Wisconsin debt relief, settlement and consolidation programs

Wisconsin Debt Relief, Consolidation & Settlement Programs!


In Wisconsin, Debt Relief Programs are available, but not at Golden Financial Services.

At Golden Financial Services we are currently not accepting Wisconsin clients, so please consider this page for educational purposes only. We provide you a free method and website to consolidate your federal student loans below. 

If you need consumer credit counseling Golden Financial Services will introduce you to a non-profit consumer credit counselor, to go over that option. Learn about consumer credit counseling benefits below.

We have people who call into Golden Financial Services every single day from Wisconsin, who are all buried in debt, and don’t know what to do. Some people have a hardship, while others are simply dealing with astronomically high interest. The good news is that there are debt relief solutions available in Wisconsin.

Not many company’s offer Wisconsin debt relief programs.

Wisconsin Consumers Who Need Student Loan Debt Relief, Credit Card Consolidation or Debt Settlement 

 Have student loan debt? Look into student loan consolidation. 

To consolidate your federal student loans, you can visit here.



You will need to verify your adjusted gross income and family size if you are looking for a low payment on an income based hardship plan. The lower your income and bigger your family size, the lower your payment will be. After a certain number of qualified payments, you can then qualify for loan forgiveness, where your balance will be forgiven. Give us a call if you have any questions on consolidation and ask for Paul Paquin.  


Often consumers will consolidate their loans on their own, but then forget to renew their consolidation each year, and then get kicked out of the plan. This is the most common mistake that we see students make. If you are on the hardship income based plan, including the “Pay As You Earn” plan, this plan must be renewed annually or you may get kicked out and thrown into a plan with a high payment that you cannot afford. 


If you’ve already consolidated, but your income has been reduced, on that same website you can request to get approved for a lower payment (request a new repayment plan), by verifying that your income has changed.  Be very careful to select the appropriate plan. You can always switch your plan at any point, but this requires time and can be stressful. 


Additionally, you will be able to transfer your tax return from the IRS, directly into the application on that site or you can use your pay stubs to prove your income, whatever is easier for you, or if your income has changed since your last tax return was filed then you would need to show pay stubs to verify income.


You can consolidate delinquent federal student loans, and once consolidated these loans will be paid off in full and this will be reported on your credit. However this does not erase the negative late marks on your credit. If you are looking to get rid of the late marks on your credit, you would first need to make nine payments on time on what’s called a loan rehabilitation program prior to consolidating, and this will remove the late marks from your credit. 

Learn more about our student loan consolidation services. (this page may give you some tips on how to consolidate on your own)

Need assistance with Credit Card Debt and Live in Wisconsin? Consolidation & Debt Settlement options are also available! We recommend you search the BBB website and find a debt settlement company that’s A+ BBB Rated and has zero unresolved client complaints, that is located in Wisconsin.

Or, settle your debt on your own. When you fall behind on credit card payments, after approximately 4-6 months the bank will write off the debt, and sell it to a collection agency for as low as four cents on the dollar, and this allows you to now work direct with the collection agency and negotiate a settlement based on your hardship, where you can reduce the balance to a fraction of what is owed. Read more about settling debt on your own. 

Consumer Credit Counseling Plans Include:

  • –  Get set-up with one payment each month to take care of all your credit card debt
  • –  Takes 4-5 years to graduate and become debt free
  • –  Pay full amount back, but less interest

Debt Settlement Relief Includes:

  • –  Negative effect on credit over the first six to twelve months
  • –  Get out of debt in 3 years or less on average
  • –  One monthly payment, but creditors are not paid monthly, creditors are paid in lump sum payments when enough money accumulates in your trust account that we set up for you
  • –  Make sure no fees are charged until your debt is settled (FTC compliant)
  • –  Credit can be rebuilt after graduating on a debt settlement plan

[schema type=”review” url=”https://goldenfs.org/debt-relief/” name=”Wisconsin Debt Relief, Consolidation” description=”Wisconsin Debt Relief includes debt settlement and consolidation programs.” rev_name=”Debt Relief -Wisconsin” rev_body=”These guys set me up with an awesome program that reduced my payment by more than 40% from what I was paying, and I am getting updates every month from my case manager, and they have already settled 6 of my debts.  See Original Review https://www.ekomi-us.com/review-nomorecreditcardscom.html” author=”Joey Cranns” pubdate=”2013-03-21″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

Golden Financial Services Debt Settlement Corp Address:


600 Palm Ave #221

Imperial Beach CA 91932

Golden Financial Services is a Florida and California based Corporation that operates in 48 states and assists consumers with debt relief, consolidation and settlement services. Golden Financial Services does assist consumers in Wisconsin with debt relief.


The Wisconsin debt settlement program offered through Golden Financial Services may negatively affect your credit score, debt settlement could result in tax consequences, fees are included and credit card lawsuits could occur.

These potential consequences are why Golden Financial Services will introduce you to a debt relief attorney in Wisconsin who is there to provide you with legal protection while enrolled on the program, and who is also A+ rated with the BBB. It is very important to only work with an experienced company like Golden Financial Services, in order to be sure that you end up in better financial shape by the time you finish the program, and not in worse shape. We take every precaution necessary to ensure our clients are successful.

Contact us today for a free quote, if you live in Wisconsin and need debt relief, at 866-376-9846!