debt relief services.
  • Golden Financial Services is the only company in the state that has more than 10-years in business and that maintains zero Better Business Bureau complaints.
  • No other company offers debt relief programs that come with a “written guarantee” and “credit restoration”.

What are my best options for debt relief in Missouri?

Here is an infographic that illustrates all of the benefits and downsides of each debt relief program in Missouri. 

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Debt Settlement Missouri

Debt settlement services were one of the first debt relief programs in Missouri, but over the years these services evolved. Now debt settlement is one of the last options that you want to consider. Debt settlement can save a person the most money, compared to any other program, but also comes with the worst effect on credit scores.


Debt Consolidation Missouri

Missouri debt consolidation services are perfect IF you have a high credit score and sufficient income, but for consumers experiencing a financial hardship debt consolidation is not a viable option.


Student Loan Relief in Missouri

We can consolidate your federal student loans and either offer debt validation or debt negotiation for your private loans.


Bankruptcy Missouri

If you have over $100,000 in debt and multiple lawsuits, and your wages are about to be garnished, maybe you should consider bankruptcy, but 99% of the time at Golden Financial Services we can help you to AVOID BANKRUPTCY.


To make life easier, talk to an IAPDA Certified Debt Relief Counselor. It’s FREE! Missouri debt relief, consolidation, and debt settlement programs can all be explained in a matter of minutes.

Talk to an IAPDA Certified Counselor for Help Now – Toll-Free (866) 376-9846

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